29 November 2013

Social Media -- The Second Factor

#hastag #whateveryonedoesoninstagramandfacebook. And I LOVE IT. 

I love all media that shares pictures and with so much negative in the world, I don't mind people that take a boat load of photos of what they eat, wear, do, etc. Photos are a document of that moment in time. 


  1. haha... Love this. And I'm with you. Sure.. some days, I'm in a foul mood and anyone having a fabulous day on the social medias is going to make me scowl..but that's my problem not theirs, ya know. And I LOVE being able to look back on the photos...b/c even if the photo doesn't tell the whole story, it makes me remember and I love that. Like one of my fav photos of Eric and me from Hawaii a few years ago was right after we had a massive argument about me wearing the wrong shoes to go hiking..haha! You obviously can't tell that from the photo, but seeing it makes me remember and makes me chuckle. Definitely about that moment in time and capturing it. :)

  2. Right there with you, CMae! I hashtag all my pics! :)

  3. I like it too.. But sometimes there is over sharing but just keep on scrolling and it's fine! lol


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