21 July 2010

Something's missing!

So I blogged before about my awesome new dresser that Mister Wonderful and I put together. That's across from our bed. I all by my lovely self put the 2 night stands together. So is our bedroom complete? I need something above the bed and I don't know what! Any suggestions/art/ideas? Send em my way. Pictures help or links of what you all come up with. 

West Elm's Version

And to anyone that cares to know haha...I also bought those flowered picture in the background....BIG MISTAKE. There is no WHITE behind the image.  Just straight up see through glass....I'm either going to throw them out or ebay them or something! ha. Plus the black frames don't go with all the white decor in or room anyway.

My bedding I LOVE. it's from West Elm. The negative--it's a bad motha to iron...I cheat on that one and use this>>>

Be Sure to send your decorating Ideas this way!:)


  1. love it!! i just started following :)

  2. lovely sheets I want them lol

    following you , your blog is lovely. :)


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