09 July 2010

Update on bachelorette

So I am finally caught up on the BACHELORETTE. See how torturous moving has been? Made me miss my fave show! Thank god mister wonderful got DVR through our cable company! Woot woot!

Okay So..... Ali axed Ty. Fine by me. I know he seemed genuinely saddened by this, but as she stated from the beginning, she is looking for a husband, and you just can't force something that isn't there.

My top 2 picks for guys are:


And Chris.

And holy guacamole!!! Vienna and Jake!!! Did anyone else change their feelings about how wonderful Jake was/is? NOT!!!!! what a DOUCHE Bag!!! Okay, so I thought he was soooooo fine and all but my heart went out to Vienna. She couldn't get a word in edgewise, and yes, I think what she was saying about not being intimate and being able to get a word in was true. I do think he was seeking fame. What do you all think? HAPPY FRIDAY!


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  1. i totally agree with your top 2! i hope one of them wins her heart lol. i would take either in a second.
    in regards to jake, i thought he was a douche from day one. he bugs the hell out of me. and vienna kept interrupting him over and over. glad those two are done.


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