29 January 2010

As January comes to a close, my 2nd graders are just now completing their winter cardinals.  I am so proud of them with how they all turned out!!

19 January 2010

So my latest obession is with the show ABC's the Bachelor.....I mean hello have you seen the man for this season!!?  If not, look below!

Hubba Hubba!!! Can I just say he is all I have ever looked for in a guy!!?! haha No seriously...for all my friends that constantly ask me what I look for in a guy, Jake, this season's Bachelor, is it! From looks, to career, to his softer side, I heart it all!
as for the ladies that are competing....
I hope he picks Tenley or Ally....


14 January 2010

No art to post today, my students haven't created anything in 3 wks because of X mas break!  I still have X mas stuff hanging in the halls till they create new art to put up!

I started washing my hair with that WEN hair care and I have to say I am HOOKED and will never ever buy another shampoo or conditioner or any hair product other than hair spray ever again!!!! Not sure like I was? buy a bottle on E Bay and you'll find yourself saying OMG throughout the day about how awesome your hair will be!

Today my 5th graders that were suppose to have art didn't show up bec we had an assembly.  SO...........I had some free time on my hands.........tee hee.
Well that's all folks......time to head in to my second job...UGH aka waitressing.....

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