24 July 2010

White Hot

It came it came! A few posts ago I mentioned how I wanted a white watch badly. Well I did make my way into a dept store to actually see the two watches I posted on my blog in person. 
The watch by TOY WATCH was HUGE. As in the face of the watch.
Like it looked like it belonged on Mister Wonderful's wrist not mine or any small wrists girl that's for sure! So I came home, shopped around on AMAZON and ta-da! This is what I got! 

 Well I got my must have item of the summer. Did you have any must haves this summer?


  1. Love your new page and the watch. :) Go check out my blog, I've left you an award!

  2. I totally agree about the Toy watch! But the one you went with looks great!! And my must have for the summer...aviators and maxi dresses!

  3. love it! i too want a white watch!

  4. I love white watches I just bought one awhile back. I've been on the hunt for a good black maxi dress too!


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