31 May 2011

Book Review Rob VS Melissa

So I finally finished Melissa Gilbert's "Prairie Tale" a memoir.

Now you must recall, I picked this up after reading online that Rob Lowe and her dated for six years and he never mentioned her all but like 2 sentences in his book! So I was curious to see how much she wrote about him in her book.

I looked at some of the readers reviews of Prairie Tales on Amazon and it seems like people's issue with this book is how it shatters the image they had of their childhood's hero(es). They didn't want to know all the details about Half Pint's sex life, infidelities and the days of booze and coke during the 80s (and later). I don't know where these people have been all these years, but apparently not reading the tabloids or even People magazine. After all, Melissa Gilbert was engaged and had a very long relationship with Rob Lowe. It should have pointed them in a certain direction.

There wasn't any bashing in her book by any means. I definitely got the gist of their relationship was purely young young love.  Melissa and Rob were primarily each others first real love, which Mr. Lowe doesn't really mention in his book.

Both books were good, it was neat to hear her talk about Little House on the Prairie and working with Michael Landon so much. Melissa Gilbert talks (mostly) openly about her family, loves, addictions and plastic surgery. She comes across as very human, flawed and self-aware. It's an interesting journey and a good read for anyone who's "known" her for all these years.

Did you know...

 that evil Nelly Olsen is actually to this day, Melissa Gilbert's best friend?

Did you know...

That "Albert" in Little House is actually Melissa's REAL BROTHER in real life? His name is Jonathan Gilbert! 

Did you know...

That most girls on the set of Little house had a hard time getting a long with "Mary" aka Melissa Sue Anderson?

Did you know...
That Melissa Gilbert had a nose job? And she's had to have it "Fixed" three times! Oy! 

Overall, Rob Lowe's book was more of a page turner, with way more juice and details of all of his encounters with famous people in the business before they made it big.

I got to read lots of details about Tom Cruise and my most fave hunk of hollywood who recently passed away, Patrick Swayze

Patrick and my "love" for the actor would be a another post my friends. He's at the top of my list of fave actors EVER. 

Anyway, I highly recommend Rob's Book. And if you are a little house fan, Melissa's book is just as swell! 


30 May 2011

Blog Facelift Thank You !

Some of you may have noticed I finally got some kinks worked out on my blog and a new Header a new button!

(This time I didn't make either of them as I am still learning photoshop and haven't quite acquired the skills to completely make one as awesome as my new one on my own just yet!)

The lovely lady that created my new headed is Christa over at C Jae One girl some art and a lot of love.

I randomly was cruising through blogs and found hers and immediately fell in love with her floral design!

I am blessed to say she responded right away with my questions and within like 72 hours created a new look for my page!

Be sure to grab my button if y'all add those to your pages! :)

So please y'all if you want a few tweaks here and there, a new header or button or maybe a whole new look contact C Jae! She's great! 


Movie Reviews!

T W O Movie Reviews

Last night MW and I watched this movie. It was very reminiscent of "The Breakup" and wasn't a bad movie, just really slow and could of gotten to the point a lot quicker. It was nice to see Winona Ryder in something again. Channing Tatum was in this too, but played a really wacked out part. All in all, glad I didn't see it in the theater, but be forwarned you may get bored.

We also saw in the Theater, The HANGOVER Part II

Gotta lay it out there and be flat honest with you.. It was Funny, but expected funny...like you were sitting there watching kinda knowing what was going to happen. Was it worth seeing in the theater for nine dollars? Eh yeah for the most part.... it was nice to get out and see it. Is it one I will own on DVD like the first one? Nah. 


Left or Right

image via pintrest

Left brain: I am the left brain. I am a scientist. A mathematician. I love the familiar. I categorize. I am accurate. Linear. Analytical. Strategic. I am practical. Always in control. A master of words and language. Realistic. I calculate equations and play with numbers. I am order. I am logic. I know exactly who I am. 

Right brain: I am the right brain. I am creativity. A free spirit. I am passion. Yearning. Sensuality. I am the sound of roaring laughter. I am taste. The feeling of sand beneath bare feet. I am movement. Vivid colors. I am the urge to paint on an empty canvas. I am boundless imagination. Art. Poetry. I sense. I feel. I am everything I wanted to be.

right or left? :)

I'm def a right brained gal. I'm Left handed, an art teacher, lover of anything bright colors, artsy fartsy, imagination, doodles. I'm def NOT a math or science gal by any means. (You should see my college transcripts as to how many times I took Statistics in school till I finally passed it no joke!) 

Which are you!? 


29 May 2011

Craft Idea Must Share!

Hey All you p h o t o freaks like me :)

I saw this and said I must share!

I came across these DIY Pantone chip magnets on How About Orange and wanted to do something similar. The idea of tiny Polaroids dotting my fridge sounded cute to me.

So I pretty much followed the tutorial with a few modifications. I designed my own Polaroids in Photoshop using a real Polaroid frame I scanned in (you can download below). I scaled my Polas down to about 0.8″ wide and then printed on photo paper. Using rubber cement, I mounted my printed sheet to chipboard (the back of an old spiral-bound sketch book worked just fine for me) and sort of laminated my mini photos by laying pieces of clear masking tape on top. The paper glaze didn’t work for this project as it was causing the ink to run and bleed.

Once trimmed out, instead of painting the edges white, I used a white opaque marker from Martha Stewart’s craft line, and colored in the edges.

After attaching the magnet pieces to the back, I had myself a new set of magnets:

*this craft idea was reblogged from here


28 May 2011

Sweet Saturday Tune

[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]

Lying here with you so close to me
It's hard to fight these feelings 
when it feels so hard to breathe
Caught up in this moment 
caught up in your smile
I never open up to anyone
So hard to hold back 
When I'm holding you in my arms     
 -Lady Antebellum "JUST A KISS" 


27 May 2011

Photo Challenge- The Shine Project

 Ashley's Instructions:

Take a picture of something that SHINES... it can be a person, place, event, thing....literally anything that has some sort of meaning to you because it SHINES, or inspires you to.

I decided that I would post what inspires me to SHINE everyday at work

Each year, millions of dollars get cut from school budgets across the country. This has really "pushed" me to have to think outside the box when it comes to making art projects over the last few years.

Over the last 2 years, I have become heavily involved with incorporating recycled art projects with each grade level I instruct. This has been quite a challenge! Teaching children that every day things can be used to make beautiful works of art is so eye opening for them! I get tons of "I never thought to use it that way Miss "X"!

Deep down I think, neither did I!!! :) ha!
The biggest challenge for me was how to create beautiful pieces of art, without them looking junky since they are just being made out of everyday "stuff". Deep down, it's never truly the outcome of an art piece. Art is always about the PROCESS of making it. 

So, over the years, this is what I have come up with to help teach my kiddos that everything serves a purpose in the world, especially in the world of ART. You always have to think outside the box!

Soda Cans turned Flowers. Students were asked to bring in uncrushed soda cans for this project. 
I bought craft paint from walmart (those little acrylic bottles for like 89 cents) I supplied the hot glue and wire stems. 

These were soda cans turned into Rocket ships. Aluminum foil was used for all the silver sky/background space effect. Metal brads were used to hinge on the metal pieces of cans. 

The tree was a few really old National Geographic magazines that I dog eared in all the way to the binding of the book. Spray painted green, decorated with sequins. I remembered creating a similar tree long ago when I was in girl scouts!

I used Puzzle pieces had had kiddos paint them to represent leaves. Torn paper was used from the scrap box as grass, and An old box, rather than thrown out, was used to represent the bark of a tree. 

This entire deer was made out of OLD X Mas cards donated to me or ones that I have saved over the years. Ever save cards and ask yourself "why am I hanging on to these?" Well now they can have a purpose! 

Bugs. Or insects. I had some fun bendy straws the kids used as legs and arms. 

Robots. Completely made out of cereal or any type of card board box that food comes in! Collected soda caps for eyes. 


Photobucket" />
If y'all have seen a great recycle idea and wanna share, please do! :) I'm always trying to come up with new 'creations' to inspire my students!


Sounds like Heaven

[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]
Crazy - Adele

Found myself today singing out loud your name,

you said I’m crazy,
if I am I’m crazy for you.

I've said it before...LOVE Adele's album. 

I'm also loving these songs

Rap & R&B
* Written in the Stars- Tinie Tempah

*Give me Everything Tonight -Ne-yo feat Pitbull

*Edge of Glory, You and Me, Marry the night all by Lady Ga Ga

*Just a Kiss -Lady Antebellum 

*If I die young - The Band Perry 

These are all on my repeat list in my car when I drive! 


26 May 2011

La la LEGS! via Carrie Underwood

Here's a clip from last night and what got everyone Twittering!

Twitter pretty much BLEW UP with comments on how awesome Carrie's legs were. Yeah, not got gonna lie, they are re-dic.

But at the same time, I gotta lay it out there and say it's QUITE humorous to me to read blogs on how much everyone "wants legs like Carrie" yet these are the same goofs that drink soda, eat carbs, and work out maybe a few times a week.

I asked a fitness expert aka MISTER WONDERFUL :) (some of you new to le blog might be like well who is Mister Wonderful to know about this right?) SEE FOR YOURSELF why he knows!

Yeah how you like them apples. Try LIVING WITH  someone that looks like this. AHH his body = freakin airbrushed!!! My body?

 ehhhhhhh no where close! :(

Here's a clip of him lifting, doing what he does best.

"How does she get legs like that?" I ask, as MW glances up at Carrie singing on TV.

Even he was impressed. Duely noted that she has amazing "Cuts" on her legs this means she don't eat much and works out A LOT.

I was like "well what's a lot?"

He was like she has got to do some SERIOUS leg work outs. TONS of squats and lunges. We're not talking 3 reps worth like most people do then call it quits. No no no.

To to be blunt You want her legs?


DONT DRINK SODA (not a drip not even diet)



WATCH YOUR SUGAR INTAKE! (yes this even means consuming fruit

 ladies bec fruit turns to sugar in your body!)


And run, walk, lunge, squat like a a bad mutha you know what.

Some gals on twitter said I bet she doesn't have any 'fun' since her life of list of no no's is so long. I disagree. Her working out like a crazy is probably the "norm" for her now. It's become her way of life, a part of her lifestyle. I've given up soda for a a year now and I DONT miss it. I've given up a lot of Processed foods (ie goldfish crackers, pasta, snacky crap and I don't really miss it all that much either)

I DO miss my occasional piece of bread. And to be honest, I have a piece of toast every now and again just because I can't quite give it up cold turkey.  I'm a cheater when it comes to carbs. I feel like I have to have some carbs!!! :)

So ladies, all in all, you want these puppies,

then stop bloggin about how much soda and crap y'all eat! LOL You can't have these unless you get rid of a lot in your diet. Yes I know, not eating much SUCKS, but that's how it's done. Sacrifice! :) 

For now, I'm okay with not having Underwood legs. Still a girl can dream right? hehe


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