18 August 2011

What's it a name Vol 2

It's that time again. School is in session. This means on Monday, I got handed 21 Rosters and scanned through the "Names" of all my new students.

*If you are one of those people that takes OFFENSE to names or your name or your kids name, then DON'T read and or attempt to comment on my post! Thanks!

Remember, I'm a teacher. I have real issues with ppl that name their kids with crazy spellings because they think they are being "cool" or different by jacking up a normal name's spelling. 

I have issues with parents that want their kid's name PRONOUNCED one way, yet it's spelled another.

This is my favorite time that I get to complain about a lot of the idiot parents that name their kids horrific names. 

Are you ready?

Okay. So this year the names I have completely butchered are:

I'm on the fence with really old names like Prudence and Birtha. Some kids are just plain mean when it comes to names that can easily be made fun of.

I also have a student who's a girl with the name of "PSALMS"

oh yeah. I can't tell if her parents are die hard Religious people or they just think it's funny.

This year's stand out name is the name is...


for a girl. 

I have 3 girls all in primary grades with this name.

I'm waiting for the day I have a kid and or siblings with the names of Bailey and Kahula. 

I'm totally down with the name Jameson or Jamison (my preferred spelling for it) 
But really...what's next? Vodka?   ...:::::Sigh:::::...

I also have a


That's interesting... LOL

Also a 


A "Dawlson"

and a


I could go on and on with this post. Seriously this is just 
the tip of the iceberg with some
of the names this year. 

The ones I shared definitely take
the cake in my book! 

Fellow teachers! 

Tell me your crazy names this year or previous years! 

Do you think it's to much to ask for parents to name their kids names that are actually spelled and pronounced the same way? I don't! 


  1. OMG! I thought I was being a little tough with Brodie and Bentlie. Seriously I guess those are normal names now. Seriously... Hennessy! What are people thinking. Do you ever have any Mike's or Matt's or Todd's that were normal when we were growing up?

  2. Poor kids, these names all sound ridiculous! They are way worse off then me! Being named Star, is a bit weird, but some of these are just plain mean!

  3. Oh man, I get to teach for about 30 days of the school year as part of my job in the environmental industry. I kid you not, I text my husband between classes all the weird names I read on bulletin boards, seating charts, etc. I can only think to myself "who does that?!" I feel ya sister, and sorry you have to deal with this crap. :) Have an awesome day!

  4. This post cracked me up!! I don't have my student list yet but I definitely have some crazy names from the last few years.

    My most hard to figure out: Jhrise. Pronounced "huh-rees".

    I also had Jahaziel, Shania (like the singer), Lici (short for Alicia..pronounced "Lee-see"), Redwan (pronounced "red-WAN"..emphasis on the 2nd syllable or you'll get chewed out by mom!), I had twins that were Arianna and Marianna.

    Seriously, I could go on and on! :)

  5. I've always thought that cute spellings are okay as long as they make sense to how it is pronounced. It drives me nuts when I can't figure out how to pronounce it!

    The one that I saw in the classroom was Zeven. Yes that's right, Seven with a Z...

  6. Poor kids! When I worked in a school (not as a teacher) we had some waaaay out there sorry I can't share due to confidentiality issues but just use your imagination.

    Not to mention I worried when we named my little boy Wilton (we call him Wil) would kids make fun (such an old fashioned name) and all that! Please tell me (honestly) is Wil with one 'l' going to drive teachers crazy???

  7. soo..at first i thought i wanted to name my kid with a 'different' spelling name; not as bad as any of these, but now i realize how ridiculous it is [even being a teacher myself i realized it too] i would rather the name just be normal!!

  8. This is hilarious! I'm not a teacher, but one of my sisters is and the other is a principal - so I have heard some names over the years!

    Two that stand out are Abcde (yes, that says A,B,C,D,E) pronounced Ab-sa-dee. And Indonesia Alize. Seriously? That second one should be illegal!

    Last night on Chelsea Lately she said that in New Zealand they are banning weird names. They need to do that here!!!

  9. Haha this was funny. Have you heard of the name La-a? Meaning, not "La" "A" but "Luh-Dash-Uh." That's exactly how you spell it but you actually have to say "Dash" for the dash. Hysterical no?

  10. When I had a long term sub job last year I had a student named Dragonfly, one named Kobe Bryant, a girl named Nest, and a poor child named Credit. Seriously WTF are parents thinking.?!

  11. Bwwaahhahahaha! These are not for real?! People KILL me!

  12. I like the name Prudence. That is actually really cute because it seems now if you have a more normal name, you are now more unique than if you have a crazy name. I bet it is hard as a teacher. My name Delaney wasn't very common and people would always mis pronounce it. However, it never offended me, I usually don't even correct people when they mess it up. Because it usually doesnt matter. Unlike some people who feel this incredible surge of annoyance when someone pronounces their uncommon name wrong. I never got that, I was like just let it go :) haha

  13. this is the funniest post... i gotta tell you - i hate having a name that is not spelled the way its prounounced. i curse my parents for doing it and have sworn i will never do that to my future kids.

    my name is shana - pronounced - shay-na. i get shannon, shanna, shawna, shania, shaun, basically everything BUT my actual name. if they had just put the damn "y" in, all these name problems would have been solved! so i feel for all these kids with weird spellings of their names!

  14. these people are nuts...i just don't get it!!! from someone having to pronounce their name correctly their entire life (and it's not even a crazy spelling), i can't even imagine where to begin on some of these...HILARIOUS

  15. Wow, where the heck do you work??? I hope they never run across your blog! I've seen some crazy names, but I've never seen most of these. I don't envy the task of having to try and figure out these names as a teacher- these kids are going to have bigger issues in life than the teacher's difficulty in pronouncing the names. The trend of making "unique" names is just making the parents look like insane.

  16. I had to stand up in front of a TON of parents at our annual Gold Key awards and pronounce several crazy names including Marchevius (pronounced like Mischevious only with a "Mark" instead of a "Mis") and Shykilah (pronounced Sh-e-kee-lah). There was also a Mahogany, Shenautica and Princess.

  17. Those are awful!!! I have a friend who works in an elementary school and she has a student who only answers to "Day-Day" His parents didn't give him a real name. So sad!
    And I went to HS with a girl named Rebel... and she wore rebel flag t-shirts frequently... interesting stuff!

  18. Some of these are so weird. Sad prudence haha. The only one I thought wasn't weird was Xochilt. But thats probably just because I live eqactly 2 hours from the Mexican border and we have quite a lot of hispanics here haha

  19. hahaha omg I LOVE this post!!! Kiiiinda makes me want to be a teacher.... Then I'm sure I would have some interesting names to share! (What with being in Cali and all...) omg really, HENNESSY?! Those must be some gangsta parents! And that last one... Bryssaydy? Like, how do you even pronounce that?! That's just mean.

  20. OK it's weird that you have so many of the same/similar names since they are so...unusual. I hated my name and thought I was a freak because Leeann was not only rare, but never spelled that way. I guess it could be worse lol!

  21. Wow! I do like the Slater name, but I'm picturing this kid with a mini mullet. Ha!

  22. LOL! I freakin' love this post! Both of my parents work in the school system so I've been hearing the same thing from them forever! Carazy names!

  23. WOW! Poor kids!

    I'm not a teacher but I worked in a pediatric doctor office for a while where I was exposed to the following names! I will never forget them!
    Lil'funkie Joe Jackson - I KID you not!
    Honey Combs
    Winter Snow White
    Stormey Knight

    I just don't understand why parents do this! lol!

  24. WOW! Those are some interesting names! I can not stand when parents name their kids odd names. I mean I am all about having a different name but come on make it at least easy to say!

  25. Oh wow, this is the best post I've read in a LONG time! I love it. I am absolutely fascinated by crazy-ass parents who give their kids ridiculous names like this. Xochilt? WHAT?! Dawlson? Jaisi? Seriously? I'm dying over these names. You really have 3 Hennesseys? Unbelievable! This just blows my mind.

  26. One year I had a tequila spelled, "Taquilla" (really?) and a Chardonnay, so I sat them next to each other. The most annoying one I get that is pretty common is "Andrea" and some of them say Ann-drea, Ahn-draya, Ahn-dreea, etc.. They always get so snippy about it! Yesterday I had Jovan, pronounced Yovan, and I have Lyric, Destiny, and Jasmine.

  27. LOVE Slater, of course, because of SBTB. The others are just plain weird or ridiculous.

  28. This post cracked me up! Both of my parents are teachers and every year we go through the list of strange names wondering how in the world you pronounce them?

    My husband and I have decided when we have kids we are going to make up fake birth certificates with some of our favorites for my dad. For example Quamarvelous Shithead pronounces Sha-Thead (seriously!) Doesn't that sound pretty?!

  29. this post was so stinking entertaining! seriously?! you're going to get tired of hearing ridiculous names, you're going to name your kids john and kim. haha good luck with all that pronunciation!

  30. Girl...this is hilarious! I know what you mean about kids having crazy names! I see a lot at school too!

  31. Love this! I'm an art teacher too, and its crazy all of the kids you get. My husband had the best ever as an attorney though. two twins. "Lah_mahn_ja_low" and "Or_ahn_ja_low" spelled: lemonjello and orangejello. Yup. lemon jello and orange jello.

  32. Love this post. Parents are whack.

  33. All I can say is WOW....these poor children. I'm all about being unique but wow!

  34. One year, there was Ledarius, Kedarius, Quintarius, Quindarius, Darrius, Darius ... I'll stop there.

  35. my first year of college I had a girl in my class and her name was Shithead.... Pronounced Sha-thed .. go figure.
    How did you do the pretty font for the names??

  36. !!!!!!!!! I'm cracking up!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't think I have names that interesting this year, although I have some good ones!!

    One is Jamaricus (I guess kinda like Americus? But with a J?) and his middle name is Dewarde.

    I have a girl named Kevin and another girl named Doneishale.

    That's the craziest names I have!

    Thank you for posting this! HILARIOUS!!!!

  37. I couldn't have said it better myself. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. Seriously. What happened to normal names better yet normal spellings of names? People are weird.

  38. This is my fav post everrrrrrrr and why are people so crazy.

  39. I'm all about "different names", but I'm also about spelling them NOT crazy, funky ways.

    Call me dumb, but I'm still trying to figure out the Bryssaydy name...?

    Kids with these wack-o made up names will get made fun of their whole life, have people mispronounce it their whole life, and will NEVER find anything already monogrammed. Everything will have to be custom ordered.

    Get real, parents.

    Ps. There was a Laryn that applied to my work. Laryn pronounced Lauren. Like, why? Not only is it a wrong spelling, but it's ugly. Sorry, not sorry.

  40. ha haa! These names are too funny. My mom had a child in her class named "Shithead." Yes, you read that right. It was pronounced "Shi-heed." SERIOUSLY?? Poor, poor child!!

  41. hahahahaha!!!!! It's so true, people don't realize they are ruining their kids!!

  42. OMG-this is hilarious! I have had in one class Shontiqua, Shontieka, and Shaquita. I have had a Teranie in my class and then a Ho and Heaven at our school. Last year, my teammate had twins named Victoria and Gloria-the PE teacher would yell" ORIA!" to get them both to come at the same time. We also get people who have added punctuation to their kid's name...ARGH!!! Thanks for starting this...

  43. This year I have a Caughlin (Colin) Asma (I still have no idea how to say this one!)
    Two years ago I had two Jaylin's and two Jada's... all spelled differently
    My first year I had a Jakwandra, Dimas (Dee mass/boy) Esaih (e-sigh-a/girl), and D'zyare (Desire)

    And to go with your liquor names-my friend Lisa had a Tequila three years ago

  44. I have an Oh'Lahmbda - pronounced Orlando..... D'D'arenceD (every D pronounced Duh... ) twins named F'Arantah and Sh'Arantah, and in my class I had a Quintavious, Shantavious, LarDareous, La'Dareous, Artarious, Martavious and Montavious. Ridiculous...


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