27 May 2011

Sounds like Heaven

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Crazy - Adele

Found myself today singing out loud your name,

you said I’m crazy,
if I am I’m crazy for you.

I've said it before...LOVE Adele's album. 

I'm also loving these songs

Rap & R&B
* Written in the Stars- Tinie Tempah

*Give me Everything Tonight -Ne-yo feat Pitbull

*Edge of Glory, You and Me, Marry the night all by Lady Ga Ga

*Just a Kiss -Lady Antebellum 

*If I die young - The Band Perry 

These are all on my repeat list in my car when I drive! 



  1. I was just jamming to the Pit Bull song on my way to work! :) Love it!

  2. Loving If I Die Young and Just a Kiss! And also Written in the Stars...and Adele. Duh. :) happy Friday, friend!

  3. Just a kiss is such a GREAT song!
    BUT you have to listen to Brad Paisleys new song feat Carrie Undersood called "Remind me."

    Trust me you won't stop listening to it!!
    Happy memorial day weekend!!

  4. I love Adele's album too. I actually just blogged about it :)

  5. I also adore Adele, it's nice to hear music that doesn't sound like anything else that's already on the radio!

  6. I love "Just a Kiss" by Lady A, such a sweet song!

  7. I'm on a country kick right now...loving Lady A, and the whole The Band Perry album!

  8. Oh gosh... I am looooving Just a Kiss!!! <3

  9. love love love adele. that raspy voice gets me every time!

  10. I love all of those songs, but I also love The Band Perrys song You Lie ... you should check it out :)

  11. i play "give me everything tonight" on repeat about five hundred times a day.


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