20 July 2010

Tuesday's Top 2

My Top 2 Things I'd Want to Purchase Are...

I Robot Roomba Pet Series 532 Vacuum Cleaning Robot. Okay seriously I would love to know how many of you have one? This one is for pets. Aspen my love leaves me lovely little hair ball clumps which isn't bad compared to short haired dogs that leave razor thin hair everywhere, but I hate having to sweep the floor daily for those little dust bunnies! A family that I babysat for in Yuma had one. I seriously watched in awe as it did it's scheduled cleaning of the floor. This sucker didn't miss any hair or any dirt! I want one!  ! ! ! ! Price: EXPENSIVE. As much as the Toy Watch I listed below :( $319.99

I told mister wonderful this is what I want for X mas. I can wait right? Life is about waiting anyway!


 I recently caved and bought a 25 dollar Chanel lip gloss when I was in Vegas in June. I'd say it's worth the money. So I was thinking of trying the nail polish. Does anyone own Chanel Nail polish? I usually NEVER paint my nails. Like ever. Art Teacher hello= chipped polish in less than a day. TRUST ME. But I still have some time before school resumes so I'm thinking about it. 

Your Thoughts? 



  1. Hey Hun!

    I have been going to Sachi Salon on Scottsdale and Camelback Rd 480-421-9100. But last week I just went to a new place called Hair Gallary on Indian School and Miller 480-946-9183. I like both places =)

    P.S.. How are you liking Hear of the Matter? I haven't bought it yet but I want to read it!!

  2. I haven't started to read it...I keep getting distracted LOL tv shows, blogging, doggie attention for my pooch etc lol ..I swear I'll start it soon! THanks for letting me know of some places to check out! Hopefully they don't charge an arm and leg since I never get anything done but a cut!

  3. ahah i need one of those roombas!! we have a cockapoo (absolutely hypo allergenic) but we also have a pitbull...he's the sweetest dog EVER and LOVES being on the couch, curled up by your foot..and his little black/white hairs get all over the place :/ $350 is way too much though.. I got a febreeze pet hair collector thingy - have u seen it? it's cheap and cheaply made but it's doing the trick on our couch..


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