31 October 2009

Happy Halloween all!!! Posted a few witch legs by my 3rd graders, and some hair raising by my 5th.
Aspen wishes everyone a Wooftacular Halloween!

20 October 2009


Finally took some pictures of all the hanging Halloween art in the front office.


19 October 2009

Well this was soooo the year to teach this lesson. I have been reading the novel, WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, to my students now for the last 5 years.  Every year in the fall, they have always created their own "wild thing".  The movie came out on saturday, which myself, and 2 other teachers all went to see. I loved it. I don't think really any super young kids should see it, just simply due to that people seem to forget that the book is about a mischievous boy, and monsters!!!

I got this shirt right before the movie....I was so excited my students LOVED me wearing it to school today!!! :)

10 October 2009

More Halloweenie artwork!

Oh the perks of being a teacher I still get to swing and the kids love me for it! :)


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