06 June 2016

Me Before You

So I read Me Before You by Jo Jo Moyes a few months ago and read After You a few weeks ago. The movie finally was released this weekend, and I was able to talk my husband into seeing it with me. 

The movie was so spot on to the book and I NEVER say that about books that get made into movies! 
I also had no idea the lead character Emilia Clarke was the same person who is in Game of Thrones aka Kaleesi? Not even sure if I spelled that right. 

I highly recommend to read the book first before you see the film. This isn't a "Love" story like a Nicholas Sparks book either. That much I can tell you without giving it all away. 

30 May 2016

From Tilikum the killer whale, to Cecil the Lion, to the Yellowstone bison calf

This post isn't going to be pretty. This post is probably going to anger a lot of people with raging opinions all of which will disagree with my own.
Today Harambe the Gorilla was killed at the Cinci Zoo in Ohio because a child disappeared from his mother's eye sight for a few seconds and managed to climb  over a barrier which consisted of rails and wire before falling into the Gorilla's habitat. 

Every species in the world is going to protect their young. It's one of the laws of nature. Whether it's humans or animals. The problem is that the gorillas shouldn't have been there in the first place. We take pleasure in entertainment from confining these wild beautiful creatures to an environment that is best for viewing and making money. If we can stop being such a selfish race thinking that everything on this planet belongs to us then situations like this wouldn't happen. I'm a huge animal rights person, so unfortunately to some of you I am going to let you down and say there is someone to blame for this. We cannot blame a zoo for poor parenting. There are going to be no animals left in this world if we continue to wipe them out since we seem to think the human race must always come first. 

You always have to get down to the root cause of accidents. People keep asking "Why" until they get to a cingular point that is the single "thing" that caused the accident. In this case, it boils down to the parents failing to keep proper control of a small child. Period. Everything else is contributing factors. The parents should be held financially and legally responsible for the actions of their child...even though this isn't "fashionable" today. Sad to say it's very typical millennial parenting for a large percentage of parents (not all) example "let the child discover" "blame someone WHEN it all goes wrong" "sue everyone you see!" There are inescapable life lessons here. First and foremost, CONTROL YOUR small children because they are the children, and the parents are the adults. Second, don't mess with a wild animal! Third, the zoo and city should immediately take legal action against the parents for the loss of the valuable animal. Don't get me wrong, I am glad the child is okay, but that DOESN'T negate accountability for his protection and the parents are singularly responsible and accountable for this. 

I've heard, sue the zoo for the poor enclosure. Wrong again. There was never a problem or incident with this part of the zoo until today. 

I've read "Make the parents have to buy another gorilla to replace him." Comments like this really don't come any more uneducated or daft to the actual problem now do they? Really???? BUY ANOTHER GORILLA?!?! Are they insane!?? These are clearly the families that take their kids to seaworld because they have to entertain their children by watching beautiful majestic sea creatures swim in a trapped confined tank. 

When do parents actually take the blame or have to take the blame for not being good parents? This is what is wrong in our world today. We can never admit we screwed up. Well this screw ended up costing an endangered species his life, and that screw up is no lose your child at the supermarket "oops". I get it kids disappear in the blink of an eye. I've had it happen as a babysitter and even when I was watching my own brother. But this was a ZOO folks, filled with WILD animals. It's the one place parents are expected to be parents and actually watch their kids. It's not the zoo's job to provide day care!

This is just another case of a killing of an innocent captive animal. Humanity is severely lacking in our approach to animals and how we exist with them. This type of outcry that "the parents didn't do anything wrong and deserve no punishment" is like saying that a kid who runs out between cars and gets hit by a car, it's the drivers fault automatically not the parents. (SO wrong but happens all the time never the parents fault) 
We live in a society where "Parents" are to preoccupied to be parents. They live their kids in cars all day and roast them alive, they leave them unattended, and then cry why why!?

I'm tired of passing the blame for ineptitude. The parents are at fault. I am happy the child wasn't harmed, but do feel the zoo should sue the parents for having to kill an endangered species. Agree to disagree. 

25 April 2016

Starbucks and Target politically correct or incorrect?

It's been a long long long time since I've wrote about anything controversial. Let's face it, anything other than fashion or children or recipes in blog world is frowned upon, as most don't want to see or hear or read about anything negative or actual legit topics happening in the world right now.

Case in point, back in December Starbucks faced some major backlash over their coffee cups just being "red".  I mean I kept hearing they've put christmas symbols on their cups since 1997. But really since when are snowflakes and ice skates symbols of Christmas? They signify WINTER! A season! that's about it! 

Now there's the whole Target and transgender bathroom scandal. UGH. Feelings are strong on both sides of the issue. Supporters of the new laws are reminded occasions where grown transgendered men with genitalia have attempted to use public bathrooms with little girls and women. Those fears are based on instances where men have entered women's bathrooms taking video footage or pictures of women and girls, having raped or exposed themselves in the restrooms. 

I personally, know that I will no longer be using the restroom at Target anymore. That doesn't make me a racist or gender hater. It just means when I take a piss or shit, I expect only women to be in the bathroom. That is my right and since Target wants well men who think they are women or whatever you want to call it, I am choosing not to use the bathroom anymore there. I am however fearful that this could just be the start I mean what's next elementary schools having boys and girls using the same bathroom at the same time? Or airports? Come on! 

Is Target right in making this decision? Will you join the boycott because of the restroom drama? I love shopping at Target who doesn't? I can't say I would stop shopping there, but I can say I will stop using the restroom there. 

03 April 2016


I've struggled to find the words to write this post for months now. We've all seen it. The bombardment of social media in your face look at this read this of pictures and posts. The dark side is the side of feeling sad and depressed when viewing all the pregnancy, births, first birthday posts that we see on IG or FB of other friends and families happy announcements. While most of my friends have between 1-3 kids and more on the way, I struggle to even get pregnant once. No miscarriages no nothing. 

So what is undiagnosed infertility mean? It means that two fertility doctors can't find a rhyme or a reason as to why we can't seem to get pregnant. In every woman a healty egg is not always released, does not always pick up the egg, the sperm does not always fertilize that egg, and a healthy embryo is not always formed. Increasing the number of eggs released, through fertility drugs and the number of sperm to meet the eggs, through IUI enhances fertility in a given cycle but doesn't guarantee success.  Over the last 3 years we have done countless tests, IUIs, you name it. There's only one option left. IVF. The dreaded oh so expensive procedure that doesn't even guarantee a baby out of the whole thing. I've already gained 12 lbs in 3 years from all the fertility meds I've been on. It's been depressing. 

A few months ago my husband's sister announced she and her fiance' are expecting their first child which hit us hard seeing how my husband is the oldest child in his family he always thought he'd get to be the first to give his mom a grandbaby. 

The endless questioning of WHY NOT ME? WHY NOT US? What is God trying to say to us? My whole life, I have always been told that I would make a great mom. I've heard this more times than I can count. I've been everyone else's go to babysitter since I was 11 years old. I've always been good with kids. Even my former Principal upon my first year of teaching for him said I'm surprised you aren't a mom you'd make a great one! The kids love you! It's hard not to wonder well if I'm so great, why is this so difficult to become a parent? 

Aside from the cost of in vitro, there's the religion factor which really concerns my hubby. He's Catholic, and the catholic religion doesn't believe in IVF. So what will it mean if we go ahead and do it, regardless of it being wrong and against our religion? Has anyone else dealt with a religion barrier in all of this? 

Then there's the time factor....As in time is running out slowly. I'm 33 about to be 34 this summer. Women's eggs start to become "bad" and no good around the age of 37-38. It's been one hurdle after another. Am I only destined to be a fur momma? Maybe I am. I don't know what is God's will at the moment. 

If you've read all of this, congrats, as many have probably given up on my blog postings as have I over the months. 

11 January 2016

2016 Golden Globes!

It's been a long time that the Golden Globes was actually a decent award show to watch! I knew most of the shows/movies that were up for awards and I felt that the people that won, were more than deserving!  

The highlight of the night was knowing/seeing Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio reunite and both win on the same night for different things. 

Kate was genuinely surprised that she won I loved that about her speech! 

My best dressed for the night goes to Amy Adams. I don't think I've ever seen her look so good and this picture doesn't even do her justice she just glowed when she was up on stage presenting! 

I thought Kate Bosworth look gorgeous and although she has been a little to skinny a few years ago, she looked like she put back on a pound or 2 which made her look healthy for once and not a complete wafer. 

I was completely shocked that Lady Gaga beat out so many other talented ladies in her Lead actress role! I am happy she sported normal and and wore a normal dress! (Maybe her meat wearing dress days are over!) Her speech was a little bizarre, hard to understand, I think she was just so in shock she won! 

She beat this beautiful lady, Kristen Dunst, who looked so amazing! 

And hello arm candy boyfriend Garrett! 

I put Harrison and Calista on here just simply because I was happy to see them out in public together and that they are still together! If only we could get Calista to get Harrison to stop wearing that earring! LOL She definitely doesn't look 51! (He's 73)

The biggest deserved win was Sylvester Stallone he gave such a great speech. Even thanking his character Rocky Balboa whom clearly he has embraced that that character is always going to be who people will always identify him as and he is clearly okay with that! 
 He thanked his children ( I felt sad that he didn't mention his son who passed away) 

I only had 3 negative things to say about the show...
the joke Ricky Gervais, the host, made about Donald Trump wanting to deport his next two presenters Eva Longoria and America Ferrera was not cool or funny at all they are US Citizens why would anyone find that joke even remotely funny?

2.  All the swearing in speeches or monologues was so much this year, that when they bleeped it out, you missed half of the other things they were saying in their speeches!

3. The Martian is NOT A COMEDY how it won for best comedy is absolutely ridiculous! Apparently there weren't enough comedies this year to put in the comedy category this year? I don't get it! 

07 January 2016

Another new year another new season of the Bachelor

Is anyone else still watching the Bachelor season after season?! Guilty! It's my one guilty pleasure for reality TV. I DVR'd the new season episode 1 of The Bachelor and watched it on Tuesday. While I like Ben, I feel like 26 is pretty young for most men to know that they are ready to be married. 

Speaking of age, right off the bat the twin contestants are barely 21-or 22?! I was like no way a 22 year old girl is ready to get hitched!

No idea which one is which, I just know these two are more on the show for perhaps fame rather than love. 

The mean girl of the season already is this girl "Lace"

She loves one person....her self. It's all about her that much I can tell you!

Most to lose....this girl Amanda, single mother of 2 little girls.... 

Chicken girl aka Tiara. She's super cute but a little obsessive about her pet chickens! lol 
Good thing Ben is from a nice small town in Indiana where these Chickens could live!

Calia aka the girl that looks exactly like Catherine from Shawn's season! 

Lauren B aka the "first girl out the limo" giving Ben those first initial butterflies...she's tiny! 

A blast from the past showed up from Chris' season


Miss Becca Tilley. I love her I was so torn when Chris had to pick between her and Whitney...clearly he chose the wrong girl as Whitney and her big time city gig wasn't meant for Farmer Chris. 

Amber is also back....not sure she'll go far with Ben as there are lots of other ladies Ben seems to have his eye on!

I don't have any predictions thus far, I didn't get that vibe from any of the girls right away that they were going to have major sparks with Ben (Although the Bachelor Previews say otherwise as it often shows Ben kissing many of the contestants on their bachelor dates!) 

Anyone think of a girl or two as particular front runners for Ben this season? 

If Becca doesn't make it with Ben, they better have her as the Bachelorette next season!!

21 December 2015

What I'm loving as of lately...

It's been so long since I've blogged! Sometimes it's just hard to have the time or brain power to write anything worthy of reading!

I'm going old school today, and just sharing random things I've been loving! 

So the CMAs were on a month ago, and ever since seeing this performance, I pretty much listen to this song whenever I can! JT can do no wrong! He could totally cross over to country and have success in my opinion! 

I've been loving...


 This little outfit I wore out the other night for our "date night." Dress is from anthro, purse too! Boots are Dolce Vita. 

I am loving...
this little sweet pea is 8 months old now! Where has the time gone? 

I am loving...
how my 8th grader's tacky christmas sweaters turned out! I took a screen shot from all of them that I uploaded on Artsonia! 
tacky sweaters

I am loving...
Adele's new album (I mean who isn't?!) It's fantastic. The first time I listened to it, I was like, "Eh it's okay." But then I listened to it again and again and again. 

And there you have it! :) 

23 November 2015

Things to remember...

November is a month of gratitude and giving thanks, but sometimes I think we the human race forgets this golden rule in life....

22 November 2015

Art Room Happenings for the 2015 year thus far..

This is probably the least amount I've never not shared via blog of all my amazing students work! I have two excuses! The first being I share just about everything on instagram and the second being, I didn't have any supplies at my "new" school that I started at in September so it was a rough start "winging" it with projects to teach!

Here's a glimpse in a few things we accomplished!















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