18 July 2010

Sunday Thoughts--random of course!

Has anyone else tried/ or have/own the Zeno hot spot acne treatment? I read about it on another fellow random blog I stumbled upon, and bought it about a month ago. I am not really one (thankfully) that gets acne break outs. In fact, I am more along the lines of if I do get a zit, it's usually solo, but enough to make me feel super self conscious about my face. Anyway back to the Zeno. It's not cheap. And I had my doubts. A little tool that heats up and magically zaps my zit? Yea right! TRY IT. I have. I think it's GREAT! ! Totally worth the 40 bucks. It really reduces the redness from acne. I'm probably a weirdo for saying this, but the hot burning sensation you feel I really like! haha.

My other product review....has to do with my HAIR. :)For anyone that knows me that follows me (which I think is only J Poots on my follower list) Knows I am A FREAK about my hair to the extreme. Ha. I don't ride in cars that are convertibles just because of how much wind damage occurs to my hair! Earlier this year, I blogged about trying the WEN hair care. Well I stumbled upon another blogger's review on this hair care called Moroccanoil. PRICY. When I first saw how much the small bottle was I was like this hair product better be the beez knees for 40 bucks!

Before I had purchased the Mococcanoil, I had just started using Chi's Silk Fusion.

The verdict?

They are BOTH Great. Hands down my hair is amazingly soft. But if you wanna save some $$, go with this:
The other "In" accessory of the summer that I noticed up here in Hot Zona is White watches. I really want one!!! I really like these two:

Which one would you pick?

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  1. I like your random thoughts! i use the exact same moroccan oil daily! love it! i will try the chi stuff next time if you say its good, never hurts to save a little money! as for the watches, i would go with the first one. super cute!

  2. ooh i love the bottom one. i love fossil watches. they always come in such cute tins!

  3. I swear by Moroccanoil!! My friend does hair and bought it for me 3 years ago and I have yet to stop using it!

    & I don't mind the correction, I actually would prefer them! Cute blog!

  4. I am an avid follower! :) I have seen a few people with the white Fossil watch and love it. I have been considering buying the zeno and am excited to know someone who has tried it and likes it!

  5. i'm a HUGE fan of moroccan oil, i do hair and i put it on all my clients, its fantastic!!!

    the watches are both awesome! :)


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