31 March 2011

Dog Link Up Buttons Images!

I must of spent 2 hours surfing the net for images for this new link up's button-to-be! My eyes were exhausted! 

I found these....
Which one would you pick? I would still have to add the title in the image somewhere (which is still to be determined)....





I have an account with I Stock so this means so long as I purchase the image I get to use it! woo hoo. 

I tried to stay away from a picture of Aspen, or any other specific breed, because I didn't want anyone who participates to think It was only about that specific dog, or that I was/am biased towards a certain breed...:::::cough cough::::.....ahem...Pomeranians perhaps? hehe. 

So which one do you all like? Or Maybe y'all have stumbled upon a cuter image than I? Let me know! 


30 March 2011

Guest Blogging Today!

Oops! I forgot to mention today that I am guest blogging for Star today while she has Vegas bound adventures for the rest of the week!

You can check out my post on her page here!



Wednesday Loves

This Wednesday I seem to be loving OTHER people's great finds and decor in their homes! Ha!

We all know my thing for yellow. But if I had to have a book shelf I would want it to look EXACTLY like this! The way this is set up looks more like a work of art on a wall than books on a shelf! 

Image credit I don't know. Saw it on a blog that I Forgot to take down the name. My bad! 

Loving this sun dial.  Or Sunburst. Whatever they are technically called! 
Seriously awesome. New fellow blogger gave me the 411 on her awesome wall piece! 

And why can't my make up drawers look like this?? 

All these photos are via Yvonne, belong to Yvonne, and her blog is here!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I love my girl Jess over at Polka Dots Pearls Pink Oh My for sending me this! Her and I have a slight obsession with ANYTHING off the shoulders type shirts/dresses/rompers! :)

Yes I know, more yellow. Hey yellow is a happy color :) One can never get enough! 
This is via Venus that catalog that I often throw away as junk mail! Whoops! My Bad! 
I will seriously be hating on y'all if you beat me to this great purchase! heheh

~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I am loving the 2 new books I picked up yesterday.

*Photo credit myself.......didn't have time to put up my own blog name on the image...

 I'm quite behind on reading these days. So much going on via upcoming spring art show, many blogs to read daily, house hold cleaning, and of course my fur child needing my undivided attention. It's quite exhausting! 

So Be sure to share what you love with Miss Jamie over at her blog! 


29 March 2011

Dog/Pet Link Up!

Okay Fellow Bloggers! I need your help! Several bloggers have asked me to do a Pet link up of some sort...Like sharing your photos.....

But I could use some brain power here......team work so to speak, with coming up with a catching fun name that others will want to link up to!

I am thinking the Link up will be of bloggers sharing a weekly photo of their pet. The picture can seriously be of them at their worst, their best, or whatever, so long as it's recent! :)

So with that, any ideas for a name? So far I've had someone say...

"Furry Friend" Friday
Tail Wagging Tuesday
"Who's Your Doggie?"

Then of course there is the day of the link up....As most bloggers know, Friday, Sat and Sunday are Days that Bloggers tend to blog the least...so I don't know if that's going to be an issue.

The Majority of us participate in What I'm Loving Wed hosted by Jamie so there's another issue to.

Okay. Time for y'all to give input. Start commenting!


Photo Project

I started this project back in August. AUGUST PEOPLE!!!! That's like 8 freakin months ago!
This gift was/is for my Grandfather who's big 80th Birthday was in Sept. I couldn't make it to Ohio for the big gathering, so I was going to make a special gift for him.

This gift involved all 14 Grandkids to send me pictures of themselves to create it. Do you think that happened? Nope. Not in my fam. About half participated, and those that did, sent me like the bare minimum of pictures needed!!!!

To do this, you will need:

Zots (glue dots) and this circle hole puncher I got from Michaels. 
A frame of your choice. And a printer to print everyone's pictures!

My cousin E and I are the oldest Grandkids. We are the same age, only he was born a few months before me. That makes him the oldest boy grandchild ( currently age 29) and me the oldest of the girls( currently 28) E has a daughter who is my Grandfather's first great grand child. So I included her too in the pictures. She's the youngest one if you couldn't already tell. :)


Guess what F I N A L L Y comes out today!?!?!?!?! Hint : My fave books as a teen. Remember that Post?

Re read here and another post about it here


Okay. Today is the Release of THIS BOOK!

Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley Confidential TEN YRS LATER....

I am SUPER DOOPER pee my pants happy and excited to pick this book up on my way home from teaching tomorrow! 


28 March 2011

ShutterLove Vol 1 Entry: Hands

Finally had the chance to sit down and edit a few pictures in color splash and it just so happens one I edited, fit the challenge offered by the Trendy Treehouse Photo Challenge!

That is the Theme or challenge for the week/day/ 48 hours. :) 

This was taken by me last week. Seems a lot of my students enjoy bringing me these to class. I think it's sweet. They tell me, "Make a wish!" I just smile. 


Saturday In the Park...I think it was the 4th of July

No,  the music group Chicago was not at this park, but it was on Saturday that Mister Wonderful and I took Aspen to the dog park. 

As you can tell, I am taking my DSLR out with me any chance I get! 

  First up, the meet and greet. In dog world, "It's hi! Let me sniff your bum! How nice to smell you!"

 All kids tend to flock to Aspen. It's like they just know she's planning on licking them to death! 

Even bigger kids like her a lot! 

 She loves to have her hair blowing in the breeze!

 This was only the amount of dog owners in front of my camera lens. There were just as many behind me!
 I need a break! 

 Mister Wonderful made it in the shot. After all, I did make him carry her pink leash around! 

 Notice she's off the leash and only like centimeter from my leg? Yah. She's weird like that. 

Oh yes running in circles around mommy is her fave.

 A puppy past time of hers is to play tug of war with my jeans. Guess that's what I get for wearing flares!

Run run as fast as you can! 

 It's not a cat. It's not a lion. It's Aspen! 

3 way love :)  

Clearly she isn't having anything to do with his interest in her.  LOL She was ready to go by this last shot! 

I should do a link up or something of bloggers you bloggers showing your pet off! :) What cha think? Any takers?


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