31 July 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

Move over more blah bachelorette ever on the show (cough cough Ashley H.) And make room for seriously what is so far way better than the Bachelorette....SWEET HOME ALABAMA. 

This is Devin. Oh muh word. A real southern belle! 

Isn't she purdy?! All the boys sure think so! 

And just from talking about this on FB and Twitter, I found out that the lovely Megan over at My Two Cents Before I spend it, actually is friends with one of the contestants named Tribble! haha How bout that!

So far I only have one complaint about the show....

Devin being so "young". She's ONLY 20. So basically who ever she picks on this show, odds are she isn't with currently just simply because very few (even southern girls) know what they want in a life long partner or serious relationship at the age of twenty. Boo. CMT next time pick a gal at least 25! 

How many of y'all are watching? So far it's pretty good! 


30 July 2011

July Wishlist!

School is literally creeping right around the corner. And am excited about going back? Meh....Not so much. I have a TON of setting up to do in my new art room. 

The only thing in my sights is P A Y D A Y at the end of August. I totally fudged on my summer pay this year, thus leaving me with NO money for really the month of August. Yeah it's been fun.

But if I did have money, and was keeping up with y'all's cute finds and such...These things would be on my want need wish list! 

Lots of you ladies rave about this dry shampoo. It's first on my list. I am going to openly admit after a day of not washing my hair, it looks like a giant grease pit at the roots. Grosses me out. 

There are many different brands out there. What does everyone use/and or recommend?


29 July 2011

Oreo Art Anyone?

This gives Oreos a whole new meaning. Gotta admit, I'm an avid think-outside-the-box when it comes to creating art. But never in my wildest dreams did I think to use an Oreo!

Artist: Judith G. Klausner

Her website can be found here


28 July 2011

Thursday Link Up Embrace The Camera

I have not linked up with Embrace the Camera in months! 
This picture was taken on vacation 2 weeks ago. 

Perrysburg, Ohio to be exact. 

A lot different scenery than my usual desert surroundings! 

Here's the color version. I can't decide which I like better.


27 July 2011

Judging from Hindsight

We all here that expression used "Don't Judge Me" quite often don't we?

Oh but the irony of that statement. It practically screams do judge me by what I say.think.see.do.write.wear.

2 things I will be flat out honest that I judge people by. 
(Don't laugh)

Or rather should I say DONT JUDGE ME? ha


I think 2 ways to judge how a person TRULY lives is by 
how they keep their toilet/and or bathroom area. 

I cannot STAND using anyone's bathroom if I see/find/spy hair anywhere in the vicinity of the place of doing business! I feel that the toilet is the ONE thing in the house that is to be kept clean and sanitary at ALL TIMES. Dirt, dust and hairs (from anyone and any part of the body) simply do not fly with me if I see them on le toilet! 

And for those of you wondering, 

The toilet paper goes OVER not under at my house! And yes, I'm one of "THOSE" ppl that fixes it Ie at school in the bathroom if it's upside down! LOL


I'm judgmental about how ppl keep their cars. Okay all you moms with kiddos that eat cheerios and spill drinks in the back officially hate me now right?

I  even have rules for my own car! LOL I don't eat in my car. Yeah, you heard me. No food. 

I have a friend, who thankfully isn't on blogger who seriously has so much SH*T in her car, I was petrified to ride with her. She literally had a mound of clothes, cds, junk in her passenger seat which she so graciously cleared off for me to sit down. And much to my horror, what did I spy on her seat? Some big goober of old mushed foreign something toxic looking mashed on her seat. She so totally saw me gaping at this mess, and said "Oh that's been there forever it won't mess up your clothes". 

Because I want to sit my new Express black pants in THAT. ew. kill me now. 

So folks, if you car resembles or looks anything like this,
Safe to say I'll be driving myself separate. 

So why am I freak about these 2 things? The way I figure it, these 2 things are things/places that people at anytime other than yourself may have to use if they are over visiting, and thus should be kept clean and sanitary at all times. I think cars can be a breeding ground for germs more than a restroom! Think about how often YOU disinfect your car. Um never right? And neither do the people that detail or wax your car. 

Don't judge me. 

Or do.


Have a great day bloggies! 


26 July 2011

Disney Delight

Alright all you Disney Lovers. This post is for you. 

I was born in 1982. My first Disney movie that I saw in the Theater was "Sleeping Beauty". It was technically released in 1959, but rereleased in 1986, when I was only 4 yrs old. My dad took me to see it. I actually don't have any memory of this, only know it because it was something my dad told me as I got older, how much I loved Princess Aurora. 

The Disney movie that I DO actually remember seeing in the theater was "The Little Mermaid" which was released in 1989. 
Would you de-follow me if I told you that I can still recite this movie line by line and pretty much all the disney movies to follow it? 

What can I say I am a kid at heart always! 

Did you know....

 That Cinderella is voiced by Ilene Woods?

Belle is voiced by this gal named Paige O'Hara

 Sleeping Beauty is brought to life by Mary Costas

Snow White is voiced by someone who totally resembles the character! Adriana Caselotti

Princess Jasmine is voiced by Linda Larkin

Ariel is voiced by Jodi Benson
Who's also the voice of Barbie in Toy Story 2 ! :) 

Pocahontas is voiced by Judy Kuhn

Ming-Na Wen is the voice of Mulan

Awwwwwwww Aren't they lovely? 

......:::::::::::::But moving on::::::........

Alright now on to the MEN! Er "Princes" I mean! 


is really........
Scott Weinger 

you might of seen him as DJ's boyfriend on Full House :) 

Prince Eric

is really

Um, only way I even recognized him was because he played Greg Brady in the Brady Bunch Movie!

Dimitri from Anastasia 

Is really

John Cusack

The Beast....
Is really.....

Robby Benson


is really
Tate Donovan 

Only his speaking parts Hercules had 2 other voices one for his singing voice and another 
person who played the child voice of Hercules

Captain John Smith

 is really

Mel Gibson 


Is voiced by

D.B. Wong

But Sung by Donnie Osmond

The voice of the Prince in Cinderella
 was voiced by

William Phipps

Bill Shirley was the voice of Prince Phillip in Sleeping Beauty

It was really hard to find a picture of the guy! (pictured here with Mary Costa the voice of Aurora)

And there you have it lovelies! 

PS this post TOOK me flippin forever to do! :) hope you enjoyed it!


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