23 November 2017

Little Bo Sweep

*This is NOT a sponsored post--just my honest review of something I invested what I feel is a good amount of $ in as a teacher on a budget! 

About 3 months ago I purchased a Bobi robot vacuum for our new home. In our new home, we have all wood floors (with the exception of the playroom which has carpet and bathrooms have laminate) I wanted to wait a few months so I could let everyone know my honest opinion on an investment on a robotic vacuum. 

First thing I did was research. Bobi vs competitor the Roomba. Reviews for each of these are all over the place. The main thing I was looking at was suction of hair. Human hair and dog hair are my biggest cuprits in my own home. Most of you know I have a Pomeranian, who doesn't shed much, but we get the occasional dust bunnies from her and the usual dust, dirt and debris. 

Pricewise, I found the Bobi to be a little more affordable and can do just as much as a Roomba can do featurewise. I went with the Bobi for this reason, and also because I heard the canister size was double the Roomba. 

In the video clips below you can watch how it operates in my home, and hear my commentary on it! 

So here we are 3 months out, and I can honestly tell you I don't know what I'd do without my Bobi! I am a busy first time mom, and I really wanted something that would help cut down on my cleaning each day/week. I am super anal about clean floors, now even moreso because I have a baby who isn't far from learning to crawl! 

If you have relatively clutter free floors, then the Bobi is for you! If you are someone who has a lot of things on the floor, then I am worried you'd find it more of a hassle to have to pick everything up off the floor beforehand. The Bobi WILL SUCK things you leave on the floor up! Case in point, my laptop cord was lying on the floor and the bobi did suck it up and get tangled. It didn't cause damage to it which was a good thing, but it did need to be untangled. 

Pet Hair. 
If you have a massively large dog with a lot of hair, be advised this may create more work for you than help you. I don't think these robotic vacuums are meant for that type of cleaning which sadly is what most people want them for. You need a dog/cat that doesn't shed like crazy, which is why I think it works best for me and my home since my dog sheds very little say compared to a husky or german shepard. 

The bin should be emptied daily for optimal performance in my opinion. I have let it gone two days max before remembering that I didn't empty the bin the day before.

It does what it's supposed to do--get the annoying dust and dirt on your floor. However, if you have carpets on carpet pads, be advised that if they don't lie perfectly flat on your floor, sometimes the bobi can get stuck on a corner and will need you to move it along or reset it to go again. 

The bobi has a mop feature, but I can honestly tell you I don't use it since I didn't purchase it for that reason. I usually use my Ocedars mop once a week for the whole floor. 

Will this replace your normal vacuum? No. Not for normal carpeted rooms I don't think so. You'd still need a normal vacuum to go over your floor. For your wood floors? The Bobi is the only vacuum I use on it. I don't use my big vacuum on them. It gets the job done. 

I hope this review helps some of you especially with BLACK FRIDAY tomorrow! Be sure to snatch it up while they last! 

Bobi Pet Vacuuum Bobi 






21 November 2017

Christmas Cards Past

How many of you hang on to old Christmas cards from friends and family and have them just lying around or in a box? 

If you could see me behind the screen, you'd see me raising my own hand! I love a good Christmas craft and a friend of mine shared on instagram a cool way of displaying all those cards from years past! 

It's quite simple, and you can totally modify this craft in so many different ways! 

Everything is linked to help you find items! 

Step 1- Organize all your cards by years (this can be tricky if you have cards that go back the last 10 years especially if there is no date on them! 

Step 2- Hole punch a corner of all you cards. You pick the side left or right

Step 3- Write years on tag with Sharpie

Step 4- place cards on binder ring

Step 5- Add ribbon or any decor you chose to  jazz up those rings! 

Step 6- DISPLAY them somewhere in your home! 

And there you have it friends! Happy old holiday card organizing and crafting! 

*Photo credit to Jenn Roberts a friend on instagram from blog world for the idea and for her photo! 

18 November 2017

Gift Guide: For the tech savvy

We all know someone who is really into technology and gadgets right? For myself personally, that would be my hubby! The great thing about technology is that it is always evolving. There is always a newer something being released that is always a little bit better than the last model of say a computer, phone etc etc.

To keep it affordable (REMEMBER teacher  here I'm on a budget always!) here are my top picks for gifts for the tech savvy friends/family members!

 So first up is a fit bit! If you dont have a FitbitFitbit Alta Fitness Tracker, Special Edition Gold, Black, Small (US Version) you've gotta get one! It's a great motivator to let you know if you've been sitting to long and need to move around! I've had my fitbit for a few years now, I would like to upgrade to this model as shown! 

Next up is a Shower Speaker This is a personal favorite of my hubby. This has also served as a great pool speaker in the summer. This thing is very durable, waterproof as it's primarily used in the shower in our home!
How many of you lose your misplace your keys at least once a week? Guilty! Probably more of my hubby's doing than mine, he always asks have you seen my keys? to which I usually then have to get up, help him look and backtrack to retrace his steps to find them! This Tracking Tag has a nice masculine look to it, so any hubby or boyfriend can have it on their key ring!

Next up is this sleek looking  Phone charger! I love the way it stands up on a slant! Takes up a very small amount of space!
For all you selfie photo takers out there, or perhaps a teenager needing a gift this  Selfie IPhone Case is for you! Lights up to give you that perfect lighting in your photo!

Lastly, I really liked this unqiue find for anyone who has an Ipad. This  I pad cardboard stand gives any modern I pad that vintage look. Very cool in my opinion!



16 November 2017

Instagram Fall Round Up!

Hi friends! Here's a few of my fall looks from the last month or so. All pics are shoppable here or at the bottom of my page! 

Scarf (For both the scarf and hoodie once you are on the website you need to search hoodie or scarf and they will pop up!) Hoodie



Gift Guide: Friends Edition

I always get sad when I see the holiday gift guides that often have gifts linked that are over $50. As a teacher and now a SAHM (at least for this year) money and the word budget filter though my mind often! As I have gotten older, the saying "its the thought that counts" that couldn't be more true. At christmas we often stress about getting/giving that perfect gift for someone special, family member, friend and forget that it shouldn't be about finding the perfect gift, but a gift with some meaning behind it that the person recieving it will find as the best part about the gift! 

Keeping it simple, here are 6 gifts that would be perfect for a friends gift exchange or for a female family member! 


1 Mug  2 matches  3 scarf    5 bowls 

15 November 2017

Oh Snap!

About 2 weeks ago I did a huge instastory on instagram on hookless shower curtains
My apologies for not getting a blog post up on this sooner, but new mom and all my little one had my hands full quite literally! 

So if you recall, I mentioned that when we moved from AZ to OH we went from having glass shower doors back to having shower curtains in our bathrooms in our new home. As a new mom, every second of my "free" time is usually spent trying to play catch up on housework! One of those daily chores for me is keeping a clean bathroom. I was actually dreading having to unhook all the hooks from the curtain in the bathroom to wash the liner. In Ohio, mold can grow quickly from high moisture collection from not being able to dry fast enough. This was never an issue in the dry desert of Arizona let me tell you! Anyway, I literally groaned at having to spend 15 plus minutes unhooking the dang curtain and separating the liner from the curtain. 

Insert Hookless shower curtains! So the previous owner left us two brand new shower curtains which happened to be hookless! that's right! I was able to unsnap the liner in a matter of 2 minutes or less and throw them in the wash! I couldn't believe how effortless it was! Of course I was kicking myself saying gah, why didn't I think of something so simple to invent! Seriously game changer if you are a busy mom like me who doesn't want to spend more minutes than necessary cleaning! 

I have linked a few options above! 

Or you can click here or here! or here

I hope this helps all of you who sent me messages asking about it! :) 

11 October 2017

Mindy Mae's Market

Hi guys! So I am a huge fan of the Boutique Mindy Mae's Market. I think half the things I currently wear are from there! They have very cute affordable clothes! I recently wore this on instagram had had a lot of inquiries about the scarf which they restocked, so if you want to snag one, be sure to click the-----> link--search scarf at the top and it will come up! 

03 October 2017

And in todays news

Here in America, you’re not safe from domestic terrorism in your schools, movie theaters, churches, nightclubs and now outdoor concerts.

To all the people on social media:
Don’t say the shooters name. These people want the attention. Don’t look at their picture THESE PEOPLE WANT THE ATTENTION. They do this to be remembered


Say the victims names. Give them what they deserve. Let them be rembered. Look at their pictures pray for their family. Let them know that you stand by them
There's many of us that can't help with any other way but praying. So pray! Pray for GOD to be with those whom lost family, friends, loved ones in the Las Vegas shooting, in Mexico's earthquake, in Barcelona and so many other places. The truth is we're only really safe in God's hands. 

I'm really at a loss for words. So much killing. So much hate. I truly believe we are going to have to hit rock bottom in order to reset all this madness. Does that mean another war for our Country? More than likely. 

27 September 2017

I'm alive I swear!

Wow that thing called Motherhood? They aren't kidding when they say it pretty much takes up all of that thing called "Free time." I have NO free time these days! I am lucky if I can squeeze a shower in--oh and drying my hair IF i'm lucky he doesn't wake up during that brief shower!

I can hardly believe 3 months have gone by since having my son! When they say treasure each day that they are only small once, those words have never rung so true. I am already looking back at his newborn pictures saying to myself, how is he this big already?" 

I am sad that I don't seem to have any time to read as much as I once used to. If I am not dog tired at night, that's about the only time I can seem to squeeze it in. 
But all in all, no matter what is different, no matter what I have had to give up or change, spending time with my baby and being there for his milestones are precious moments that I can never get back, and would never trade in for anything. 

12 July 2017


And then there were 3! 

Matteo-- our son arrived this June! 

Matteo is an italian name (if spelled with two Ts it means "Gift from God")

Here's what I know/learned in the 3 weeks I have been a mom. 

Being a mom is HARD. The hardest thing I have ever done in my life that much is for sure. 
Mad respect for Stay at home moms or anyone who is a mother in general. I really don't know how y'all do it. 

You learn real quick that when friends say "nap when the baby naps" they aren't kidding. It's the only sleep you'll get. 

You learn how to do a lot of things one handed! 

Showering happens only if your spouse is home to relieve you! haha!

I officially know what it's like to be a dairy cow (poor things) pumping isn't for the weak. 
I completely understand why moms often give up (those that do) because I've thought about it (but haven't yet) 

Having an unplanned C section IS painful. I don't care what anyone says. There is a huge difference between a planned one and a not planned one! (two different types of epidurals) 

After all the horomones, blood, sweat tears to have our son, I am so glad I went through everything to have him finally in my arms. It's been a long journey! 

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