12 May 2011

Happiness Is

A few of you have noticed or tweeted to me I changed my Blog title!

To be quite honest, I was really tired of seeing TONS of blogs that have the following words in the title: LIFE LOVE LIVE. LIVE LOVE LIFE. LIVE LAUGH LOVE. Hence "Live what you love" wasn't really standing out with all these others way to close titles!

Is "Happiness Is" my title FOR EV ER? Not 100% sure on that either. But for now, as my dad would say,

"it is what it is."

I haven't shared any of my favorite comics in a while, so here are a few that I even forwarded to Mister Wonderful. :)

Speaking of love....
A few weeks ago when Mister Wonderful went up to Sedona for a long weekend of hiking with the boys, I was of course missing him, and decided to make him a little "note" telling him how much I love him! (although I'm not quite sure that the gift was more for him than it is more for our wall where it currently hangs hahah)

I was blog hopping as I often to, and stumbled upon a blog called Me Oh My (ironically this is pretty dang close to my twitter name of My Oh My!)

Her blog is here. I first noticed she has a daughter with one of my fave names Presley!!! :) love it!

Anyway, on one of her home tour pics, I totally fell in love with her little framed picture on their mantle. I emailed asking if she'd be willing to sell or make me one like she did for her hubby! I wasn't able to get a response, so I just decided to make my own version of it.

Sorry for the pic being kinda dark, MW was sleeping and So I took this picture in the dark! It hangs in our bathroom! :) Did you catch the word LOVE? It's the same design that I had in my old (former) blog title :)



  1. I love that wall hanging! I think I could do something like that in our bathroom, but with a little country flair of course :)

  2. Really enjoyed this post! Will you post a "How To" for your framed quote? I definitely would love to know how you did it, so I can re-create my own

  3. Now how did you make it? I love it!

  4. I love the new blog name, I definitely agree, it does stand out more! I decided to change my a little bit ago to stand out more and I'm so glad I did, I like my new name so much better!


  5. I love the new header! It has sweet Aspen in it!

  6. Love the new name and header... and of course that Aspen made it up there!

  7. Loving the new blog title! Did you do the little drawing of Aspen?! So cute. :D

  8. love the new blog title :)

  9. Great title and love these adorable quotes all about love!


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