24 August 2011

10 Day You

This has been floating around yet no one seems to know the true Origin of who's lovely idea it was to do this challenge!

Day 1

******T E N*****S E C R E T S******* 


I'm really afraid of bees. I think the world would be just fine without honey and those dang buzzing bees who STING like none other. 

I would of listed Sharks but I recently just told y'all about that Jaws Phobia!


I still sleep with my baby blanket. I think more than a child hood thing I cling to, it's more about a comfort thing for me. Also the fact that I was wrapped as a baby in the blanket, and my mom (who died in 95' of breast and kidney cancer) was the ultimate blanket keeper. She repaired the edges endlessly. 

I'm a freak about hair. ha. Just ask mister wonderful. 

Freak as in???

Um let's see...

I shave my legs EVERY DAY. NO JOKE. I can't stand the stubble. 

I pluck my eyebrows EVERY DAY sometimes twice a day! 

I used to pull the hair out of my hands in HS, which sadly to this day, I still pick at it! 

I don't like seeing ratty ends on girls who think keeping their hair long is pretty which in fact makes me want to scream at them and say BEE ** itch Go trim your rat ends already! GROSS! haha

this list could go on and on!


I cannot read without it being QUIET. I am easily distracted by even the TV or people talking. Hence why I only read books before going to bed. 


I'm extremely sensitive about animals, especially dogs. 

Example? I just saw Rounders for the first time and was MORTIFIED when I saw the quick 30 seconds of a stupid drug dealer who hits his dog. I was PISSED ANGRY and wanted to call the people who made this damn movie for even thinking they needed such a scene in a movie. A huge WTF in my book.

I also cried my eyes out when Christopher sits on Adrianna's dog in the Sopranos bec he was so doped up he smothered the dog by sitting on it! 

Mister Wonderful does his best to assure me it's fake, but I take ANYTHING to do with pets way to heart. 

For these reasons I can no longer watch White Fang, Old Yeller, Lassie, or Benji 
I'm a wreck. I often ask MW to tell me if he knows of any scenes in movies a head of time where I need to look away. 

I wish I had the relationship that MV has w/ his family with my own...
not being close to your only parent isn't exactly heart warming...


Sometimes I wish I had taken a job that I was miserable at, just I made more money than my extremely low teaching job pays! (key word there was SOMETIMES) I really really really LOVE teaching art. I really really HATE that I make in the low 30,000 as my salary. Yep. How you like them apples?


I'm a speed walker. This means anyone that walks slower than me I tend to get mad at for slowing me down. LOL All those mall shoppers or grocery store ppl that have slow moving feet look out!


Can't sleep unless it's pitch black and quiet. Kinda like reading. Quiet is a must! 
No night lights for this girl or even a TV in the bedroom. I've always been taught bedrooms are the one room in the house that are suppose to be peaceful and tranquil---not to much color and stimulation. And I totally adhere to that! 

Not sure this a secret, but I'm kinda over my so called "Friends" on FB and enjoying all my blogging friends on here and twitter way more than the people that claim they are my friend in real life that I NEVER hear from! 

Anything a surprise to you all?
Or am I not that secretive and y'all pretty much knew this stuff about me since I share my life via blog!



  1. I just finished this challenge ... it was difficult at times ... especially towards the end when you only choose 2 or 3 of something. 3) I hate body hair. It completely grosses me out. I used to freak out in college when people left hair in the showers or on the toilet seat. Makes me shudder just thinking of it. 5) I'm the same about animals, but mine is more directed towards cats. Those stupid ASPCA commercials make me cry every time. and I completely agree with #8 and #10.

  2. hahaha I wish I shaved my legs everyday! or should I say the rest of the world wishes I did!!

    I love that you are sensitive towards animals. I've never had a dog!

    and I love that although you aren't a billionaire from being a teacher, you still do it. those are the teachets we need :)

  3. i still sleep with my baby blankets too!! I have 2 that looks exactly like yours...only one is white and the other is pink! I don't need them to sleep, like you said, it is just a comfort! :) glad i'm not the only adult who still sleeps with them!

  4. I still have my baby blanket (well what's left of it - it's just a knot now)in my pillowcase. So glad to hear I'm not the only one that has held on theirs!

    I'm sensitive to animals in movies too. Not to mention I tear up everytime an ASPCA commercial comes on...

  5. I can't sleep unless its pitch black either. I actually have to sleep with an eye mask.

  6. I am EXTREMELY sensitive to dogs (or any other animal really) in movies. If I know if they get hurt, are abused, or die in it I refuse to watch. I think Old Yeller scarred me for life on that one.

  7. I feel the exact same way about dogs. We recently went to a island for vacation where the dogs just run rampant thru the towns. I kept talking about.....finally my husband said you have to get over this dog thing. LOL This is their culture. I know that just hard to see.

  8. I am with you on the bee fear! They are SCARY!


  9. i agree with your last secret;
    sometimes people who dont judge and dont know every little thing in your life/past; they understand you more of who you are now;
    i totally agree;
    and the animal secret; i cant watch any either;
    and i agree about the paying job; i could be doing something that makes alot more! but i love to teach

  10. I still have my baby blanket too :)

    I just finished this challenge, fun to learn about other people!

  11. i am SO with you on the dog/animal thing... i watched that movie 8 below, a disney movie with paul walker (hottie) about the dogs they had to leave behind in antarctica... i cried from the MINUTE they left them til the end... i hate even watching movies where they have fights and the HORSES fall down! just ultra sensitive to animals being hurt...

    and the hair thing is pretty funny... thankfully i'm asian, hence not a lot of hair to begin with... but stubble bugs me too!

  12. This challange sounds like fun! I might just have to join you! have a great day girl!

  13. Hey there! I'm a new follower and I must say I love your blog! I cannot wait to take part in Tail Wagging Tuesday as I to am kind of obsessed with my furbaby :)

    I can totally relate with some of your secrets. I was attached to my baby blankie for the longest time and step aside, I'm a speed walker too!

    I'll be back for more reading :)


  14. I still sleep with stuffed animals from my childhood...I think everyone has "something."

  15. Love this! I just started as well :)


  16. I'm the same way, speed walker, speed driver, speed demon!!!

  17. Blogging friends are pretty awesome :) I get upset when I see animals getting hurt too, it's awful!

  18. i totally agree with you on the fb friends v. blog friends! great start to the 10 day challenge!

  19. I love this 10 day challenge idea, I've seen it on a few other blogs. But anyways, I feel like you need to get laser hair removal. lol I wish that women just didn't have leg hair most days. I hate shaving. But what girl doesn't?

  20. I still sleep with my baby blanket as well! My grandma knitted a blanket for each of her grandkids. It's a comfort thing -- I totally get ya!

  21. Haha! Loved this! I am a fast walker too and my husband makes me slow down whenever we are walking somewhere. Teaching salary :((((

  22. Love your list!

    I still sleep with my baby blanket, have to shave my legs EVERY night, and have to have quiet and darkness to sleep!

  23. totally feel you on #10. FB is super over-rated these days.

  24. I should pluck my eyebrows everyday but my lady gets angry when I touch them, hehe!

  25. I shave my legs every day too! And I'm constantly picking at my hair to make sure I don't have split ends. Hate that!

  26. I love that you sleep with you baby blanket, because I do too!

  27. haha i used to pick my split ends in high school! thinking back, i'm sure people noticed and i'm sure they thought i was insane. and i totally agree with you on the animal cruelty thing. i can't imagine anyone who wouldn't!

  28. Sad that teachers aren't paid enough


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