31 August 2010

Best Cities Everrrrr

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{1} C H I C A G O

My Home sweet home. I grew up in the burbs. Chicago has everything to offer! Navy Pier, great shopping, and my favorite, LOTS of museums! Art, National Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium...I think the list is endless!

{2} I heart San Diego!

It's so close to AZ makes a great vacation getaway. I love jumping waves in the Ocean.

C h a o s !

Sorry for not posting the last day or so......
I feel like my life has been crazy these past 2 days!

No A/C at school for the first half the of the day. Yep. Classroom temp? 85 degrees. Temp outside? 98.

So the A/C gets fixed around lunch THANK YOU Lord! But then....

I had a kinder pee on my ONLY little carpeted area in my classroom.

I'm not ever one to bash any of my students, but out of 5 years of teaching, going into year six, the Kinder class I had yesterday are by FAR the lowest group I have ever had to deal with. Maybe 2 kids out of the class of 25 can write their names. That's it 2. you read it right. Meaning their home life sucks. They all come from families that obviously spend no time teaching them ANYTHING much less how to behave. This is also the same kinder class where a kinder sucker punched me in the arm because I told him NO and to "sit down" that's right! a freakin 5 yr old hit me! WTF?!?!

Tuesdays Happenings.....

Big nail in Tire. ARGH. Time to repair tire? 2/1/2 hours of waiting. Lordy Lordy. I am thinkin this just isn't my week!

Guess it was my turn for a crappy week. Ugh. Hurry labor day and get me outta here!!!!


30 August 2010

Why I + Tom Hanks

Last night, Mister Wonderful & I were flipping through the channels and Forrest Gump came on. Simultaneously we both said how much we think that Forrest Gump is such a great movie. I said how I thought it was one of Tom Hanks Best and how he's like a male version of Julia Roberts...timeless. Classic. Enduring. He makes GOOD movies.

So, for fun, here's what I could find of some of my favorite clips of Tom at his best.

Turner & Hooch


A League of Their Own

Sleepless in Seattle

I"m sorry it's in spanish how sad is it that I couldn't find the best scene in english?!?
Cast Away


The Money Pit

The Burbs.

Toy Story

Apollo 13

There are SO many more movies by Tom that I love
Green Mile
Philadelphia Story
The Terminal
Saving Private Ryan
Road to Perdition
You've Got Mail

I could go on and on but I don't want you bore you with my admiration of this great actor. Maybe I already have LOL

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28 August 2010

Ode to the D J +

My current song on REPLAY all the time is also my cell phone ringer. I LOVE Usher's DJ's got us fallin in love.

I kinda laugh because there have been so many songs that talk about the DJ and the dance floor. See for yourself!

Well that's all I could find for now. Let me know if you think of any!

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27 August 2010

Five Questions For F r i d a y

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{1.} How many pets do you have?

Just Aspen.

One, in my opinion, is plenty. Like kids, pets are just as expensive!

{2} If you could switch places with anyone in the world for one day, who would it be?

Seriously? Hmmmmm...
A museum Curator that works at the Louvre in Paris, France. Is that silly?
I would love to know how all the famous artwork is safely locked and stored each night for safe keeping.

{3} What is your favorite money saving tip?
Well, in HS, it was a rule set in stone by my dad that I had to put HALF-yes that's right HALF of everything that i made into my savings account.  When I waitressed, If I worked 4 days of the week, one of the 4 days, no matter what i made that day, the whole amount of tips went into savings.

I am still trying to figure out my income with my new job, so I'll have to get back to you on that!

{4} What do you want your kids to be when they grow up?

 Anything except a garbage man. hahah.  No seriously. They can be anything they want with a COLLEGE DEGREE. I'll leave them to choose. They can't be live at home till their 30 kids either lol. 

{5} What is your favorite quote?
Be yourself. Everyone is already taken.
high maintenance is just another way of saying high quality.



I was driving home yesterday from work, and came to a red light. To my right there was this

 Which totally got me thinking, wow I don't know how Donut shops are surviving in this economy...
I don't know anyone that still eats donuts! I know I did when I was a kid...
Somehow we all went from this
To the rage now being...

There is a store here in AZ where people go in and pay like 5-7 dollars for a single cupcake.
I'm sorry but that's asinine to me!!! Sure cupcakes are "prettier" than donuts but I can assure you they are just as bad for you!!! I don't get it.  Sorry if I rained on anyone's parade with this, I just don't eat either of the 2, I'd like to consider my self a pretty healthy person. I'd rather have a single chips a hoy cookie and not feel guilty about eating it.

Then this got me to thinking about how when I was a kid, and what was so "in" at the time.

I grew up on these guys...

and now all kids watch is ...

Ugh.  Gag me. If I have to babysit one more kid that loves hearing Dora and Diego count in spanish I think I may puke. Jerry chasing Tom with a pitchfork is so much more entertaining than this crap!

Somehow we went from her.......

whom I LOVE and think there cannot be another Madonna!

to this crap.....

(her as a person I think she's trash) her music yes is catchy and I have many of her songs on my I POD but lost interest when I found out she does cocaine occasionally. Blah.

From these...

Personally I couldn't stand wearing them! LOL never saw why people like toe socks so much....

to these....

I think I'll stick to my Nike's thanks! Toe shoes. ha. what will they think of next...

From these...

to these...
From these...

To these...
Heelys. PLEASE don't ever let your kids wear these!!! OMG I just want to scream when I see kids in these. Children start to walk funny because of these wheels in the bottom of the shoes is that really what parents want? for their kids to develop walking on their toes? Ridiculous. 

From teen queen pop princess
to her..
who's real last name is Hudson but bec actress Kate Hudson was already around, she changed her last name to Perry, her mothers maiden name.

Well I'd like to make even more comparisons, but sadly I have to go to work! Bleck!!!! 

Did I miss anything major?
Are you shocked at how different things are turning out as we get older?

26 August 2010

Art masterpieces in the making!

Kinders and  I read the story about Eric Carle's Hermit crab. 
you forget how much kinder's don't know at the beginning of the year..(Ie can't write their names, cut, glue or any of the basic skills)
Needless to say, cutting and gluing with glue sticks were quite the challenge with this lesson.


3rd graders are creating there WILD THINGS, which is the same lesson I have started the school year off for the last 5 years!

2nd just completed their Joan Miro bugs. They were given a limited color pallet and texture plates and sharpies to create their bugs. The texture plates were a lot of fun for them. I love hearing the "Oooo's and Ahhhhs" when they see their pattern from their plate show up on their paper from the rubbing of the crayon!


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