26 August 2011

It's F R I D A Y ! T G I F ! ! !

I am super stoked that today is not only friday but PAYDAY ! ! WOOT WOOT ! 

With all the recent tornadoes that have hit our country, I thought I would share something heartwarming for all you fellow pet lovers like me.


After a tornado (Greensburg, Kansas)

                 THIS IS A GREAT STORY 
The  story begins with rescuers finding this poor little guy they named Ralph.  Someone had  already taken him under their
wing but they weren't equipped to  adopt.
 Ralph, scared and starved, joined his rescuers... 

I wouldn't think anything could live thru this....
            but we were  wrong.

 This  little lady also survived that wreckage.  

 Here she is, placed in our car, scared but safe. 

 and  then --- they are no longer alone!

 Instant  friends, they comforted each other while in the car.  

Add two more beagles found after that.                               The more the merrier! 

  Oh boy, a new traveler to add to the mix...
         (Note: the cat coming over the seat needing shelter...)
           Now how is this going to work? (and remember,
                    they are all strange to one another )

It's  going to work out just fine, thank you very much!

The things we should learn from our animal friends...  
If only all of mankind could learn such a valuable lesson
as this. A lesson of instant friendship. Of peace and
harmony by way of respect for one another --
no matter one's race, color or creed.
These animals will tell you...
"It's just good to be alive and with others." 
Yes,  it surely is.  So...  Live, laugh & love one another! 
        "Life's a Gift to Share with Others"



  1. Aww! That's so sweet. No matter who/what you are, finding new friends is a wonderful thing.

  2. OMG, i love this... made me totally tear up... they are all SO CUTE and i love that they cuddled up to each other instantly... great post!

  3. i talk about you in my vlog =]

  4. Awww this is SO sweet! Seriously have tears in my eyes!

  5. Sad but amazing. People need to start taking after dogs in some reguards!

  6. This made me smile :) What a great reminder of how wonderful animals are. We sure can learn alot from them. Thanks for sharing!


  7. What a great post. Thanks for sharing. Makes my heart melt. Happy Friday!

  8. This is such a great, sweet story! I agree, this is fef something we should learn from them. Its kinda sad that it doeant happen though!

  9. Sniff... I LOVE that..thanks for posting!

  10. I love this! I am obsessed with dogs. What a touching story. Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Good Morning! I wanted to share with you a Dog Campaign I ran across through pedigree... Check out my blog for more info!

  12. That was so sweet. How amazing? Thanks for sharing C Mae!!

  13. oh my goodness! this is the sweetest thing!

  14. I posted this before too but no one loved it.. sadly.. but i love it

  15. love that! what sweet animals :)

  16. so sweet! i love how genuine dogs are. what a wonderful story and a great way to start the weekend!

  17. Awww! That is so sweet. I'm all teary eyed. What sweet animals and amazing rescuers.

  18. Awww! This has me all teary eyed. What amazing animals and rescuers.

  19. love it!

    PS what did you think of last nights sweet home alabama? I'm Team Tribble :)

  20. isn't it incredible how much empathy dogs have? it's truly remarkable.

    loved this!

  21. This is so touching. I love it!


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