24 February 2017

Bumpdate update!

Pregnancy update!  As of today I'm actually 23 weeks but I don't usually take my bumpdate pic till Sunday! 

For the most part that on again off again morning sickness has subsided. When I turned 21 weeks I noticed a ton of swelling in my feet and ankles. It looked like someone had taken a baseball bat and broken my ankle it was that swollen! My husband recommended compression socks and they have completely helped me stay on my feet throughout teaching a long day! The downside, when it warms up here in month or 2, I know I won't want to wear these socks as they don't exactly go with summery dresses! 

I've also noticed that my skin feels on FIRE after I shave. This is pure misery for me since I pretty much shave every day or every other day. It's only on my legs thankfully no burning anywhere else! 

I've had a few of those insomnia nights (those blow) and very very vivid dreams. Those I could also do without. Two nights ago I thought snakes were trying to bite me! I woke up thrashing my arm over at my husband (who didn't wake haha heavy sleeper).

The snoogle pillow has been my best friend that helps me sleep.

 I am so glad I bought the overpriced thing as my pregnant friends have all said it's like the one item you must have! 

Some days I have to pee every few minutes and some days I can make it for long periods at a time. I haven't been able to go on hikes or long walks with my pup as I often as I used to since everywhere I go revolves around where or how far or how close is the nearest bathroom.

Weight gain: well here's what I know. When I started IVF meds back in May, I gained a good 15 lbs from the medications and horomones. All in all in total thus far I'm up around 26 lbs from my pre pregnancy weight. 

Baby M has anterior placenta so I only feel little flutters of movement the kicking me in the ribs hasn't quite happened yet. (From what I hear thats a small blessing bec it doesn't last that long till I can feel every jab and right hook inside me haha)

And there you have it friends! Until next time! 

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