08 May 2011

Celebrity Link Up Challenge

I saw this over on MissBlondiexoxo's blog, so I thought why not! 

Day 01 – Favorite celebrity couple
Day 02 - Any celebrities you have met
Day 03 – Favorite TV celebrity
 Day 04 – Favorite comedy celebrity
Day 05 - A celebrity you want to meet
Day 06 – Favorite all time movies
Day 07 – An older musician you have a crush on
Day 08 – Most stylish celebrity kid
Day 09 – A younger musician
Day 10 - A childhood celebrity you liked 
Day 11 – Favorite female athlete
Day 12 - Favorite music couple 
Day 13 – Favorite celebrity’s fashion
Day 14 - A celebrity you like that passed away
Day 15 – Favorite music artist
Day 16 - A celebrity you find very beautiful
Day 17 - A celebrity you find very handsome
Day 18 – Favorite female music artist
Day 19 - A celebrity designer you like
Day 20 - Favorite male music artist
Day 21- Entertainment shows you watch
Day 22 - Favorite male athlete
Day 23 – A favorite late night show host
Day 24 – Favorite Author
Day 25 –Favorite celebrity chef
Day 26 - A celebrity you share a birthday with
Day 27 - A favorite daytime show host
Day 28 - Favorite younger celebrity
Day 29 - Favorite older celebrity
Day 30- Favorite celebrity’s hairstyle
Day 31- Celebrity magazines you read all the time

Day 2: Any Celebs you have met.

I'm a big dork. I've never met anyone famous. No athletes, authors, movies stars nada!

Link up here to play!


  1. Thank you for linking up

    Hope you have a great week

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. YAY! Glad you joined!! I'd love to meet Colin Egglesfield! He's gorgeous!! We have a lot of the same favorite movies! :)


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