29 July 2010

Bachelor/Bachelorette Where are They Now?

There have been Numerous seasons now of the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Needless to say this is my ONE reality TV show that I have been hooked every season. But out of all the seasons, I have to say that I loved Charlie O’Connell as The Bach. Season 7 (I think.)

He’s the hotter version of his famous actor brother Jerry and he seemed the most real out of any Bachelor ever—he was sort of doofus-y, but in an entertaining way, and he seemed sweet. In the end, he chose adorable Sarah Brice as his one and only. Rumor on the net is that they are in fact, STILL together, just not engaged/and or married. Hey whatever works right?

 I liked Jesse Palmer's season too. But in true Bachelor fashion, he and his pick Jessica Bowlin didn't last long after the taping.

Matt Grant had a stellar accent, but the baby talk and Shayne's famous name didn't really seem like this was for love, more like for publicity.  I just watched a special on E! where they interviewed Matt today, who admits he wasn't really "into" Shayne and he thinks he made a mistake. He says they had NOTHING in common. LOL

My last 2 hottie faves of the Bachelor are Brad And Dr. Travis Stork. The hot Doc  can be seen every day on the show called Doctors. He was once rumored to of dated Carrie Underwood who is newly married yay!

Brad                         Travis
Of course we can't forget Trista and Ryan. How awesome is their relationship!?

Well who was your favorite Bachelor/Bachelorette?


  1. i raelly liked andrew and jen! i turned that on last night only to watch the last 2 mins of it. :(

  2. I just really started getting into the Bachelorette. But I did watch the Shayne season and she was TOTALLY there for publicity. UCK!

  3. Cute post!! who is your pick for tonight?!


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