09 July 2010

Just call me Mrs. Handy-WOman!

2 days ago Mister Wonderful & I put my new dresser together. I am so Proud of myself for not giving up it took us 2/1/2 hours to assemble! My brain + his muscles= awesome dresser completed! Funny story...
We are putting together the LAST drawer for the dresser, and He asks, "Babe do you have the last screw?" I say, "No why?" He says, "uh because we have one left and it's not on the bed." FML are you serious is what I am thinking. Yep that's right. Ikea shorted us a screw. THE LAST screw needed to attach the track to the LAST drawer. AARGHHHHHH (Frustration) You've got to be kidding me!?! Nope. Not kidding. So 2 days later, (today) with a trip to Ace hardware, we were able to buy a screw for 39cents and finally complete our project. Here's some pics.



  1. Oh So Cute!! =) Love the new dresser ;)

    Thank God for boys to help us put together stuff!!! HA HA

    Happy Friday pretty girl



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