25 August 2011

9 Loves

Day {2}

N I N E       L O V E S

* I love that I finally finished this series

Lyla and Tim Riggins were def my fave couple (while they lasted) on the show! 

I love
that it's week two of school and my students have finally started to create their first of the year art projects!

I love
Jenni's outfit from Story of my Life! I REALLY need to get paid so I can get this!

I Love
this quote from "the help" I posted it the night I got home from seeing it in the theater and now it's taking the world by storm! 

I Love
this random girl's hair. She has my DREAM hair! So perfect!

I love
That I've been going to bed around 8:30 every night. Sleep has become such a priority as I have gotten older! :) 

I love white dogs
I'm Biased I know! hahah
my puparoo! 

White French Bulldog

White Bullhead Terrier aka Spud Mackenzie dog ( you 80s born folk know what I'm talkin bout)

I love
My new pom poms that hang above my tables in my new art room. :) 


I love this guy!
aka Mister Wonderful! 



  1. Your art room is adorable and I LOVE that outfit!! Cute post!

  2. Dang, her hair is fabulous! Though your hair is amazing too girl! Aspen is looking adorbs, as always!

  3. I love A LOT of the things you put up there. WHITE DOGS! THE HELP! YOUR CLASSROOM! :D

    Belly B :)

  4. I LOVE random "I Love ..." lists ... I may steal this for my post today. I'm a fairly new follower...but I love it! Have a fab day!

  5. I watched six Friday night lights episodes in one night once! I love lyla!

  6. We started Friday Night Lights and never got through the second season. Must finish ASAP!

  7. your room looks magical! great loves....totally loving that girls hair, too. i am enjoying following along to your 10 day challenge! :)

  8. I just found your blog and I think I'm in LOVE with it...and YOU. Too much too soon? ha

  9. can't believe you go to bed at 8:30. i always promise myself i'm going to do that one night but it hasn't happened yet. here's to hoping!


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