27 January 2013

Facts of Me

Decided at the last minute (only because I live under a rock at times and didn't know about the link up) to link up with Whitney's I wore Yoga Pants to Work! 

Here we go...

Facts of Me

This gets harder and harder the longer you've been a blogger. I feel like I've said random things about me that people already know since I've been blogging since 2009 that's like a super long time in blog world!

 I am the biggest cookie monster ever. 

This means you offer me a cookie, I will not refuse it. 

Better give me 2 just to get me and my hungry paws off your cookies lol.

I kinda think my nose is long from the side, what do you think?

I am a natural blonde. GASP! People always LOVE to question this fact about me. I like to just smile and then silently curse at them under my breath. I guess that's the world's fault with so many falsies wannabe blondes running around in this world! Hard to tell the fakes from the real ones! 

I do NOT have a thing for stuffed animals. 

No really I swear! LOL This animal I had to take home and snap pictures of for my students little journal they take home documenting this animal's overnight stay at their house.
Yours truly had to go "first" to take home the critter.
Hey anything to promote students writing at home! 

This little fur ball is Aspen. She is my WORLD. And I don't care what anyone says, if I ever have human kids, this dog is still #1 and I won't let her be put on the back burner. Not now, not ever. I was NOT raised like that, and I say if you feel like you can't handle both a kid and a dog, then you need to cut other things out of your life to fit it all in! :) 

I often say "GOOD GRIEF CHARLIE BROWN" to my students and they think I'm nuts. I am sad when they don't know of the Peanuts gang. 

And there's a few fun tid bits for ya friends! 


25 January 2013

Friday Funny

I saw this on a friend's facebook wall the other day and nearly fell off my chair. Pretty sums up EXACTLY how I feel at this point and age in my life! 

When I waitress, I am one of the oldest staff at my work! How stinky is that? I work with all newly 20 ish kids and some days it is just so hard to relate or be around their mentality of lets go to the bar and get hammered every weekend! So glad those years are behind me!
Have a good weekend! 


21 January 2013

Happy MLK Jr Day!

For the last 2 years I've posted the same post over and over about MLK Jr. 

You can re-read it here


20 January 2013

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

Linking up with Neely for Sunday Social! Haven't done one in a while, thought it would be fun to participate!


18 January 2013

Art and Such

I've been slacking on my art posts simply because I HATE how long it takes for me to have to "brand" shall we say each one of my photos with my blog address. If I don't do it though, then good old pinterest takes over and before you know it the link is broken or lost so therefore know one knows where the original photo/idea came from. Definitely hate that! 

Kinders just completed these winter penguins! 

We also read Jan Brett's The Three Polar Bears and made these after reading the story! 

Third grade finally finished up their "Whovilles" inspired by Dr. Suess' How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I saw it on a blog last year and thought I'd give it a whirl this year. They were a hit! 

5th grade made holiday ornaments. They had the "shade and blend" the ornament and ribbon properly from dark to medium to light. 

6th made Nutcrackers. They always turn out so great! 

14 January 2013

The Baby Post

I feel like this is the year of the "babies"! Tons of bloggers, and real life friends seem to be having them this year! 

Hubs and I have been married only 4 months now, (together over 2 and half years) and we often get asked "So when are you going to have kids?" 

Naturally one assumes they ask us this since we are 31 and 30 years old. Which to "old" folk they get wide eyes and say, "you are old." Meh. Really? It's not 1950 where it's normal to have kids at 20 anymore. My favorite is when a lady the other night told me that my time was ticking! "Tick tock tick tock" she chanted at me. For real? Hubs being a nurse and all has constantly told me that we "have time" and we are still YOUNG. Where do old people get off saying I'm old? Good grief charlie brown! 

 I say we are SMART. There is no way I would of ever been ready to of been a "mom" at anything under the age of 26. I have to scowl and say most people don't "get it" when I say this. I say it for one darn good reason. I AM A TEACHER. This means the following things:

I see other peoples kids for more hours in a day then they do. I enjoy coming home to NO KIDS. Just a dog thank you very much. (for now that is haha)


What a wonderful form of Birth Control. You see just about every problematic child there is and what your life "could" be like. 


This means I am at the bottom of the barrel for salary esp in my lovely state of AZ. When you hardly make anything to support a party of 1, and now a husband, how in the heck do you expect a teacher to support having a kid? God does NOT provide funding and any one who has this mentality of Little House on The Prairie type of mindset, you are not thinking about money like I do. 

With all that being said, I confess becoming a parent petrifies me. I confess I am a selfish person. I like my "ME" time and often find myself wondering how in the heck I would be with a kid I can never leave alone like you can a dog for a few hours and come back. Granted I do this with Aspen now, my life and schedule revolves around her. I never leave her for more than a few hours at a time, (other than working my normal 7-4 time slot for work) 

I see parents who are like this daily. They are stressed. They don't even have to say it, I see it on their faces when they are dropping their kids off to school or picking them up in the office. They look like they never have any "ME" time which I get it, when you make the choice to have kids, you are giving that all up. You are sacrificing your life for the better of your child's life. 

I confess I am terrified of the whole giving birth part of having a kid. I've had nightmares that I'd be the one soul that would die from giving birth to a child. Seriously. I think about these things. I know, not the happy part of mommy hood right? I have a ZERO pain tolerance and fear I just won't be able to handle the pain of all that one feels when birthing a child.  And there's the whole gaining weight and then the thought of not being able to lose it, I fear I will lose my mind! 

I have always been the babysitter that lies awake next to the child that is sleeping that isn't my own, fearful that the kid will stop breathing. The beauty of babysitting, is that the job is eventually over in a few hours and I get to go home at the end of the night and let the parents do the worrying about whether or not their kid is breathing. 

People always tell me, "You'll make a great mom". Heck even my own boss at school says this to me. I can't help but think yeah right! Will I really? How do you know? 

Not to mention that we are still paying off our wedding which we paid for on our own, and thus holiday X mas bills. I know they say you'll never have enough money saved, but I have to believe part of being a responsible parent is having SOMETHING saved! Not living paycheck to paycheck! 

Hubs and I do want to have kids. I know eventually I'll get over my fears and suck it up, but for now, we are okay with just us party of 2 (plus Aspen) 

Anyone else share these future unborn children fears of mine? 


13 January 2013

Golden Globes #1 Best Dressed is....

Hands down my favorite gown/look of the night for the Golden Globes was Shawn Robinson.

All these blogs have been talking about the color Emerald being the "it" color this season and I think Shawn nailed it!

I'm probably the only blogger that will pick her but I just thought her dress was so appropriate for her age and she just looked so classy and well put together.

And I realize that Anne Hathaway lost a ton of weight for her role in Les Mis but seriously girlfriend, the movie wrapped a while ago, why you still look like you haven't eaten in days?

Her head looks to big for her body!

And Claire. I think she looks amazing every year. Boy has that girl really come far since her So Called Life Days, no? 

And I'm sure everyone has Jessica Alba on her list, as do I! 

I LOVE the color CORAL. She pulled it off spectacularly! 


Less This More That

I saw the "less this more that" concept on Angie's blog 
(in case y'all don't follow her you should she's one of my fave blogs I love reading her writings! So inspiring!)

I, like Angie, don't make new years resolutions for the same reason she does not either; to much expectations for one self and it usually ends bad not good.

So with that being said, I am pretty much sharing the same this and more that list as Angie's as I couldn't of put it any better my self

Thanks Angie for the great reminder!


12 January 2013

Current Music LOVE

I am totally digging Bruno Mar's new album. I kid you not kids, this wild cat is super talented and his voice and unique music sound blows me away.

If you haven't already, give his new album a listen! My favorite track on the album is called 
Very fitting for the cover of his album right? 


The other song I am totally crunching on is 

It has this 70-80s sound to it. Almost reminds me of Michael Jackson in a way. I just love it. Not like a lot of the repetitive crap you hear on the radio today.

Any stellar albums out there y'all are loving lately?
It's pretty rare to find artists who make an entire cd of songs that I love! 


11 January 2013

Book Review

I finished today "Stolen, a letter to my captor." 

An excerpt from Goodreads says:
"It happened like this. I was stolen from an airport. Taken from everything I knew, everything I was used to. Taken to sand and heat, dirt and danger. And he expected me to love him.

This is my story.

A letter from nowhere. "

I was hoping to like this book more, but it was just an average read for me. At first the book was decent, how she gets abducted has you hooked. But then later it just seemed to drag on a bit and it just seemed so odd her captor at the end would turn himself in!? hmmm jury is still out on this one for me.


10 January 2013

Saw It. Pinned It. Did It.

I was so excited when I pinned this on Pinterest. I finally had some time over my 2 week winter break to actually make a craft for ME and not my students! :) 

Linking up with Katie over @ Keep Calm and Carry On for her Saw It. Pinned It. Did It. Link up!

Here's the original pin

Pinned here

So what you'll need for this:

Yard Stick ( I got mine from Home Depot 68 cents!)
Hot glue sticks/glue gun
Wine Corks
It took me I think 43 corks! 

I'll probably leave my X mas cards up as the display till February rolls around then change it up with other items I can tack up! 


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