29 April 2011

Confession Friday

No Royal Wedding post from me. BLAH. Okay two people got married now leave em alone! lol

In high school I was OBSESSED with Backstreet Boys. I was totally infatuated with Brian :)

I owned all their cds. I could totally pick out his voice in the chorus refrain parts of all their songs......I was that good! haha

 A few nights ago, they were on Dancing With The Stars with New Kids On The Block.

Did you see them? I DIE. LOVED IT. None of them look aged. I think they look better than ever!

In case you missed it...


28 April 2011

Best Advice

*image seen on Indianapoluxe blog.

This is the best life advice I think! :) 
I never leave the house without giving Mister Wonderful his goodbye kiss in the AM! :) 

Enjoy your Thursday lovelies. I'm EXHAUSTED and my most hectic day is yet to come (tomorrow Spring Festival, Talent Show & Community Art project ceremony) 

I need a Holiday stat! :)


27 April 2011

ART SHOW 2011!

2011 ART SHOW!!!!!!

Hello Wednesday Loves! :) 

I am EXTREMELY TIRED As I post this, but we had our Spring 2011 Elementary/Jr High Art Show last night. I was utterly impressed with how many students and parents turned out for the event!!

I had to sticker the faces just to protect my kiddos identities. :)

I was kinda stuck for 2/1/2 hours right by my schools' display of work, so I didn't get to walk around to take pictures of all the amazing art from other schools! It was incredible!

I did manage to snap a few pictures of some clay projects I ADORED in the case next to some of our schools work being displayed.

I APOLOGIZE for the crappy picture quality.

Some where taken with my crappy point and shoot digital camera, and others of the clay artwork, were taken through a dirty glass case with my cell phone. I did the best that I could! :)

Artwork Selected For The Show:
Kinder: Iris Butterfly Paint Prints
1st: Mardi Gras Mask
2nd: Recycled Robot
3rd: Matisse "Beasts of the Sea" recreation out of cut paper and shapes
4th: Chinese New Year Dragons
5th: Van Gogh's Starry Night re creation
6th: Andy Warhol style Self Portrait


26 April 2011

Tail Wagging Tues Vol 5


I so would of done an Easter theme, but there were no sweets in our household to take pictures of Aspen with! No Bunny ears, nada!

So upon a few suggestions last week given, today's theme post is on your pet's bed! And or, unusual or usual in Aspen's case, of where they sleep!

Aspen's usual place to sleep, during the day is perched right on top of our couch. Why she likes it, I'd have to guess it's because she is up so high. I think she likes to compensate for being so small! :)

She also sleeps in her pink dog bed, which is on the floor next to the couch too.

This is an older photo of when she first got the bed. I used to put this bed up on MY bed at night for her to sleep in next to me by my head. But there wouldn't be room for Mister Wonderful then and we can't have that! :)

She also sleeps in her crate at night when Mommy (me) and Daddy (mister wonderful) and I retire for the night.

As you can see it's pointless for me to lay her blankets in all nice, she just fluffs them up the way she wants them LOL

If you read our whole allergy expensive vet visits a few months back, then you know why we have to crate her!

Okay friends! Your turn! Link up! Tell/Share where you pet likes to sleep or sleep on/under etc etc :)

PS Yes, I know there are two link up codes on here...I couldn't figure out what mistake I made that is making you guys enter in your URLS instead of just seeing everyones blog name...And I am late to work trying to fix this so I am leaving both up pick one and enter it! hahah


25 April 2011

Tripod Question

Dear Fellow Bloggers who own a DSLR or perhaps the Nikon D3100 like I do:

Are all tripods created Equal?

What I mean by this is, say I find a random one on Amazon, and buy it.....it should fit my Nikon D3100 right?

I didn't know if you buy a tripod does it automatically fit all digital cameras, or are there only certain tripods made for certain cameras?

Photo people please help!

Speaking of Photos...

Notice Anyone?

Did you find it?

How about a more close up shot...

I have to say goodbye to this face every morning as I climb into my car. Aspen always watches me from the top of the couch thru the blinds.


24 April 2011

He Has Risen

Pink Lou Lou posted this video first, but I just had to share with everyone. I got goosebumps at the end. 2 Perfect songs for Easter Sunday in my opinion.

We live and die; Christ died and lived! ~John Stott


23 April 2011

Movie Reviews!

Today was the day I finally got to go and see Water For Elephants! I went to the earliest showing possible @10:40 AM so it wouldn't be sold out!

Reese and Rob totally delivered. Great movie. Felt the tears come on a wee bit.

Of course, in true book fashion, in my opinion the book was of course way better. We all know how movies go. They can't put 'every' detail in a movie.

So is it worth the nine dollars? (mine was free via a voucher I've been saving for months now) Yes most definitely!

Next movie to review

Country Strong

BLAHHHHHHH can that sum it up enough?

Country folk, stick to seeing the movie Pure Country starring George Strait. Now that's a great "country" movie.

Where to begin with this one. Is it just me, or has beautiful Gwyneth Paltrow lost her luster? I haven't seen her in anything GOOD in years. To be quite frank, I'm not sure if I have ever seen in an outstanding movie? She just doesn't do it for me.

Leighton Meester looked FAB as a made up beauty queen, but they also showed a lot of her with no make up on and she looked just like a regular joe you'd bump into on the street!

I'd say skip it peeps.

There are MANY movies I want to see this summer!!!!
I have posted a few of these trailers before, but to refresh your memory...

Fast And Furious 5 ~
I adore Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster

Something Borrowed

And this one

Enjoy your Saturday lovelies!


22 April 2011

Friday Art!

* 5th Grade made the Black and White Symmetry faces
*3rd are making clay frogs. 
*Kinders made the Sunflower crayon still life drawings
* 1st did the turtles. I posted those a few weeks ago when it was just the first day of working on them, and wanted to share the final product. 

My Apologies for the ugly grey bar on all the pictures! something happened when I uploaded them to picasa web! :( 

Have a terrific Friday bloggies! I am hopefully going to see Water For Elephants Tonight!!!!! 


21 April 2011

T W T Ideas needed!

So as of right now, I'm drawing a blank for the next Tail Wagging Tues Topic.

Leave me some ideas please!

The only idea I will veto is any Halloween costume posts bec it's not halloween yet! :)


20 April 2011

Book Review!

A few days ago I finished my beloved Sweet Valley final installment of the series Sweet Valley Confidential.

The twins have come a long way in ten years! I wasn't thrilled with how the book ended, but then again, there wouldn't of been a story ten years later had Francine Pascal not changed it up a bit! 
The great thing about this book, was in case you plum forgot some key players in the Wakefield Twins lives, she made sure to "catch you up" on those long lost characters! 

I loved the book. Makes me want to start from book one and read all the way up through the University years as I had did so long ago. I can say as a young teen, reading these books brought me great joy as thinking back about them now still makes me smile. 

If you've never read a Sweet Valley book then you'll totally be lost. Gotta start from the beginning. :) 

That's all folks. I do apologize that I haven't had much to say/write about! My world has been pretty mellow (which is a good thing right?) 

Another 2 weeks till I can go and get Rob Lowe's new book. I am counting the days!!!!! 

19 April 2011

Tail Wagging Tues Vol 4

It's Tail Wagging Tuesday Folks!!!

Today's Topic:


 aka show me your pet's bling! This means what they wear around their neck! :) 

First of all, you'll notice that Aspen wears a bell with her ID Tag. This is simply because I have a very stubborn dog who doesn't always come when called! She must get it from her mama! Wink wink! So when she doesn't come on command, I can hear her jingle around the house to know where and what she's up to!  

 Aspen wears a harness not a collar. Collars on a dog her size can cause trachea problems and who wants to yank on an 8 lb dog's neck and cause health problems? Not me!

Aspen is indeed microchipped. Best thing ever. 

I know I recently mentioned I had a bad Etsy Transaction, but I also had a great one at the same time!

Aspen, as you can tell, is very FLUFFY! 
object width="459" height="55">
(turn volume to hear fave quote from despicable me!) 


Anyhow, I had been pretty peeved with Petsmart/Petco because  they do not carry a pink harness in the same thinness as Aspen's old red one. The next size up was a small, but like double the girth!! I was no way that would rub her raw! Her current harness was feeling so snug because of all her hair, so I contacted this Etsy Seller who made her one special!!! Aspen and I LOVES it!!!! :) 

I kindly asked the seller to 86 the bows. No need for them with all the hair my dog has! You wouldn't see them anyway! 

The shop is called TICKLE ME PINK. Click here to check it out!

Alright lovelies! Link up! 


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