29 November 2013

Social Media -- The Second Factor

#hastag #whateveryonedoesoninstagramandfacebook. And I LOVE IT. 

I love all media that shares pictures and with so much negative in the world, I don't mind people that take a boat load of photos of what they eat, wear, do, etc. Photos are a document of that moment in time. 

27 November 2013

Teachers are people too. Take notes parents

by Abby Rosmarin

image via shutterstock

Be kind to your children’s teachers.
Be damn kind to your children’s teachers. If you drop off your child in the classroom, say hello. Compliment the new decorations. There’s a good chance he or she worked off the clock to make the room festive. Remind your children to listen to their teachers. To respect their teachers. And don’t forget to respect them yourselves, because if your kids see you act disrespectfully — even at home, even on the phone to your friends — then they will, to.
Be understanding to your children’s teachers. Don’t be that parent who points out a typographical error in a newsletter. Understand that the newsletter was probably typed up at midnight on a schoolnight, with tired, bleary eyes desperately trying to blink away the exhaustion. Understand that, much like the decorations, she’s doing this on her own time.
Be realistic in your expectations. Your children’s teachers are doing all they can to make sure everyone gets a quality education. That those who need individual education plans will get individual education plans. That those who need a little extra help will get that extra help. But he is one teacher amongst upwards of 45 students. If your child is getting a D in a subject, don’t yell at the teacher. Don’t demand an explanation as to why your child isn’t making the grade. Help your damn child. Study with him. Work alongside the teacher; see what you can do to complement the day’s lessons. Don’t have the time or energy to help turn that D into a B? Then don’t expect your child’s teacher to, either. You might’ve had a 45-hour work week; your child’s teacher has a 45-student classroom (and probably a 60-hour week to boot).
Stop it with the snide remarks. Teaching is not babysitting. Teaching is not a part-time job. Don’t like how kids are taught to take tests? Take it up with the school district. Take it up with your local, state, federal politicians. Support government officials who campaign against standardized testing and universal, cookie-cutter lesson goals. But, for the love of God, do not use that against your children’s teachers, or any teacher. Odds are, they are just as frustrated as you, being forced to go down such a formulaic route that sucks all the joy out of learning.
By the way: “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach”? Nah, kid. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, criticize.
Show your gratitude. Your teacher could be in any other job, with better pay, fewer hours, and considerably less stress. A job that doesn’t force her to attend hours upon hours of workshops — usually on the teacher’s dime, and in their free time — in order to keep their job. With the burnout rate as high as it is, it is small wonder if any teacher can stay at any school for longer than 5 years. But your children’s teachers are there. Working tirelessly, usually with administration breathing down their backs, usually with parents who drop their kids off at 6:30 in the morning, pick them up at 5:30 that afternoon, and still make the joke that teaching is a part-time job. Show that you acknowledge and respect what they are doing.
Tell them this. Sometimes the only time a teacher hears anything from a parent, it’s in the form of a complaint. Sometimes a formal complaint that will go on the teacher’s record, sometimes over things as tiny as a typographical error or shoddy penmanship (you laugh, but I’ve seen it happen). Thank them. You don’t have to buy them presents on Teacher Appreciation Day, but you damn should write them a Thank You note. Have your child help you write the Thank You note, if not write a note as well. Tell them this, because sometimes a parent or student’s gratitude is the only source of support for a teacher.
Be active with your children. The best, kindest thing you can do for your children’s teachers is also the best thing you can do for your children themselves. Care about their field trips. Attend their Open Houses. Ask about their day and work with them if anything is the matter. For the love of God, get off your damn cell phone when entering the school.
Be kind to your teachers. If you go in with a low image of them and the education world at large, if you go in already expecting the teacher to mess up the education of your young child, if you go in with any type of improper attitude, you are doing a world of damage.
They are not miracle workers. They are not there to raise your children in place of you. They are not there to move mountains, even if they wish to. They are your partners in education. They will do whatever is in their power to provide instruction and guidance during school hours (and sometimes beyond). They will lay down the foundations that only the nurturing from the child’s guardians can build from. They will set out the base that only the life experiences outside of the classroom can continue from. They will invest time and money that they don’t have in the name of your children. They will butt heads with administration, advocate when no one else is advocating, and sacrifice more than any teacher should sacrifice in the name of their students.
So you better be damn kind to your children’s teachers.

*This entire article was copied and pasted from HERE

I can't tell you how many of us teachers have had this conversation. Privately behind closed doors or at lunch or with our spouses at home. Everything stated could not be more spot on. Oh parents, please remember, we are there to help your kids, teach them, care for them, but we can only do so much. You, the parents have to pick up where we leave off at the end of our day.

26 November 2013

Like Father like son..

Two words:
Scott. Eastwood.
OMG. Clint Eastwood is now 83, and this is his 25 yr old son. WOW! Can we say he got the exact genes as his old man? 



I found it really interesting that Clint Eastwood has SEVEN children with 5 different women, and has only married twice. The first 3-4 kids he actually denied that they were his. Isn't that sad? Geez.

Well Mr. Eastwood I don't think you can deny that this fine young man is indeed your son! 


25 November 2013

And the AMAs get Political...

Taylor. Justin. Taylor again. Justin again. And again.

Did anyone else win anything that night? Seriously. LOL The top two winners all night long were Miss Swift and Mr. Timberlake.


I kinda freaked out when I DIDNT see Justin Timberlake's wedding ring during his performance. I started tweeting of anyone else noticed, but I think what it came down to was that he didn't wear it while he plays guitar. When he won 2 more awards that night, it was back on his finger. Whew! I was worried there was trouble in paradise!


Taylor looked AMAZING. I'm pretty sure the fact that Gold is so hot right now really helped her achieve her hotness.

Speaking of Hotness. Can we talk about my girl Christina Aguilera? She looked and sounded amazing singing last night. I'm so glad they saved her towards the end.

I'm an avid "The Voice" watcher, and I am so cheering for her team this year. I really hope Matthew wins it!



And these guys just had to jump in and stir things up by talking about racial profiling. UGH.
They seem to forget that our jury system acquitted Zimmerman based on evidence. If Martin had been white and Zimmerman black it would have never even made the headlines. No matter who is at fault or regardless of how ANY of us feel, the jury voted to acquit. I'm pretty tired of this tragedy being made into a race issue and it's quite sad that the headline grabbers won't let it go. And in the words for Forrest Gump, "That's all I have to say about that."

Making a statement more than that, move over Miley.

Your strange cat behind you really didn't "Shock" audiences. I'll give you the weird factor yes, but shock value went to Miss Gaga and R. Kelly.

Holy moly!

You can see for yourself in case you missed it.

I LOVE this song. Great song. 


*All images via google search

24 November 2013

If I had a Celebrity Entourage...

If there's anything I've learned as I have gotten older, it's that "good" girlfriends are definitely hard to come by. As we all get older, friends drift their own ways, they get married, have kids, or don't marry and keep up with the fast life of always going out and hitting up the bars. 

If I had my choice of celebrities that I'd love to hang with I think it would look a little something like this:

What can I say?! She's perfect. You never hear about her in the media, she keeps her clothes on, picks great roles to star in as an actress, and hello if she really is back with Ryan Gosling who wouldn't want to see them oogle each other?! 

Carrie I think I'd hang out with for the pure fact that she'd be a great workout buddy. Someone to motivate you to eat clean and have a great body!

Ellen. She has one of the most giving hearts out there in today's sick sad world. She laughs a ton and dances like no one is watching. All attitudes and ways of life that are good for the soul. 

Mila. Because she is someone who keeps her private life PRIVATE, she'd probably be person #1 I'd tell all my "Secrets" to. 

I think Rachel Bilson has such a fun personality and great fashion. And Leighton Meester is pretty cool in my book for also keeping a low profile since her Gossip Girl days.

Love triangle

How weird is it that Rachel dated Adam Brody (from the OC) for years then come to find out Leighton Meester is actually engaged to Adam Brody! Weird right?

And speaking of weird....

I've always thought it was weird how much Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester resemble each other don't you? 


Who would your celebrity entourage be?

23 November 2013

Lets Go to the Movies!

Whenever I hear that tagline or saying I always think of the movie "Annie" and how they sing that number in the movie.

Anyway, where was I? Oh! The movies! I just came home from seeing "Catching Fire" the second installment of The Hunger Games. It was TERRIFIC! I never say that about sequels or series. Like ever!


And I was thrilled to see that the actress Jena Malone had a nice role in the film! She's such a great actress and I hadn't seen her in anything recent in a while!


This is how she looks for the majority of the film

If you aren't familiar with her, her first break out role was in a child abuse movie called Bastard Out of Carolina. I remember seeing it when I was much younger. It was pretty heavy! She was also in the movie Stepmom with Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts.

I saw the trailer called "Endless Love" and the first thought that went through my mind was THE NOTEBOOK!!! It completely made me think of a modern day Noah and Allie and I have a feeling I'll get suckered into seeing it because I can't resist those types of films!

"Endless Love stars Alex Pettyfer (Magic Mike) and Gabriella Wilde (The Three Musketeers) in the story of a privileged girl and a charismatic boy whose instant desire sparks a love affair made only more reckless by parents trying to keep them apart."

Here's the trailer...



19 November 2013

Say it ain't so!

Confession: I felt like my day was made the moment before I got out of my car. I heard on the radio that Ryan Gosling broke up with Eva Mendes and has been seeing an awful lot of Rachel McAdams again.

SHUT the front door! Seriously?!!

I LOVE these two and if they are going to get back together, then all is right in the world!

Ryan doesn't talk much about his relationships with other women, but the one woman he has talked about was Rachel. I remember reading what he wrote in GQ magazine about her and it made my heart swoon for those two.

oh hells yes. Go Ryan go. :) 

10 November 2013

Reading Frenzy!

I was able to knock out these three books over the past few days!


Take This Regret_new.indd


What Goodreads says:

"People come into our lives. Some stay, and many go. Some build us up, while most tear us down. They become our friends, our enemies, our lovers, our tormentors. 

Christian Davison came into mine, and I knew I’d never be the same. 

To Elizabeth Ayers, New York City had always been a dream. She’s worked her entire young life to make it here.

Groomed to one day take over his father’s law firm, attending Columbia University was Christian Davison’s only option. 

Neither wanted anything more until they sat across from each other at a café table after being paired as study partners.

Christian wants her, but Elizabeth knows better than to give into their intense attraction. Yet there is little she can do to stay away."

These were a good read and the last novel dealt with some very heartbreaking stuff! 

07 November 2013

CMAs gone and done it again!

I just LOVE watching the CMAS. I said this last year and I'll say it again. Other award shows need to take a lesson from the country music industry. They act like family and are so kind towards each other. Every time someone won an award, they were getting up out of their seats to thank one another with hugs and handshakes!

So let's jump right in to my mini recap shall we?

Everyone and their mother talks about Carrie's LEGS. If you recall, I blogged all about her legs a year or two ago. You can get the 411 on how to attain those legs HERE. Yes we know they are awesome. But it's rather tiresome to hear how half of my twitter feed and FB feed were comments like, "Doing squats now!" Really? Like 50 squats in between commercial are going to get you Carrie Underwood's legs? It was posted long ago her work out regime and I can tell you one set of squats a week ain't it! Not to mention DIET is huge for her and she pretty much DOESN'T eat all the things us food loving folks consume because we enjoy the sugar cookie or pasta more often than not. Just sayin! So before we all wallow in wishing for something that is quite hard to attain, think before you speak! :) Do some research!


Now can we talk about 2 other ladies who I thought looked FABULOUS!!?!


Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland looked AMAZING for just having a baby. I really hope her band gets going on some new material! Love them so much!

My best dressed award goes to Kimberly from The Band Perry.
Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 6.44.45 AM
What a knock out! Want to talk about another lady who is totally trim and leaned out? Did y'all see her arms?!?! I say she is just as toned as Carrie Underwood! She had the prettiest hair too!

The other positive thing from twitter and the CMAS was I didn't read any mean or negative comments about the awards or the presenters. 

I think the only thing remotely not nice that people commented on was how skinny Tim McGraw looked, and I have to agree, it does make him look older.


And sweet Taylor Swift. I AM SO HAPPY she won again and I love that Brad and Carrie said at the very beginning how much they support and applaud her for keeping her clothes ON! I think the exact words were for "Not dressing up like a bear" or "licking a hammer" (in reference to Miley's antics) She graciously laughed and smiled in the audience and said "you're welcome!" haha

Haters gonna hate, but she sells records y'all and WRITES every one of her own songs. She has a lot of drive and passion and I say kudos to her! 

Lastly this guy
George Strait. 

I think some people were upset by his win at the end. Really? All the nominees work hard. But let's get something straight (no pun intended) George is currently on tour for the LAST time. He's also had over 60 number one songs. and has more No. 1 hits than any other artist in ANY genre. THAT is the definition of Entertainer of the Year. 

And this song...

A must download! So great!

Well friends that's all I can blog about for now as I am running super late for work! 

What did y'all think? 

Your favorites?!

Tell me!  

04 November 2013

The Thankful Project

thankful project title

Today I am linking up with a new blogger I found over at Chasing Happy. She is challenging us to write something for each day of the month of November. 

Today's topic: An Experience that you are thankful for. 

I am thankful for being able to attend college back in 2000-2004 at BGSU. My college years were by far the most amazing influential years of my life which helped shape and mold me to whom I am today. 

A person does so much growing from the time they leave High school through those 4 years of college. Being truly on my "own" was a gift all in its self. Everything my father had said to me in HS was, "you need to fend for yourself." "You've got to learn how to help yourself out because one day I won't be there."
 Now granted he is still alive and well today, but the point was that life can be taken from you in an instant, and you have to be prepared for it. 

Entering BGSU in the year of 2000 was a "lost" time for me. High school years were not my glory days, and I felt very disconnected from what I wanted to be or where I wanted to go with life. I had no idea what I wanted to study or what direction I wanted to go in terms of a career. 

I am so thankful for the amazing art program BG had, and all the instructors that really truly got me excited about school again. Those professors are often few and far and in between, but the few I did have were wonderful! 

If you are interested in linking up, here's what on the list to write about what you are thankful for! 
thankful project prompt list png

03 November 2013

Sunday Tune

Obsessed! This is Lady Gaga's new song called "Do what u want" feat R. Kelly! It's so Retro sounding like straight from the 1980s 

(Reblogged from bestsoundtrack)

The first thing that pops in my mind when I hear this song is a scene in the movie Flashdance. I cannot wait for her album to drop, I was already digging Applause and now this song, so I can only imagine how wicked her next album is going to be! 

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