11 October 2017

Mindy Mae's Market

Hi guys! So I am a huge fan of the Boutique Mindy Mae's Market. I think half the things I currently wear are from there! They have very cute affordable clothes! I recently wore this on instagram had had a lot of inquiries about the scarf which they restocked, so if you want to snag one, be sure to click the-----> link--search scarf at the top and it will come up! 

03 October 2017

And in todays news

Here in America, you’re not safe from domestic terrorism in your schools, movie theaters, churches, nightclubs and now outdoor concerts.

To all the people on social media:
Don’t say the shooters name. These people want the attention. Don’t look at their picture THESE PEOPLE WANT THE ATTENTION. They do this to be remembered


Say the victims names. Give them what they deserve. Let them be rembered. Look at their pictures pray for their family. Let them know that you stand by them
There's many of us that can't help with any other way but praying. So pray! Pray for GOD to be with those whom lost family, friends, loved ones in the Las Vegas shooting, in Mexico's earthquake, in Barcelona and so many other places. The truth is we're only really safe in God's hands. 

I'm really at a loss for words. So much killing. So much hate. I truly believe we are going to have to hit rock bottom in order to reset all this madness. Does that mean another war for our Country? More than likely. 

27 September 2017

I'm alive I swear!

Wow that thing called Motherhood? They aren't kidding when they say it pretty much takes up all of that thing called "Free time." I have NO free time these days! I am lucky if I can squeeze a shower in--oh and drying my hair IF i'm lucky he doesn't wake up during that brief shower!

I can hardly believe 3 months have gone by since having my son! When they say treasure each day that they are only small once, those words have never rung so true. I am already looking back at his newborn pictures saying to myself, how is he this big already?" 

I am sad that I don't seem to have any time to read as much as I once used to. If I am not dog tired at night, that's about the only time I can seem to squeeze it in. 
But all in all, no matter what is different, no matter what I have had to give up or change, spending time with my baby and being there for his milestones are precious moments that I can never get back, and would never trade in for anything. 

12 July 2017


And then there were 3! 

Matteo-- our son arrived this June! 

Matteo is an italian name (if spelled with two Ts it means "Gift from God")

Here's what I know/learned in the 3 weeks I have been a mom. 

Being a mom is HARD. The hardest thing I have ever done in my life that much is for sure. 
Mad respect for Stay at home moms or anyone who is a mother in general. I really don't know how y'all do it. 

You learn real quick that when friends say "nap when the baby naps" they aren't kidding. It's the only sleep you'll get. 

You learn how to do a lot of things one handed! 

Showering happens only if your spouse is home to relieve you! haha!

I officially know what it's like to be a dairy cow (poor things) pumping isn't for the weak. 
I completely understand why moms often give up (those that do) because I've thought about it (but haven't yet) 

Having an unplanned C section IS painful. I don't care what anyone says. There is a huge difference between a planned one and a not planned one! (two different types of epidurals) 

After all the horomones, blood, sweat tears to have our son, I am so glad I went through everything to have him finally in my arms. It's been a long journey! 

06 June 2017

All about eyes

So back in March, I took the "plunge" and got eyelash extensions. I really wanted to see what the hype was all about. I thought hey if I could cut down on eye make up every day for work, then it would be a win! 

Here's how they looked the day I got them for the first time

If you have never gotten them, here's what I will tell you. 

*Do your homework on where you go. Reputation is important as well as the person/salon that is going to be attaching all those lashes on your eyes for an hour and a half! 

*They won't be cheap. For real. I had to save my tutoring money (because as a teacher on a teacher's income I knew this wasn't a normal expense I could just shell out to try, I'd have to save for it)


They are nice to have, in general people will tell you that you look "more awake" and ready for the day! 

Did cut down on eye make up--no Mascara for 2 months was a nice thing! 

Time consuming. You have to get an appointment to get a "fill" about every 3 weeks. If you go to someone really reputable, it will be hard to get in! 

Expensive! Even getting fills are pricy. 

The part that no one tells you.....

When you STOP getting the extensions, you will literally have no lashes left. I was NOT expecting that. If I am being completely honest, I am not sure I'd ever get the extensions again because of all my length in my regular lashes I lost. 

I started to wear just Ardelle falsies till they (my regular lashes) grow back and I think that applying falsies and taking them off are much more easy on the wallet and easier on your eyes that extensions! Plus, if you are anything like me, I don't think doing anything for a super long time esp to your eyes can't be good for you. With falsies you can remove them a few hours later and be back to your normal self! 

So now that I'm back to my normal now stub eyelashes, I decided to try a new primer and mascara to see how much length I could get on these puppies! 

For the last 2 years I had or have been using the Urban Decay primer and switching between the Roller Lash by Benefit and Grandiose by Lancome'. Both great mascaras for the most part. 
Thanks to a friend @ashbashlove she recommended IT! cosmetics new mascara called Superhero. I tried it out today, and LOVED it! I tried it with the Dior primer this time, rather than my urban decay eyelash primer. The only negative thing I have heard about it, is that is can smudge easy since it's not waterproof. I have heard from a lot of beauty gurus to layer this mascara--meaning apply this one first then take a waterproof mascara and gently go top of it to help with not getting any transfer! 

I haven't tried that yet, but will have to see should it become a problem! 

What are you ride or die mascaras/primers? 

27 May 2017

36 Weeks and Nursery Reveal

I've been slacking on updating about my pregnancy journey so for those of you that are still with me, here's an update! 

I'm 36 weeks (as of yesterday) and baby boy is doing great (as far we know and what the doctor tells us) Right now he's already around 6lbs! I am worried he'll be to big to make it to the full 40 wks! We know he has a LOT of hair (as seen on many ultrasounds by our ultrasound tech gal) and he has very long limbs (Not surprising since his daddy is 6'3" and I'm 5'9") so far he's really taking after his dad with length and hair (I was born bald!) Maybe he'll get my blue eyes rather than his daddy's soft baby browns. 

I've had a lot of sciatic nerve pain which has really kicked into high gear the past few days. It's a shooting sharp pain that radiates down my left thigh. Yesterday it was so bad, it made me think of why some people in life "cut" themselves to relieve pain. That's honestly how it felt--like one would want to take a knife and just start slicing away at the leg because it hurt that bad! 

My restless leg syndrome has thankfully subsided, I have major edema when I don't wear my compression socks, so I'm still rocking those bad boys even in this 95-100 degree heat. Lord help me! So hot when outside! 

I've actually been able to sleep better the past few weeks so I am taking that blessing as I know once he's here, sleep will be a thing of the past for me! 

We've got his room situated, although and as much as I plan to use it, I know he won't be sleeping in there for a while. Here's what it looks like thus far:

Reading nook and nursing corner. :) Probaby my favorite spot in his room. 

Hoping to add a few more odds and ends to these shelves, but for now this will have to do! 

And there you have it! :) We didn't go crazy with decor, as honestly I don't feel it's beneficial as kids grow and tastes change so much! We only added things we wanted him to have as he grows up a bit! I didn't want his room to look to nursery-ish or babyish, but a room he could really grow into, as his crib will convert to a toddler bed then eventually a FULL sized bed. 

26 March 2017

Goodbye 2nd Trimester Hello 3rd!

Bump date update! This week marks the end of my 2nd Trimester and beginning of the final stretch of pregnancy the 3rd trimester! 

We have begun to work on getting the Nursery together! We got the Crib and dresser put together and curtains hung! I have been holding off on getting much more, as many friends have told me to "wait" until we have our baby shower. 

Some things about pregnancy I had no idea would effect me the way they have....

Nose bleeds. I never get nose bleeds. Now I do. 
This is kind of a downer.

I've had sneezing allergy attacks where I have sneezed so hard blood/mucus shot out all over my shirt. Who knew that could happen? 

The overly mucus membrane stuff is kinda gross, and the part people seem to omit when they talk about pregnancy. (it does exist it's in all the books I've read!) 

Mole growth. I've already had to have 2 removed, and am going in for 2 more to be removed next month. The hormones really do make them grow exponentially. This was not something I was expecting to have to really deal with. The only upside is I'm glad they are being removed! 

Restless leg syndrome. After I've taught a long day, I've had a really hard time getting my legs to "settle" down so to speak. They always feel like they have to constantly be moving and rubbing against something. This makes it hard to fall asleep at night. Sometimes it takes forever! Once I'm asleep it goes away. I have said that I imagine it must be similar to kids who have ADHD who aren't on meds and can't control themselves. That's what it feels like--to not be able to tell your lower half to stop moving around so much! 

Compression socks.
They really work. But man are they a pain to get on and off the farther a long you are in pregnancy. They also SUCK to wear when it's hot out and want to wear a dress but you can't since well they are hideous and show on your legs. Boooo.  

Other than that, not much else to report! I just want to make it through the school year (end of May) so I don't miss any work! 

24 February 2017

Bumpdate update!

Pregnancy update!  As of today I'm actually 23 weeks but I don't usually take my bumpdate pic till Sunday! 

For the most part that on again off again morning sickness has subsided. When I turned 21 weeks I noticed a ton of swelling in my feet and ankles. It looked like someone had taken a baseball bat and broken my ankle it was that swollen! My husband recommended compression socks and they have completely helped me stay on my feet throughout teaching a long day! The downside, when it warms up here in month or 2, I know I won't want to wear these socks as they don't exactly go with summery dresses! 

I've also noticed that my skin feels on FIRE after I shave. This is pure misery for me since I pretty much shave every day or every other day. It's only on my legs thankfully no burning anywhere else! 

I've had a few of those insomnia nights (those blow) and very very vivid dreams. Those I could also do without. Two nights ago I thought snakes were trying to bite me! I woke up thrashing my arm over at my husband (who didn't wake haha heavy sleeper).

The snoogle pillow has been my best friend that helps me sleep.

 I am so glad I bought the overpriced thing as my pregnant friends have all said it's like the one item you must have! 

Some days I have to pee every few minutes and some days I can make it for long periods at a time. I haven't been able to go on hikes or long walks with my pup as I often as I used to since everywhere I go revolves around where or how far or how close is the nearest bathroom.

Weight gain: well here's what I know. When I started IVF meds back in May, I gained a good 15 lbs from the medications and horomones. All in all in total thus far I'm up around 26 lbs from my pre pregnancy weight. 

Baby M has anterior placenta so I only feel little flutters of movement the kicking me in the ribs hasn't quite happened yet. (From what I hear thats a small blessing bec it doesn't last that long till I can feel every jab and right hook inside me haha)

And there you have it friends! Until next time! 

31 January 2017

Books a year in review on Goodreads!

It's no secret that I LOVE Goodreads. If you are an avid reader and aren't on there, you simply must join!

I did a big summer book review, but I thought it would be fun for you all to see the 44 books I did read during 2016!

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 6.48.49 AM

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 6.48.59 AM

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 6.49.09 AM

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 6.49.15 AM

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 6.49.21 AM

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 6.49.27 AM

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 6.49.32 AM

So out of all the books I read this year, I'd say the top 5 I read were:

Find Her, The Lost Girls, Me Before You, Behind Closed Doors, & Orphan Train. All of these you can't go wrong should you chose to read them! :) 

My goal is still to try and read as much as I can before baby boy M arrives in June. I know I won't have much energy once he is here to read as feverishly as I did before! 

Any books I missed that I should read, if I haven't aready? Let me know! 

30 January 2017

19 wks so far!

I've never done a pregnancy update post--I've read countless over the years but I forget all those little questionaire fill in the blanks that everyone always answers. I'm just going to recap/wing it for this post!

The first Trimester was a whole mesh of feelings and changes for my body. Some days I was exhausted, some days I was completely normal. 
Some days I got sick in the AM, and some mornings I didn't. 

My sense of smell was in high overdrive, I think that was the first real clue I was pregnant. I couldn't even pick up Lucy's poop some mornings had my husband not been out walking with me because I would vomit from the smell! lol 

Certain foods I LOVE, wouldn't eat or want to eat, and certain foods I'd never touch or eat I was eating! Case in point fast food. We RARELY eat anything from McDonalds and such and for a few weeks there, all I wanted for breakfast was a sasauge biscuit and hasbrown from Mc Donalds! So.Not.My.Normal.Thing. But I was going to have to go with it. It was either it something kind of not my normal, or not eat at all, and I couldn't do that! 

I have yet to see these luscious locks that some pregnant women rave about. Yeah my hair has pretty much stayed the same. 

Skin has been extra dry no matter how many layers of lotion I put on. I also have seen a really weird change in congestion in the morning. I'll leave it at that...

Now in the second Trimester, my normal eating has returned, along with an insane amount of trips to the restroom. Pretty much my day has to be thought of that if I go anywhere, is there a bathroom nearby? True. Story. I used to make it through a day of teaching only using the restroom 1-2 times a day. Yeah....now I go like 6-7 times a day! 

Gender: It's a boy! 
Name: (we chose an Italian name more to come on that soon)

I haven't been able to fit into my normal jeans starting around 16 weeks, so last week when I was 17 wks, I had to go out and buy my first pair of maternity jeans. I'm so glad I did they are so comfy! 

That's all I can think of for now! Until later friends! 

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