30 July 2010

Highway Humor

I saw this when driving back from Yuma to Scottsdale. (not this exact one bec I was driving and couldn't get my camera out quick enough  plus AZ is desert and the background doesn't exactly fit now does it? heh) So I decided to GOOGLE it and ta-dah!

I'm sorry, I never inflict politics on blogs, but with everything going on with Obama and our poor country falling apart, and especially with my residence in Arizona, our border, how Obama tried to overturn our Gov' decision, I just wanted to shout out to this billboard,"YES BUSH- WE MISS YOU"! LOL


  1. YES...abso-freakin-lutely!!!
    Greatest billboard EVER. Thanks for sharing.

  2. you're more than entitled to your political opinion-- its YOUR blog!!! haha, that billboard cracks me up, poor W looks a bit goofy, but... yes, i miss him too!

  3. I love this billboard! I miss him, too! :o)

    Your blog rocks!


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