30 November 2010

VS Fashion Show A few Models amiss?

Ahem!!!! Did anyone else notice that my all time fave girl crush aka Marissa Miller was not a part of the the Fashion show??

I was pretty much devastated. I mean other than Adriana Lima and Alessandra all the other faces of VS are newbies!!! Miranda Kerr is Preggo so she wasn't there either.

Here's the article I found online... read it here...


It's Beginning to look like D e c e m b e r !

I have to be brutally honest. I am kind of a scrooge the month of December. ( In case you have wondered why I haven't been playing along in the few X mas topics going around for the blog world)

 It's a hard month for me. My Mom passed away,( Dec 7th, 1995) my parents anniversary was 2 days later, my dad's birthday is 4 days after Xmas and well Last year I spent X mas ALONE. I am looking forward and am most thankful That I have my mister Wonderful to spend Xmas with this year (Aspen to of course)

Anyway, it usually takes me like till a few days before X mas to get a little more into the spirit. I LOVE the movie Christmas Vacation. Hence the new song on the bottom of my page. :)

I am currently watching The Family Stone. My First Christmas movie this season. Saw it in the theater loved it. Rachel McAdams is in it and SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) lots of good actors.

On another note....

I am so stumped as to seeing ANY good or cute stockings this year! I was thinking of getting one for Mister Wonderful and I but other than PotteryBarn, this is all I have seen that are remotely decent. Any tips? Ideas? Stores?

29 November 2010

Attention Pom Moms

Something weird is going on with my dog. It's being going on for 2 weeks. Episodes only seem to occur first thing in the AM or right before bed at night.

Poms are kinda fragile dogs. Of course, does any true dog owner know how many things can go wrong with a breed till they get one.

This "Cough/Sneeze" sounded similar to Backward sneezes that she would do maybe once or twice in a long while. Well 2 weeks ago, they started to occur all the time. This raised a red flag for me big time. NOT NORMAL. I took her to the vet 2 weeks ago, they said to me she was perfectly healthy and that was that. Well 2 days later the vet called me back to see if Aspen's symptoms had gotten worse or better. I said they were the same. So we tried her on a med that I remembered her once being on for her little flair up a few years back.

Present day 2 weeks later.


Hence 2 videos I shot this morning of her.

$299 dollars later......Aspen gets 2 chest X rays and blood work taken. I first went to the vets office without Aspen, to just show the videos I had taken. The cough alarmed the vet and asked me to bring her in.

When they went to take her X rays, she started to make the sound again.

The vet thinks now it's 1 of 2 things. She could have Valley Fever. Or ........a Collapsable Trachea.

My heart sinks. I PRAY it isn't the second one because if severe enough, she'd have to have surgery to insert a ring in her airway to keep it open all the time. super scary. I'm not made of money. I barely recovered from her 2 grand Knee surgery when she was only six months old. IT WAS AWFUL.

Does anyone else's Pom do this? Or know of anyone that has a Pom that makes similar noises?

Please leave me comments!


28 November 2010

Love And Other Drugs

So last night I dragged Mister Wonderful and my baby brother (he's 23 but he'll always be the baby since I'm 5 yrs older!) to go and see "LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS"

Wowzers. Pretty good movie. Is it one I'll run out and buy? Probably not. I will forwarn y'all now. You see A LOT OF NUDITY. Mainly a lot of Anne Hathaway' Ta Tas! This is mainly why the movie doesn't suck to bring a guy a long.

From what I had read or heard, Anne was okay with all the nudity simply because she has been topless around Jake before! (in the movie Brokeback Mountain Anne and Jake are married even though he's secretly gay) So that sense of intimacy and comfort level has already been built up between the two.

This is a picture from Brokeback Mountain-- another great movie 

Reese Witherspoon what were you thinking letting this hunk of a man go!?  Anyone else agree? 


27 November 2010

I'd rather be a BUCKEYE than some other nut!

Another victorious win for the Ohio State Buckeyes.  My family (aunts uncles, cousins, grandparents etc etc) are ALL OSU fans. It's a shame all other sports in the state of Ohio suck so much. At least we have the buckeyes that never let us down!

It was our 8th straight year that we have won against Michigan. In case you don't follow sports, Ohio State and Michigan have the BIGGEST rival in the nation for college football.

Mister Wonderful doesn't really cheer for the buckeyes..... You see he was once and will always be a BGSU falcon.

#59 that's Mister Wonderful 

(as technically as am I since I went to BGSU not OSU) but it's kinda an unwritten rule that all Ohio schools cheer for the top dog (OSU) no matter where your college falls.

So needless to say, I cut him some slack if he doesn't wear red and white for OSU on today's game. :)


26 November 2010

In all things, give Thanks

I am Thankful for my family. We are closer now as adults than we ever were growing up. Growing up felt like a battle field! It was the first time I saw my dad, stepmom, and brother in 2 years. My folks moved from IL to CO in 2006. My brother moved to Montana a year ago. And I, of course am in AZ so it was great that we could all get together.

Siblings :)


24 November 2010

Artsy Art

Scarecrows-1st Grade
Pizzas Kinder (lesson via In the Thick Of It Blog Kristen Thank you! Great lesson!)

-Ant farms Kinder
Moccasins-3rd Grade

Color wheel teacher example idea also via Kristen @ In the Thick of It blog :)
6th graders are creating the Fall Still Life with Chalk pastels.

Have a Happy Turkey Day tomorrow all Bloggers! :)

Gobble Gobble!


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