24 July 2014

Fifty Shades Of Grey - Trailer

It's finally here! The teaser trailer of the much anticipated triology Fifty Shades of Grey!

I am still not completely sold on Dakota Johnson playing Ana Steele but I guess I will have to go and see the movie my self to see if she pulled it off or not! :) Who's going to see it this February?!

And I read that Beyonce re-recorded her song in this version just for the movie specifically! She makes it fit with the movie so perfectly!

20 July 2014

The time you move across country for a job, only to turn around and go right back to where you started...

Without getting into to much detail, I am just writing a small update-- to get my feelings about the lastest events going on my life.

My husband recently took a job that moved us across country, only to arrive and have it "not work out" to simply put it. (I can't give much detail on it, as we are probably going to take legal action regarding the events) 

Our home in Phoenix never sold, so we have somewhere to go home to, and thankfully my husband's previous job are rehiring him back. 

As for me and my job, I am not so lucky, and was recently told by my former Principal that he filled my spot only a mere few days ago. I was devastated to say the least. 

Right now most slots for teaching have been filled, and I am probably going to be job less when school resumes. Not a good feeling. I can sub, at least that will bring in something, but the downside of course is that most teachers don't miss any school till Nov/Dec! 

Prayers and positive thoughts are much needed and welcomed. 

If any of you are in Arizona, and know someone who knows someone who is a Principal that needs an art teacher, don't hesitate to give them my name! Obviously my blog showcases much of my student's work and achievements! 

I know there is the old saying "Everything happens for a reason" and it will all work out, but I am terrified at the moment, simply because I have always had a teaching job for 9 years! 

11 July 2014

So long Arizona, Hello Ohio!


After 9 glorious years in AZ, my husband has taken a job relocating us back to his home state of Ohio. Oh Ohio. We have such a love hate relationship. Sans Snow. Sans humidity. Sans many overcast days. I thought long ago to myself "Hey I did my time 4/1/2 years of college here was plenty!" Eh wrong! Somewhere into the journey of growing up, having my own job, getting married, being a fur momma (and all other adult responsibilities that come along with it) I got the gentle reminder about family and how important it is to have family around you.

By relocating back to Ohio, my hubby is able to be reunited with his family, and what is now my family! I've always been a loner with my folks not living in AZ and my brother also living in a different state, I've never given to much thought as to not having family around me. I thought it was normal. As we age, and in hopes of starting our own family, we knew that having family around needed to happen. The good thing if my hubby and his career in the medical field is his ability to bounce around pretty easily. Me in the teaching career however is not so easy!!

I've already taken all the necessary steps into getting my teaching certificate to transfer over, but finding the job bit esp as a special area teacher is no easy task! 

I don't know how many readers I have in the Cleveland area, but if any of you know of an opening for an art teacher, please let me know! It's very difficult to get a leg up when I am an outsider coming in to this city. I think all my posts and pictures on my blog speak for my integrity and passion I have for my job! :) 

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