And the Oscar goes to...


If I could pick, Lady Gaga should of walked home with something. She with her rendition of Julie Andrew's Sound of Music. It's the first time in a long time where she was fully dressed and people were less distracted with how she looked and more focused on her beautiful voice. 

Well done gaga. Well done. 

My top picks for the night are as follows:

Gwen. She looked pretty. Perfect for the part if you would. 

Reese. She's worn a black and white dress before, I think she looks classy, although this isn't my favorite dress/look for her.

Jennifer Hudson sparkles in yellow. Maybe I'm just biased to yellow I don't know but she rocked it!

J Lo. Gorgeous. I think all the photographs of her in her dress don't even do her justice. When I saw her on TV she glowed. So pretty. 

David Oyelowo must of been the "thing" for colored suites last night! I thought all the men who wore them looked dapper!

Eddie R. 

Most unrecognizable Faith and Tim. Woah holy hair chop for Faith and Tim looks real skinny!

Rosemund Pike. She looked ravishing in red! 

Who was on your best and worst list? 

Fifty Shades say what?

I made it to the theater today to see the highly talked about Fifty Shades of Grey.


 If you recall, I read the books and blogged about it back in 2012 here I've also blogged about it here, here, here, & here

I've read opinions all over the place about this film how it being released at Valentines would send the wrong message and blah blah and how the whole submissive is borderline domestic violence and or abuse etc etc....

I walked into the theater expecting to feel really awkward watching this film especially during what I was expecting were some really intense sexual scenes. 

I am happy to report no awkwardness was felt, and those intense sexual scenes didn't really happen. I thought everything they showed was very tasteful and I've seen worse. They really didn't even show much. A few tie ups with a tie, or ropes and a blindfuold which truth be told couples in relationships today who aren't dominatrix do this type of stuff and aren't submissives/dominace people. How often have we seen movies where one person handcuffs the other to the bed? It's not something new that's for sure. 

Raunchy? Nope. The only thing that felt weird was hearing/seeing Jamie Dornan say "laters baby." I thought it was a tad cheesy but hey it's a big part of the book in the dialogue between Ana and Christian. 

Anyone else go out and see it? 

I thought it gave all us fans of the book a well deserved brought to life to the big screen. 

I was skeptical about Dakota Johnson and she ROCKED it as Ana. 

Sweet Treats

I decided to be a good neighbor and make these goodies for 3 of our friendly nice neighbors for Valentines day! 
What you'll need:

Silicone Heart mold. I found this particular one via amazon. I also own another one that I've shown or mentioned on blogger before but I use it for my crayon baking only! 

M & Ms

Valentine colored Sprinkles.

White Chocolate to melt.

Mason jars.

So while I was waiting for the chocolate to melt in the pan on the stove, I got my heart mold ready first. 

Once the chocolate was melted, you have to pour it quickly in the mold and then place in the fridge to cool down. 

The first hearts on the left were my first batch and didn't turn out so great. I learned that I didn't put nearly enough M&Ms and sprinkles to get them to lay on top of the chocolate enough. 

DUMP Way more than I am showing in this picture!

Since I only had one silicone mold, it was taking forever to make the treats. I had to wait 25 min for them to cool before I could make the next batch which meant I had to turn off the stove each time. Super annoying. Note to self always have 2 molds ready to go! 

So while I was waiting I busted out my glue gun and got to working on my favorite part, the decorating of the jars! 

Here's my second batch of treats this is how they were suppose to turn out the first time!

The larger mason jars I filled with Angel food cake, cut organic strawberries, and little dab of cool whip on the top! 


Grammys Recap!

Met up with a girlfriend to watch the grammys last night at her house and I was so happy that this was the first show in such a long time that really felt like it was all about the music! Packed with great performances!

Gotta start with my girl Madonna.
Love her. I know she's a pusher she always has been. Her performance was nothing shy of her style that's for sure!
Where do you think Lady Gaga gets her ideas from?

Here's Madonna's performance from last night. It's one of the few songs on her new album that doesn't have inapropriate words

The Paul Rihanna Kanye performance.

This was such a weird match up. Rihanna has such a great voice, but I felt like I couldn't hear Paul at all!!!

And Sia. I have been such a fan of hers since she was apart of the group called Zero 7. (their hit song was called Destiny you can hear it in the film Blue Crush)

Did you know Sia wrote Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani's new song/duet My heart is open? Tis true!  I was so impressed. Their voices blend so well together! 

And can we talk about how Pharrell's shoes pretty much trump his goofy hat from last year?! lol Bling Bling! 

I thought this little lady looked so glam! Stunning color! I was sad she didn't win anything this year.


Some things I didn't like....The Artist formerly known as Prince and his really awkwardness and rudeness towards Beck when he won. I didn't like his little thrown in black lives still matter comment. 


I didn't think all these artists really needed to throw in the I can't breathe thing. What's done is done.

What were your favorite likes or dislikes from the show last night!? 

Hooked on Sons

of Anarchy that is! 

7 seasons I've got a lot to get through! 

I've seen a few great shows, over the years and this one is falling right in line with all of my top favorite TV shows of all time! (And I'm not even completely done with season1 yet!)

I'd have to say some of the best shows of all time that I have seen are the following:

Prison Break. 4 seasons. So sad when it ended so quick! 


8 seasons. Cop slash Blood Spatter Analyst. Doesn't get much better than that as a story line!

Breaking Bad. 5 Seasons. 
Chemisty Teacher slash drug maker. 

The Wonder Years
6 seasons. This is my all time top favorite show that I have ever watched. Not sure anything else can ever come close! 

Brothers and Sisters 
5 seasons. 

I'm a sucker for anything with Rob Lowe. It's mainly the reason I watched this one! 

I'm only listing shows that have ended. There are about 4 that I am currently watching now but haven't gotten the axe just yet! 

What are your favorite TV series of all time? 

Recap of episode 2 of the Bachelor


"She thinks my tractor's sexy, it really turns her on."
Anyone else think of this song by Kenny Chesney when the first group date of girls did this as their date? haha! 

I must say it was nice to see that all of these girls looks NORMAL (aka have meat on their bones, you can see imperfections and yet they are all still so beautiful!) Yay for NO photoshop! 

I am CONVINCED that this girl is stuck around for a while on the show just to piss off viewers. Anyone in their right mind knows there is no way a Kardashian wannabe would enjoy life on a farm away from a city or mall **cough cough** Ashley the virgin I. Can you just see her trying to help him on the farm as her huge falsies fall off her eyelids? Gross! 

This poor girl. How did not come up in her date how young she is? Chris must really view her as older, but by how she babbled on, I don't think Chris was all that into her, even though he gave her a rose, I feel like he did it for pity! 

And the other Ashley....holy cray cray! 

I'm sorry, but I think the show probably makes the person as the bachelor keep them on just for viewing sake, not because they really stand a chance. I truly felt like she was on drugs watching her on their night time date. She had no idea what was going on. So freaking weird! 

I couldn't find a picture of it online, but I think Whitney is super cute after what she did with Chris right before the rose ceremony--they shared his favorite whiskey! How in the world she managed to find it while staying in the house all day is beyond me but it works! 

Golden Globes

Since we cancelled our cable last week, I was unable to watch the Golden Globes! :( How sad is that? So from all the video feed I could get from my laptop and such, here's who I saw online as my best and worst dressed for the evening! 

In no particular order... Best dressed list

Reese Witherspoon. Girl is just fabulous. Girl crush forever. 

Emma Stone. She looks adorable and I love how different she looks compared to most of the other ladies in their long gowns. 

Viola Davis. Wow! Stunning! 

Lordes. Again, points for looking very dapper.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum. I am a sucker for canary yellow. 

Naomi Watts. She reminds me of the look Michelle Williams wore all those years ago..the bright yellow and red lips! 

This might of been the best I've ever seen Katie Holmes look! Stunning! 

Worst Dressed:

I love Claire Danes. She's usually always so well polished and dressed to perfection but tonight, she's on the D list for me. Terrible choice in apparel. 

Kiera. Too much blush, her eyebrows look pinched and dress looks frumpy. Poor thing. 

Gwen Paltrow. 
I think she totally had the potential to be on the best dressed list but her hair and makeup just looks like she rolled out of bed! Yuck!

And can someone please tell me the deal on this chick? A BEARD? Is this woman really a man?! I don't get it! 


Who were your picks for the night? 

I cooked!

Are you ready for a shocker? I actually cooked my husband dinner last weekend. A preface first:
I don't cook not because I can't, but because cooking for me is like wanting to pull my own hair out. I don't have the patience, I don't find it "fun", and i hate spending money on consumbles IE FOOD! lol

LUCKILY, I have a husband who loves to cook, doesn't mind cooking, and is A-O-K with our deal of him destroying the kitchen while he cooks, and I am the cleaner-up-er! :)

Anyway, back to the story, why on God's green earth did I decide to cook? I have no idea! Okay, that's not entirely true. I wanted to let my hubby know that I appreciate him and all the cooking he does for me, so I thought it would be a sweet surprise to do something for him.



Bachelor Season 19 oh my goodness!

Okay, I first and foremost have to say that the day my husband and I agreed to suspend our cable was the day my DVR was set to record the 3 hour show of Season 19's the Bachelor! I had to go to great lengths to watch it, seeing how ABC has this ridiculous rule of not letting people watch online on their webpage, until it has aired a WEEK after it's original air date! Who makes up these rules!? Just plain awful I tell you!


I LOVED Chris on Andie's season of the bachleorette. I wanted him to win so bad, in fact he was the only reason I watched Andie's season just simply for the fact I was never a fan of Andie. I almost didn't watch her season! Of course at the end of the day I am super happy she didn't pick him because now he has the chance to be with a real gem!

Let's get down to business shall we?

Let's talk about the ever so instant attraction to this girl, Britt. 

I don't there is any denying that after seeing them right from the beginning that there was an instant attraction. I will say I think that that's all it is. I watched very closely to Britt's intro tape and watched her roam around the streets of LA and can honestly say I don't think someone from the busy town of LA would ever stay in small farm ville of Iowa. I think she's to free of a spirit, and while she probably says initially what Chris wants to hear, I just have this feeling they won't have much in common other than the intial attraction. 
Who's with me on this? :) 

I also really watched Chris' body language and facial expressions when these 2 got out of the limo. Megan the blonde, and Becca the light brown hair girl. 


Something tells me they will be in the show till the end. ( I have no idea if I'm right or not but hey it's just a feeling)

I think Whitney is adorable, but she has a very annoying voice to me for some reason, did anyone else think that? It was like a baby talk voice that people do with their pets! 

I think that Kaitlyn is naturally gorgeous but man when you say on national television that you'd let him "plow your fields anyday" I hardly call this a girl you'd want to take home to meet the parents.

and this girl known as big eyes Amanda, is a little to potty mouthed for my liking. 

I did feel like this season is all about the Models and pageant girls but I just don't see any of those air brushed beauties being a farmers wife and in it for the long haul, can any of you?

Tell me your thoughts!

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