21 April 2011

T W T Ideas needed!

So as of right now, I'm drawing a blank for the next Tail Wagging Tues Topic.

Leave me some ideas please!

The only idea I will veto is any Halloween costume posts bec it's not halloween yet! :)



  1. Batman Sundays this week has an Easter theme muwahaha

  2. hmm how about favorite napping spot or cute tricks?
    i love that pic btw :)

  3. Fav sports team
    Pic on a walk
    Fav napping spot

  4. Favorite snack, favorite place to lay

  5. this picture is amazing! I used to make my junior high students do this! They got a kick out of :D

  6. Let me know when the Halloween post comes up, I have an amazingly fabulous picture for that.

  7. You could just do topics like
    - your dogs worst bad habit.
    - your dogs best personality trait.
    - where your doggie snoozes.
    - sleeping doggies. your favorite dog snoozing picture.
    - doggie over the years, from puppyhood- adult dog.

    I don't know these are lame haha

  8. Haha cute picture. What about favorite dress-up / sports apparel outfits, doing their trick, or pictures giving you their "look"

  9. What food they eat,
    What their dish may be?
    Where they sleep?
    Favorite snack?
    Favorite thing to do I.e., swim, catch, tug a war?

    Hope it helps?

  10. Oh Oh, I thought of some more (sorry I couldn't help myself, haha). What about favorite picture of your pet with your favorite person (husband, bf, mom, etc.); favorite baby pic of your dog; or what about doing your blog post from the perspective of your pet like you hilariously did a while back! Sorry for the ramblings!

  11. Easter! I'm getting my little girlie a easter basket of goodies!

  12. Um dont know if this has been done but what about like a "mommy/daddy and me" photo. A photo with your pet

    A crazy face photo

  13. i think it would be cute to know why everyone named there dog that particular name. although i don't have a dog, I have a list of names for her when she comes into my life. just like a child, i guess. haha


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