11 January 2016

2016 Golden Globes!

It's been a long time that the Golden Globes was actually a decent award show to watch! I knew most of the shows/movies that were up for awards and I felt that the people that won, were more than deserving!  

The highlight of the night was knowing/seeing Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio reunite and both win on the same night for different things. 

Kate was genuinely surprised that she won I loved that about her speech! 

My best dressed for the night goes to Amy Adams. I don't think I've ever seen her look so good and this picture doesn't even do her justice she just glowed when she was up on stage presenting! 

I thought Kate Bosworth look gorgeous and although she has been a little to skinny a few years ago, she looked like she put back on a pound or 2 which made her look healthy for once and not a complete wafer. 

I was completely shocked that Lady Gaga beat out so many other talented ladies in her Lead actress role! I am happy she sported normal and and wore a normal dress! (Maybe her meat wearing dress days are over!) Her speech was a little bizarre, hard to understand, I think she was just so in shock she won! 

She beat this beautiful lady, Kristen Dunst, who looked so amazing! 

And hello arm candy boyfriend Garrett! 

I put Harrison and Calista on here just simply because I was happy to see them out in public together and that they are still together! If only we could get Calista to get Harrison to stop wearing that earring! LOL She definitely doesn't look 51! (He's 73)

The biggest deserved win was Sylvester Stallone he gave such a great speech. Even thanking his character Rocky Balboa whom clearly he has embraced that that character is always going to be who people will always identify him as and he is clearly okay with that! 
 He thanked his children ( I felt sad that he didn't mention his son who passed away) 

I only had 3 negative things to say about the show...
the joke Ricky Gervais, the host, made about Donald Trump wanting to deport his next two presenters Eva Longoria and America Ferrera was not cool or funny at all they are US Citizens why would anyone find that joke even remotely funny?

2.  All the swearing in speeches or monologues was so much this year, that when they bleeped it out, you missed half of the other things they were saying in their speeches!

3. The Martian is NOT A COMEDY how it won for best comedy is absolutely ridiculous! Apparently there weren't enough comedies this year to put in the comedy category this year? I don't get it! 

07 January 2016

Another new year another new season of the Bachelor

Is anyone else still watching the Bachelor season after season?! Guilty! It's my one guilty pleasure for reality TV. I DVR'd the new season episode 1 of The Bachelor and watched it on Tuesday. While I like Ben, I feel like 26 is pretty young for most men to know that they are ready to be married. 

Speaking of age, right off the bat the twin contestants are barely 21-or 22?! I was like no way a 22 year old girl is ready to get hitched!

No idea which one is which, I just know these two are more on the show for perhaps fame rather than love. 

The mean girl of the season already is this girl "Lace"

She loves one person....her self. It's all about her that much I can tell you!

Most to lose....this girl Amanda, single mother of 2 little girls.... 

Chicken girl aka Tiara. She's super cute but a little obsessive about her pet chickens! lol 
Good thing Ben is from a nice small town in Indiana where these Chickens could live!

Calia aka the girl that looks exactly like Catherine from Shawn's season! 

Lauren B aka the "first girl out the limo" giving Ben those first initial butterflies...she's tiny! 

A blast from the past showed up from Chris' season


Miss Becca Tilley. I love her I was so torn when Chris had to pick between her and Whitney...clearly he chose the wrong girl as Whitney and her big time city gig wasn't meant for Farmer Chris. 

Amber is also back....not sure she'll go far with Ben as there are lots of other ladies Ben seems to have his eye on!

I don't have any predictions thus far, I didn't get that vibe from any of the girls right away that they were going to have major sparks with Ben (Although the Bachelor Previews say otherwise as it often shows Ben kissing many of the contestants on their bachelor dates!) 

Anyone think of a girl or two as particular front runners for Ben this season? 

If Becca doesn't make it with Ben, they better have her as the Bachelorette next season!!

21 December 2015

What I'm loving as of lately...

It's been so long since I've blogged! Sometimes it's just hard to have the time or brain power to write anything worthy of reading!

I'm going old school today, and just sharing random things I've been loving! 

So the CMAs were on a month ago, and ever since seeing this performance, I pretty much listen to this song whenever I can! JT can do no wrong! He could totally cross over to country and have success in my opinion! 

I've been loving...


 This little outfit I wore out the other night for our "date night." Dress is from anthro, purse too! Boots are Dolce Vita. 

I am loving...
this little sweet pea is 8 months old now! Where has the time gone? 

I am loving...
how my 8th grader's tacky christmas sweaters turned out! I took a screen shot from all of them that I uploaded on Artsonia! 
tacky sweaters

I am loving...
Adele's new album (I mean who isn't?!) It's fantastic. The first time I listened to it, I was like, "Eh it's okay." But then I listened to it again and again and again. 

And there you have it! :) 

23 November 2015

Things to remember...

November is a month of gratitude and giving thanks, but sometimes I think we the human race forgets this golden rule in life....

22 November 2015

Art Room Happenings for the 2015 year thus far..

This is probably the least amount I've never not shared via blog of all my amazing students work! I have two excuses! The first being I share just about everything on instagram and the second being, I didn't have any supplies at my "new" school that I started at in September so it was a rough start "winging" it with projects to teach!

Here's a glimpse in a few things we accomplished!















11 October 2015

Happy Fall!

Hubs and I drove up to flagstaff to escape the 90 degree heat yesterday. It was just a day trip but just what we needed to see the leaves and feel the cooler temps that Flagstaff has to offer! 

We had intended to hike around a place called Lockett Meadow, but it was so packed they only let in 50 cars to park instead of the usual 100 and we just didn't want to waste our day sitting in a car waiting for hikers to come back to their cars for us to be able to park. So we scratched that idea, and decided to go and check out the Arizona Snowbowl. 

2015 late summer early fall

2015 late summer early fall

2015 late summer early fall

Behind every happy couple lies to people who have fought hard to overcome all obstacles and all interference to be that way. Why? Because it's what they wanted. If you want something to last forever, you treat it differently. You shield it and protect it. You never abuse it. You don't expose it to the elements. You don't make it common or ordinary. If it ever becomes tarnished, you lovingly polish it until it gleams like new. It becomes special because you have made it so, and it grows more beautiful and precious as time goes by.

06 August 2015

Soap & Glory

So I'm a little ticked off that my one and only body lotion I use religiously, is no longer being carried at Sephora due to "low product sales." (That's what the sales girl told me.) I thought my tounge was going to hit the floor as I stared at the girl in shock. Back in Arizona, they couldn't keep this lotion in stock fast enough and now they are saying it wasn't selling? What the?!?

Thank you Amazon, I seem to find just about everything on there these days. So long as they don't ever discontinue this lotion, I don't mind buying it via Amazon! :) Prime = Free 2 day ship which is something Sephora never offered unless you spent over 100 dollars. (COME ON what a joke!) 

03 August 2015

When you don't watch one season of the Bachelorette...

last season of The Bachelorette featuring Kaityn B. was the first time I've not watched a whole season of the show. When I had learned that she slept with people on the show and it was heavily discussed, and they brought back the douchebag Nick from a previous season, I just immediately became uninterested. 

Skipping this whole season lead to me asking this important question last night:

Who are these guys? Lot of newbies who I didn't recognize because they were all from this past season of the Bachelorette!

So starting from the top there is a guy named Jared who a lot of girls think is is totally fine (um no) haha
then someone named JJ and Tanner and Jonathan. 

Apparently you miss all of this when you skip a season! 

As for the ladies....

I am team Tenley all the way. She's always been a favorite of mine. Why Jake picked Vienna over her I'm not sure any of America will ever understand!

I also am happy to see Carly from Chris Soule's season, although I wish someone would help the poor girl with her dang eyebrows. They were so dark and colored wrong it was all I could stare at when looking at her last night on TV! haha 

Anyone else tune in? 

30 July 2015

Remembering Leslie..

"Most ppl are naive to the unfairness of the world and how fragile life is. we are here today, but nobody is guaranteed anything beyond that."

I just wanted to take a minute and share how devastated I am with the passing of sweet Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition. She was one of the first bloggers I ever really became friends with back when blogging was just taking flight of course in 2009. :)
We shared hair secrets and she gave great make up and tutorials on her hair styling.

She has 2 amazing baby girls who are never going to get to know their mother. For those of you that even still read blogs, or are wondering what happened to Leslie, she was born with a heart defect and had surgery when was was 1 year old. She never had a problem (remission so to speak) all these years later, until the birth of her second daughter. She rapidly went downhill from there, as she was unable to blog as much as she used to. My heart breaks for her sweet husband who is now alone and responsible for raising their daughters on his own.
I think dave matthews band has always said it best in two step (famous song if you haven't heard of it)
"Celebrate we will, because life is short but sweet for certain." -DMB

Her husband has set up a Go Fund me account for their baby girls futures....if you can or chose to contribute anything..

RIP Leslie. Your warmth and sweetness will ever so be missed.

As Leslie would say,

Be BLESSED lovelies.

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