31 August 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday And What I'm NOT Loving

I am loving this Wednesday....

This necklace I got a few weeks ago via the suggestion from Michabella :-)
You can visit the Etsy shop HERE

I love this Etsy Keychain!!!!

sadly it would be pointless (at this point in my life) to order it, since I don't have a special year yet for an anniversary, or say kids birthdays to carry around.

I am loving my first graders have finished their first project in art for the new school year! 

I am NOT Loving

That it is still 110 degrees out and I am continually coming home SOAKED in sweat from standing outside for 15 min of duty at school. UGH

I am NOT loving

That I went to replace my facial Moisturizer by Boscia and it went up in price to $44.00 all for a little 1.4  container!!!! 

I actually was so mad and vented on Twitter about it, and I got a Tweet back from Boscia explaining that it went up in price because they had increased the amount from 1.0 to 1.4. 

44 dollars for THAT LITTLE THING!??!

Then they offered me 20% off my purchase of it from their site. Well not really gonna use that since Ulta just sent their 20% off coupon yesterday via junk mail flyers.

I am not loving that 

I have called MULTIPLE Salons in my town only to find that the STARTING price of a female hair cut is FIFTY FREAKING DOLLARS.

Are you shittin' me???? 

For a trim and wash/dry? 

The girl I go to is GREAT, but she lives kinda far for me to drive each time I need a trim. She charges what my old salon in Yuma charged, was is $30. 

That is FAIR and normal price to me. 50 seems OUTRAGEOUS! I mean seriously I don't know how y'all all dyers and highlighters afford your own hair...I'd be broke. I thank my lucky stars I don't have to pay for anything but a trim (thank you mama and and daddy for somehow giving me natural blonde hair even though both of y'all have brown hair!) 


30 August 2011

Kids and Michael Jackson

(And yes, these conversations really did happen in my room over the last 2 weeks)

Miss "X" (we shall refer to me as) 

Teacher: "Okay does everyone know what kind of sleeping face they are going to draw?" (my students are doing a lesson on Gustav Klimt, and just saw the painting titled "Baby". 

Student raises hand.

Teacher: "*Johnny what's your question?"

Student: " Can I give my person an afro?'

Teacher: "An afro?"

Student: "Yeah like Michael Jackson."

Another student pipes in:" Michael Jackson didn't have an afro ya ding dog!"

Student 1: "Yeah he did!"

Both look at me for the answer.

"Michael Jackson did have an afro, but only when he was much younger."

Student 1: "Yeah, and when he was black."

Me hit myself in forehead. WOW.

Student 2: "Michael Jackson was black? But his skin was white!"

Teacher: "Michael Jackson was an African American yes, but he had a skin disorder where his skin turned very white."

Students all reply "Ohhhhhhhh."


First week into school.

Teacher: "I often play music while you guys work on your artwork."

Student: "What kind of music?"

Teacher: "I usually play oldies."

Student: "Yes!!!! I love Michael Jackson!"

Teacher: (Me thinking to myself before replying Say What???"

Teacher: "Michael Jackson isn't Oldies!"

Student: "He's not?"

Teacher: "No he's like 80s and 90s music. I meant oldies like Bill Haley and the Comets, James Brown, The Temptations."

Student: "Who are they?"

Teacher: "They are artists of the area known as OLDIES from the 50s and 60s."

Students: "Ohhhh."


29 August 2011

Tabasco VS Soap

So I'm about to post a post that is rather "Controversial" so to speak.  Now those of you who have followed me for ev er, know I from time to time, like to take a break from the "FLUFF" on the blog sphere and talk about some other world news or topics that aren't so sunshine and rainbows...

I actually posted a quick question about this on FB, and a few responded but mainly because Child abuse and discipline are such "touchy" subjects most are afraid to voice their opinion on it.

On Thursday night, Mister Wonderful and I were watching The O'Reilly Factor

 and the topic suddenly came on about this mother who recently got indicted for the way she disciplined her son. How you ask? She was convicted for CHILD ABUSE for using Tabasco sauce on his tongue when he was "bad" and forcing him to take freezing cold showers when he was bad too. JAIL PEOPLE. She went to jail for it. Not because she beat him, not because she starved him. For her method of discipline!!!! I think she went to jail just mainly for the fact that her method of discipline was VIDEO taped and shared. I think if she was just generally speaking to a neighbor or a teacher or a doctor, I do believe in fact that they would never think of her as abusing her son, no? 

I know ppl that have put hot sauce in their kids finger nails to keep them from biting them or sucking a thumb! They aren't in jail! 

Even the awesome actress from Facts of Life 
Lisa Whelchel
who played Blair
Wrote a book and has defended the method of hot sauce as a form of discipline on her own children. She's not in jail!

Let me be real clear in stating I DO think Hot Sauce and Cold showers are EXTREME methods of discipline. The part that people are forgetting about this poor mom, that she ADOPTED this particular boy from Russia, and he already had extreme behavior problems. Please keep that in mind!!! She was reaching out to the Dr. Phil Show for HELP. I mean isn't that what he's there for? Then in turn, Viewers who are so quick to point the finger, CALLED her local police department trying to get her arrested! Not the easiest task when her HUSBAND is a Patrol Officer! 

The problem I have is the who argument that you are suppose to teach your children to "Respect" you not to "Fear" you. 

I was spanked as a "small" child. I never received a spanking past the age of 8. I was never struck, slapped or belted. Spanking never occurred in public, and I fully stand by that spanking is okay to a certain point. TO EACH THEIR OWN. I never felt differently or held resentment towards my parents for spanking me. Not even today as an adult. 

My parents COMPLETELY stuck to their guns when it came to enforcing the punishment. 

Case in point...

I was 17 once. Long ago, anyway, I was late one night for curfew after I had already been out late the night before with my then HS boyfriend. I was told if I was late again, that I would be in "trouble". So I rolled in 15 after, and my punishment? My parents took away the phone in my room. 

When did I get it back? 

N E V E R .

I FULLY BELIEVE IF YOU TAKE SOMETHING AWAY AS PUNISHMENT STICK WITH IT. DONT GIVE IT BACK AFTER A FEW DAY (now don't go as extreme as a year, but you get what I am saying) I'm saying it now, the second my teenage kid (if I someday have one) crosses the line its no CELL PHONE for like 3 months. And believe me I won't cave, and judging how I learned the hard way from my parents taking things from me, the future teen of mine is going to not make the same mistake again! 

That's how punishment rolled in my house. My folks meant business. And you know what? It taught me a lot about RESPECT and their rules. It meant don't cross them, because oh yes, they did follow up with consequences! 

I never feared my father growing up in the sense that he would ever "hit" or strike me. I feared my enforced consequence that I would receive if I broke the rules. Is this the same as what was described as fearing your parent rather than respecting???

I respected my father then, and I respect him now. I think he did it right when it came to rules. 

So I ask you, is tabasco any different than SOAP in the mouth? And lets be real here, all of us have had parents or grand parents that had this as a punishment. Did they go to jail for it? NO. Is Tabasco sauce any different than soap? In my book, no. I think Tabasco is actually better than soap. Tabasco is edible!!! Soap isn't meant to be swallowed! 

I had a few ppl write their thoughts on my FB wall. 

What do YOU think?

Reminder to commenters:
These thoughts and views are mine and mine only.
Do not attack me because you disagree. Do not attack others that also leave comments. But do be honest with how you feel! :) 


28 August 2011

Sunday Tune

Been listening to Adele pretty much non stop on my way to work for the last 2 weeks. You just don't hear music like this on today's radio stations. She's beautiful inside and out. 

[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]

Adele - 
He Won't Go

"Some say I’ll be better without you
But they don’t know you like I do Or at least the sides I thought I knew"


26 August 2011

It's F R I D A Y ! T G I F ! ! !

I am super stoked that today is not only friday but PAYDAY ! ! WOOT WOOT ! 

With all the recent tornadoes that have hit our country, I thought I would share something heartwarming for all you fellow pet lovers like me.


After a tornado (Greensburg, Kansas)

                 THIS IS A GREAT STORY 
The  story begins with rescuers finding this poor little guy they named Ralph.  Someone had  already taken him under their
wing but they weren't equipped to  adopt.
 Ralph, scared and starved, joined his rescuers... 

I wouldn't think anything could live thru this....
            but we were  wrong.

 This  little lady also survived that wreckage.  

 Here she is, placed in our car, scared but safe. 

 and  then --- they are no longer alone!

 Instant  friends, they comforted each other while in the car.  

Add two more beagles found after that.                               The more the merrier! 

  Oh boy, a new traveler to add to the mix...
         (Note: the cat coming over the seat needing shelter...)
           Now how is this going to work? (and remember,
                    they are all strange to one another )

It's  going to work out just fine, thank you very much!

The things we should learn from our animal friends...  
If only all of mankind could learn such a valuable lesson
as this. A lesson of instant friendship. Of peace and
harmony by way of respect for one another --
no matter one's race, color or creed.
These animals will tell you...
"It's just good to be alive and with others." 
Yes,  it surely is.  So...  Live, laugh & love one another! 
        "Life's a Gift to Share with Others"


25 August 2011

9 Loves

Day {2}

N I N E       L O V E S

* I love that I finally finished this series

Lyla and Tim Riggins were def my fave couple (while they lasted) on the show! 

I love
that it's week two of school and my students have finally started to create their first of the year art projects!

I love
Jenni's outfit from Story of my Life! I REALLY need to get paid so I can get this!

I Love
this quote from "the help" I posted it the night I got home from seeing it in the theater and now it's taking the world by storm! 

I Love
this random girl's hair. She has my DREAM hair! So perfect!

I love
That I've been going to bed around 8:30 every night. Sleep has become such a priority as I have gotten older! :) 

I love white dogs
I'm Biased I know! hahah
my puparoo! 

White French Bulldog

White Bullhead Terrier aka Spud Mackenzie dog ( you 80s born folk know what I'm talkin bout)

I love
My new pom poms that hang above my tables in my new art room. :) 


I love this guy!
aka Mister Wonderful! 


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