21 July 2010

That's So Me!

Have you ever surfed through tons of blogs seeing all these wonderful decorating ideas, then you happen to stumble upon THE ONE. You know, that one that screams That's So ME! ! ! That happened yesterday for me.

Mister Wonderful and I just moved, and are currently shaping up our condo into "our" home. He has graciously left all the decorating to Moi. WOO WOO. He seriously doesn't care much about colors and decorations. No seriously, not even one flinch to the 3 little purple pillows that lay on our bed. Whew! How did I get so lucky? I man that doesn't even care about bedding colors! Sweet!

Once work starts for me, we are both going to save for a King mattress, and move my queen into our spare bedroom which currently is our let's-stash-everything-we-don't-know-where-to-put-room haha. It's going to be guest room slash office. My desk is from potterybarn which took me ALL summer of last year to save for! I love it. But I def need some wall decor...so that's when I found this...
 They are wall flowers :) And I found them on young house love's blog. Then I saw this....

The Ah Ha moment!!! That's So Me!!! I already ordered the wall flowers....
Being an art teacher, this just totally blew me away. You have no idea how many little art post cards I have that are sitting in a drawer bec I never ever thought to display them like this. Mister Wonderful and I are just going to start with 2 shelves and see how we like that...
Pretty nifty eh? :)


  1. love the little flowers! And the shelves are a great idea, not just for art but for storage! I also love how in that picture it's 1 desk for 2 people.. currently we have 1 desk and no place to put my computer :/

  2. very pretty!

    you're going to love your king matress! you'll have even more room for funky throw pillows :)

  3. neat!! i want to see after pictures!!

  4. That feeling of finding something to suit you is just the best!!! I refuse to get a king bed because I feel soooo far from the hubs, hah!!


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