27 July 2010

Bow a licious

So I had a I'm feeling crafty moment today. More like an hour of my day. I saw this idea via and figured I'd give it a whirl. After all, I like artsy ideas. I'm an ART TEACHER!

Here's how my bows turned out...

They should look like these..

Final verdict?
Okay honestly? this was a lot more work and harder than it appears on the blog. No really. I'm pretty decent at cutting and gluing, but after just making 2, I decided it's much better to BUY gift bows then to make them. Seriously. You put it on top of the part of the present that most people just RIP off and toss! They aren't going to be so utterly impressed that you made well um a bow? haha. To each is own I suppose.
Ah well. Till tomorrow fellow followers!

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