31 July 2010

Bye Bye Verizon Hellooooo Sprint!

My New Toy!! Yesterday my plan on Verizon expired, so Mister Wonderful and I went down to the Sprint store and added me to his cell plan. I got the same phone he has. He was an AVID apple I phone guy until Sprint released this phone. Now we both have it, and all I can say is WOW! It totally kicks the I phone's butt! I was skeptical to go back to Sprint (I was on Sprint many moons ago, and had been with Verizon since 2003 so needless to say, I was nervous bout switching over.) Technology has caught up my friends! That's all I can say! 

I have re downloaded all songs for my "Favorites" in my cell list, but I am stumped as to what my general ring tone should me? Any suggestions? I can't really have any rap stuff, esp since I return to teaching on Monday and don't want my students to hear that ring in my purse or something. Throw your suggestions at me!  Does anyone else have this phone?


30 July 2010

Highway Humor

I saw this when driving back from Yuma to Scottsdale. (not this exact one bec I was driving and couldn't get my camera out quick enough  plus AZ is desert and the background doesn't exactly fit now does it? heh) So I decided to GOOGLE it and ta-dah!

I'm sorry, I never inflict politics on blogs, but with everything going on with Obama and our poor country falling apart, and especially with my residence in Arizona, our border, how Obama tried to overturn our Gov' decision, I just wanted to shout out to this billboard,"YES BUSH- WE MISS YOU"! LOL

Freakin Weekend T G I F

Just for fun, I thought I would share a little comic that I have held so near and dear to my heart. I have been collecting this comic since I was 15 in High school. I always thought they would be so sweet to give to a Boyfriend. Well when I was 17 I had my first love, and it became our "thing" to exchange these between each other. Maybe some of you have seen this if you ever watched THAT 70's SHOW you saw it on Jackie Burkhart's bedroom wall. Kim Casali.

Kim Casali created 'Love Is...' back in the late 1960's when she drew the little pictures as love notes for her husband-to-be, Roberto.

Anyway, The Chicago Sun Times prints the little comic to this day so when ever I am in IL, I make it a point to clip the comic out! Since I'm not in IL anymore, I get them emailed to me from mydailycomics.com Here are a few of my fave

I even have a T shirt by JUNKFOOD (that's the brand/company) that once made a print of hers on it. :) I'll have to take a picture of it and post it some time.

29 July 2010

Thursday so it must be Thoughtless!

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Random Thought  
 It was coming home from seeing Inception last weekend that my brain was thinking this. My one super big fear is not living forever. I know I'm only 28. But I'm getting old. My childhood, High School, and College Years are already over and done with. I can't imagine just not waking up. It's very frightening to sit and actually really think about this.

This was me last night. So totally dropped a cubed piece of cheese. ( I didn't eat it due to our little Ants that seem to not want to go away since we moved in)

I Love Peonies. But these are great too. They are like a Knock of Peonies and a Rose combined. Have you seen these before?
I think they are just L O V E L Y ! 

Bachelor/Bachelorette Where are They Now?

There have been Numerous seasons now of the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Needless to say this is my ONE reality TV show that I have been hooked every season. But out of all the seasons, I have to say that I loved Charlie O’Connell as The Bach. Season 7 (I think.)

He’s the hotter version of his famous actor brother Jerry and he seemed the most real out of any Bachelor ever—he was sort of doofus-y, but in an entertaining way, and he seemed sweet. In the end, he chose adorable Sarah Brice as his one and only. Rumor on the net is that they are in fact, STILL together, just not engaged/and or married. Hey whatever works right?

 I liked Jesse Palmer's season too. But in true Bachelor fashion, he and his pick Jessica Bowlin didn't last long after the taping.

Matt Grant had a stellar accent, but the baby talk and Shayne's famous name didn't really seem like this was for love, more like for publicity.  I just watched a special on E! where they interviewed Matt today, who admits he wasn't really "into" Shayne and he thinks he made a mistake. He says they had NOTHING in common. LOL

My last 2 hottie faves of the Bachelor are Brad And Dr. Travis Stork. The hot Doc  can be seen every day on the show called Doctors. He was once rumored to of dated Carrie Underwood who is newly married yay!

Brad                         Travis
Of course we can't forget Trista and Ryan. How awesome is their relationship!?

Well who was your favorite Bachelor/Bachelorette?

28 July 2010

Charlie St. Cloud

Has anyone else seen the previews for this movie? I can't wait to see this on Friday. I heart Zach Efron. He's my under age crush. I loved him in 17 again so much that I bought the DVD! ha. I'm glad he has taken on a more dramatic role. :)

Fish Tail Braids and stuff

I have a "thing" for fish braids. I watched a "How To" Tutorial on YouTube the last few nights. Then Yesterday and today I practiced. And Practiced. And finally today...I did it!! :) All these years of just regular braiding and I feel like I have finally upgraded a plain braid! :) woo hoo.

(Pardon the rings under my eyes. To be honest, I am not sure how I am suppose to cover those? Any make up skin tips ladies? I don't wear foundation. Only bare minerals. Guess BM doesn't cover dark rings! :( Please leave me some suggestions of what to buy. One girlfriend of mine suggested this
By Terry Concealer. She said I cold get it at Barneys. 

Better fishtail braids than mine..
Foxy Locks Extensions is the one I watched on You Tube on how to braid :) 

And about the Bachelorette...
Was anyone else Um {insert yawn here}...B o r e d ? I usually don't watch the Men tell all specials just for the simple redundant recaps of everything I have already seen. Frank MIA. Shocker there. Justin. Mia. Greasy Lawyer Mia. Awesome.  I still say she picks Roberto! :) 
 I think she rocks the Converse look don't you?

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27 July 2010

Bow a licious

So I had a I'm feeling crafty moment today. More like an hour of my day. I saw this idea via and figured I'd give it a whirl. After all, I like artsy ideas. I'm an ART TEACHER!

Here's how my bows turned out...

They should look like these..

Final verdict?
Okay honestly? this was a lot more work and harder than it appears on the blog. No really. I'm pretty decent at cutting and gluing, but after just making 2, I decided it's much better to BUY gift bows then to make them. Seriously. You put it on top of the part of the present that most people just RIP off and toss! They aren't going to be so utterly impressed that you made well um a bow? haha. To each is own I suppose.
Ah well. Till tomorrow fellow followers!

I'm a WANTer....

UGGHHH. Are any other fellow teachers feeling the "pinch" of no money right now till school resumes? Event then, we have to work 2 weeks to get paid again! AHHH. I am not going to make it I fear! Seriously. 300 dollars to my name right now makes me super POOR! 
I have dwindled my bank account. But for good reason I swear!!! Walmart has the best deal right now for Elmers Glue. I went nutty. 25 C-E-N-T-S a bottle. Seriously!?! What a steal. Esp since my new art room had NONE left from the previous art teacher! So I bought 30 bottles. There is still of course so much more I NEED for my room, but Mister Wonderful and my dad think I'm not such a smart teacher for spending so much. I swear up and down to them that ALL teachers do this. I am not someone that says oh we don't have that. If we don't have it, I go get it, because I care THAT MUCH about my students.  My problem VS regular classroom teacher:
I teach the WHOLE SCHOOL. So when I buy something, it's not just 20 scissors and be done with it. Oh no. LOL I have to buy enough of something to account for every child I teach in the school. YEP. Now you see why I am poor? :( 

I love these. Definitely don't need them. But want them....yes of  course. I am sure other bloggers have stumbled upon these Classics with make over Hardcover. :)

Oh and this!
 Found here 

 I heart them! I really liked these other Initial Mugs I saw on another bloggers page who mentioned in the posting that she got hers from A Home Goods Store. Sadly when I ran out to ours, they had NO mugs! Has anyone seem them at their home goods store? The Anthropologie mugs are the closest I could find.

I think Emily Dickinson said it best for me. I will just have to..

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