13 February 2010

These have just turned out to cute not to post!

11 February 2010

My desk.....quite a disaster this past week! Nothing but finished art projects to hang and half glued tin flowers also 3 mosaic hearts are done out of my entire kindergarteners that are dragging their feet getting them done!!! .::::Sigh:::... all in a weeks worth!

Also posted a few pics of our just about finished up tin flower cans!!! One of my sweetest 4th grade girls did such a great job painting her leaves on her can!!

Also posted some of my first graders awesome yarn tissue flowers...they all have spring fever so badly!

02 February 2010

Back at the recycling projects again!!!
4th Grade just completed their tin rockets, and are now doing another soda can project.  Today was the first day of cutting the can into a flower, and painting the metal petals.  Next week they cut leaves and I hot glue the stem for them!

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