01 November 2010

17 Days T i l l ....

17 days until Thanksgiving break, but who's counting?!!!

H a P p Y m o N D a Y BlOggErS!!



  1. I to am SO excited for Thanksgiving

  2. Oh I'm counting! I can't wait until Thanksgiving break :)

  3. I started counting today actually! Great minds think alike:)

  4. my halloween was good! I was in LA with one of my best friends so that was lovely. How was yours?? I LOVE your new blog design :)

  5. Yes!! That quote was totally from Emperor's New Groove!! I can't believe you know that, we're obviously BFF now. ;-) My sister and I love that movie for some reason and think it's absolutely hilarious!

    LOVE your blog, by the way!! And my husband wants to name our next dog Aspen!

  6. mmm, i totlly have all my fall/winter candles out so the house smells like holidays :)

  7. Woo hoo Thanksgiving! =) EEK! that means I am THAT many days closer to my first 1/2 marathon! AAH!!!
    PS: LOVE the new look!


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