10 July 2010

Most of us are AWARE but continue to do this...

I was skimming through blogs tonight and stumbled upon a blog that just totally pulls at my heart strings. Watch video here.

Read her story here.

                                        Is this color of skin really this much sexier than this?     

Let me just start by saying this. I never tanned in HS. Not once. I wasn't allowed nor did anyone at my school at those times really did such things. That wasn't the "thing" that kids my age did. 4 years later...College. Hello the world of tanning. I tanned probably 2 times a week off and on in college. (when I had the extra money--let's face it college kids are broke!) I am one of those girls that LIKES to be tan I will openly admit it. I, like most girls out there, like to feel good about how I look, and being tan has it's perks right? Hides break outs, less make up to wear on my face, appear thinner...etc etc right?

I know I should wear sunscreen...don't we all know this? Yet how many of you wear SPF 50 or higher? I don't. I think the highest I wear is 15. Even sunscreen doesn't protect against melanoma. So if we know what causes cancer, WHY DO WE DO IT?  Answer:  We all live in this bubble. (this is my theory and opinion) that nothing bad is going to happen to us. That god is watching out for us.  That we don't need to worry or do anything to prevent such things, until there is actually a problem.

My own mother has passed away of cancer in 1995. (Breast then Kidney Cancer) You would think that would be enough for me to snap out of it and NEVER deliberately do anything to expose myself to cancer right? wrong. I have it stuck in my brain that I am NOT my mom, and just because something terrible happened to her, won't happen to me. Good logic right? WRONG. Someone needs to drop kick me a few right? Not really....how many of you smoke? probably a few of you. Why do you do it? You know it causes cancer right? I rest my point. I haven't tanned in a tanning bed probably for a month now. ... When you live in AZ during the summer months you don't really need to....30 min out here will get you guaranteed color I swear! I am seriously considering spray tan...I don't really wanna look orange...but after reading the girl's blog and her story, I also don't want to be a mommy some day in my 30's that has cancer from foolish behavior in my twenties.....Do you know anyone that spray tans? How many of you tan?



  1. I am a pale red-head! Ha ha but I used to tan here and there when I was younger, and get sun burns during the summer b/c I didn't want to wear sunscreen!
    Now after getting 2 bad moles removed, I wear sunscreen all the time and mystic (spray) tan once in a while when I need some color. They have different shades of spray tans that look more bronze now. I just want to avoid any cancer, and be wrinkle free and look good when I'm older. i don't think it's worth it. Great post!

  2. I have the same issue! I am horrible with sunscreen, and love the bronzed look. I have naturally pale skin, and am trying to embrace it... but I love the tan. Eek! :)

  3. Hey, I found you through Mrs. Hesson's blog and saw your comment. It caught my eye because I have been tanning the last 5 months or so in tanning beds. This is the second time I have done this..the first time was for a few months before I got married. I think I will stop soon though...I just love to be tan, like you said most girls do. I'm going to force myself to go read the other blog you talked about in your post...maybe that will scare the tan out of me!

  4. I am right there with you...I love to be tan. I do. I'm not addicted by any means, but I'm only 28 and all I hear is more and more stories about how young beautiful girls are getting diagnosed with SKIN CANCER.....WTF right? I want to be around for having kids...I don' mind the wrinkles so much, but I don't want to have to get chemo just bec of my love of the sun...I am probably going to really look into the spray tan thing...


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