17 November 2010

Random Wednesday Stuff_

I can't believe I am posting myself looking the way I do in these pictures but oh well!

Product Review!!!

Boscia my fave!

So after reading, seeing, hearing about this product from every blogger out there, I finally caved and went out to get the Boscia Luminating Black Mask. around 40 bucks for this facial.

Awesome job I did applying the goo right? (haha NOT!)

Can I be completely honest? It totally feels like you putting one of those Pores strips all on your face then ripping it off and seeing all the black heads on it. For some, that probably doesn't sound desirable. For freaks like me, Lol that feeling meant bye bye dead skin!

Is it worth the 40 some bucks??  Eh.....I'd say no. If you have a friend that has it, ask to try it once. I wish I had friends that used it so I could of before I forked over the money.

Okay moving on.....

Here's some art for your viewing pleasure

2nd Grade read the story, Giraffes Can't Dance. I found the lesson a long while back on another fellow art teachers blog, so I do apologize for not giving exact credit!

We talked on and on about the parts of a Giraffe, how certain parts resemble other animals we know Ie the hooves are like a horse, or cow, they have a tail similar to a donkey...etc etc...

After the story, students were asked to draw a giraffe on 8x10 yellow paper. The giraffe had to be in a dance pose, so we talked a lot about how to make bended arms and legs.

Sharpie the body, oil pastel the spots.

Day 2 was Painting the dark sky. We used black, white and blue tempera paint.

Day 3 was making the Grass. Yellow paper, with green paint on top. Students used the ends of their paintbrushes to create wisps of grass. while that was drying, they then got to cut out their giraffe, and glue it to the sky and add the grass at the same time.

Anyone checked their stats button lately?

It says I had 35 views on my BPA Post and yet I have like 3 comments. I find it humorous that I can post the most superficial stuff on here and get the most comments (ie celeb gossip) but when it comes to real life issues I get like 3 comments. really bloggers? are you all superficial and only care about famous people and tv shows? hmmmmmmmmmmm I see how it is.

I'm not really mad. :) no worries. I'm just SAYIN. Have some posts with SUBSTANCE once in a while!

Nite all.



  1. that is adorable! those kids can draw/oil pastel! i would love to have one of those hanging in my room. and those are some dance poses.

    can you sell them? juuust kidding. :) happy wednesday!

  2. Ha..too cute. I thought, "Do I really want to put a photo on my blog of myself with this black-mask all over my face?" Glad you joined me! I wish I could've tried a sample before purchasing, too. Although I am excited to give the mask another try tomorrow night.

    Cute artwork!

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the thumb half way up to the mask, I love a good facial product but currently love good ol St. Ives scrub & a once a week mint julep mask, yep green face...super cute! :)
    P.s. Luv the Sedona pics too looks pretty!

  4. I love all the artwork! I love the mask! WHY are skin products so much money? $40 bucks for a mask? yeeeegh! But like you said - you have to try it first to see the hype! haha

  5. the giraffe art is sooo cute!! 2nd graders made those?? Thats better than what I could do haha Your blog is really cute! You and your husband look so in love!!

  6. I love the giraffe lesson plan! They are such talented little artists! =) I am pretty sure I can't draw a giraffe lol
    Thanks for the product review! =)

  7. I didn't want to comment because I'm the worst, I have so many plastic containers it's not funny. haha!

    Love the giraffes!!!

  8. I didn't know that you had a BPA post! :/
    BUT I did just write a speech on the dangers of plastics! Good for you for switching over to BPA free,
    Wow that face mask is attractive! :)


  9. I've been wanting to try that mask, but wasn't sure it was worth the $$ thanks for the review!

  10. No one ever comments on my serious posts either. I think it's just the way the blog world works. On a superficial note (haha), I really like the Boscia mask, but it does feel JUST like the Biore strips.

  11. Just found your blog. I studied art education for a while but eventually decided art therapy was a better fit for me.


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