12 July 2010

Do this, buy that!

Weekend came and went. Once again, a never ending LIST of things to DO. Living with a guy is becoming quite the adjustment! Not a bad thing by any means, but only an adjustment in the FOOD department. I find that Mr. Wonderful and I are going through food WEEKLY where if it was just me, I don't really go to the store all but every 2/1/2 to 3 weeks for groceries. He inhales a gallon of Milk. I usually bought a half gallon, and that would last me 3 weeks! So far, out of the gallon that was bought a week ago, I have only used half a cup for a banana shake and some for cereal! AHH.
Does anyone else live with their man? How do you regulate groceries and bills like such?



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  1. When I lived with a guy, I felt we wasted a lot of food. It's better to go on a weekly basis or every few days to get just what you need so there is no waste! I always found myself throwing things out we never ate but he had to have!


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