12 June 2018

Summer "work" apparel

Wore this for a district training with my new school district and these shorts were a hit with fellow lady teachers! :) Lots of compliments all the way around! 


05 June 2018

Vacay Mode


In a few short weeks we will be headed to California for a long weekend getaway! I am very excited as we haven't make the trek over there in over a year! Here's one of my beach looks that I will be rocking once we are there! 


22 May 2018


Y'all gotta snag this super cute Tee from Loft while it's on sale! Outfit linked below!



20 May 2018

Weekend Casual



16 May 2018

Mothers Day Outfit

The dress I wore for Mothers Day is on sale! Snag it while you can!



13 May 2018



Anthro is having a 20% off Mothers Day Weekend only sale. (They never offer more than 15% off for sales through the year so now is the time to strike!) I was able to snag this fun tee for the weekend perfect for "weekending" if you catch my drift! 


12 May 2018

Casual Saturday


26 April 2018

Loft back to school outfit!


Shop pic below!      


16 April 2018

Must Have Baby items 6-9 Months

Today my son turns 10 months old, so I figured it was time to make my 6-9 months post of our must have items!

Quiet Book. Absolute must to take along to anywhere you need your kid to be actively engaged in something that doesn't make noise. For us, this is what keeps our son happy and entertained in church for an hour! 

Felt Books Also one of my son's favorites. These are like Peek-a-boo books but they can't rip any of the pages because it's a board book with felt flaps. Genius! 

Bright Starts around we go activity center. This we have used since he was 6 months old. He absolutely loves it. One of his favorite things is when we pile toys all over the table and he goes around and pulls them off! 

OXO Bib. Once you start introducing "real" foods other than Purees these bibs are a must--so much better than having to launder cloth bibs after every meal--just rinse wipe and reuse! 

Boon pulp feeder Once you introduce solids and teeth happen, this silcone feeder has been a life saver. We fill it with puree, then freeze it in the freezer and offer it to my son when he is having hard teething days. He loves chomping on it and helps take the pain away. 

Nose Frida. We've had this since he was born, but didn't use it really till he got his first cold around 5 months again again around 9 months. It's disgusting yes, but I can 100% assure that by doing it, it has prevented unnecessary trips to the doctor! 

Little Tikes walker. Must have for when they are pulling up on everything and ready to start taking steps assisted! Didn't use this till he was 9/1/2 months but a must have for sure! 

15 April 2018

Sunday Best

Today's top and jeans were both from Target of all places! :)

Click link to shop!


Sandals are old but I wear them with EVERYTHING

and the earrings I had on are gold but here they are



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