18 April 2011

Judas, Church and Ga Ga should NOT go together!

Wow it's Monday already? Where did the weekend go?

Did my usual round of Sunday Church this weekend...

This is a picture of my Church! It's one of the NICEST LARGEST Catholic Churches I have ever attended on a regular basis! 

Speaking of Church...
Driving home from Church yesterday, on the radio came on Lady Ga Ga's new song called Judas. I had NEVER heard it till that moment and I asked MW to leave it on for a second. Yeah---
 about 20 seconds was all it got. Mister Wonderful and I were mortified at what she was singing about! The whole mass today was about Judas betraying Jesus and then we had to hear that!?!? 

I know many of my followers are HUGE Lady Ga Ga fans. Don't get me wrong, I do have a lot of her songs on my I POD. But this new song, is NOT one I ever intend on listening to...EVER. 

"For those of you who know anything about Lady Gaga you will know that she has been treating the release of her new album as if were the most important creation since penicillin. She seems to see herself as Marie Antoinette and thinks that May 23rd is the day that we ill all be finally allowed to eat our cake. Over the past few months she has given us a little taste of icing and cream by releasing her album name prematurely (hallelujah the people cried,) and even singing snippets of her up coming bible to the public at awards ceremonies. 

I, like the rest of the world, have watched this from a far and seen how someone who was once fun, honest and fresh become more over exposed than up skirt photos of Paris and Britney. In this time I have stayed fairly silent. The little monsters of the world have a lot of power over the internet and I have never been one to fight with Anons. But more than that, nothing she has done has really been worth mentioning. Except for one indiscretion in the form of the Alejandro video clip that could have been seen as bizarre unexplained protest towards no one. For those who are not familiar with the clip, Gaga is dressed as a nun who simulates sex with several men while using rosary beads as a sex toy.
Yet today I was informed by my dear sister that Lady Gaga has once again found an enemy in the catholic church and will once again show her protest in a videoclip. Lady Gaga is to release her video for Judas on the same week as easter. (For those of you who are still struggling to survive without the singers second album, that is 1 month and 4 days before Born This Way is released.) It has already been confirmed that Gaga will play Mary Magdalene throughout the clip. 
At a glance one could mistake her anti catholic stance as a protest to the catholic church’s views of women, homosexuals and safe sex. However, nothing mentioned in either videoclip has any message that even slightly depicts a protest of such a nature. 
It seems that Gaga has simply joined the anti religion/ anti catholic church tirade without any idea why these movements started in the first place. She seems to be making the mistake of thinking she is bigger than religion and bigger than the power of faith. Moreover, she seems to have forgotten that religion (catholic or otherwise) is responsible for much good in the world. Including the teachings of peace and love, (something she claims to stand for.)"
* Opinion was found here

I am not an extremely religious person. I say cuss words on occasion. I technically live in sin, (since I live with my boyfriend and we aren't married this is a no-no in the Catholic Church's eyes) Thus, I still go to Church, I still believe in God (even after years of me trying to forget that he's important since my Mother  died) 
I do think it's wrong how she is behaving, and really ga-ga what did we ever do to you to hear such crap? Find something else to sing about...why does it have to be about Jesus and his disciples?! YOU are the farthest from proclaiming his word or anything like an Amy Grant! And yes, technically Madonna burned a cross in her video Like A Prayer, but I'm pretty sure she never made a video like that again when it nearly ruined her career! It's been done Ga Ga. Move on. 



  1. I agree. She seems to be trying to make a statement lately, but it seems to be less about "love" and more about hatred towards the bible and established religion. Insulting anything biblical is fire I would not want to mess with and she is crossing a line.

    And really, not that singers can't do good for the world, but they are entertainers...that is all.

  2. AGREE. Her new stuff is about religion, it is like she is establish her own sect of it. It annoys me! Your right, move on!


  3. My girl friend (also a Catholic) is VERY bothered by GAGA, especially her videos, namely Alejandro. I agree. At her concert, we were talking afterwards like "Was she making FUN of religion or was she trying to promote it in her own way?" We seriously had no idea. And that's odd. I heard her new song and turned it off yesterday. I like Gaga, but she's a little too outlandish for me sometimes. I'm all about pushing limits, etc, but sometimes things push too far...

  4. I haven't heard anything about this song, but doesn't it seem like she's trying to copy Madonna? Remember when the Catholic church was against her? Seems so bizarre.

  5. I'd have to agree whole-heartedly with this post. I was a full fledged GaGa fan in the beginning. Like real beginning, before her first album release beginning. But it seems to me that she's gotten drunk with power in these short years since she's gotten a following. And apparently become everything she said she wasn't when she started. So as I still listen to the "old" stuff I don't pay too much attention to the new. I'm not one to listen to music based on "shock value" and I have definitely never made it through Judas. We're talking running to the back of the house to change the station. Its awful!

  6. I haven't heard her new song, but I don't support her at all. I don't even want to know what her new song says, I think it'd make me cry. So sad to see people with such an influence doing things like this.

  7. I was downloading new music this weekend and came across this song and didn't even bother to listen to it. There are better ways of getting her point across that offending the church. :(

  8. My fiancee and I were watching the news yesterday, and saw a story about how a church in our area rewrote a Lady Gaga song ("Paparazzi") to be about Mary and Joseph falling in love. Here is the link to the story.

    My first reaction was "Is a church really promoting a Lady Gaga song??" And after seeing your post today about her song, I am even MORE shocked!!!!!!

  9. I like her and her originality and it's funny because I went on to my iTunes Store to purchase some new Christian songs I recently heard...I saw this song of hers and the name caught me by surprise. Usually I'll listen to the demo but I didn't with this one in particular. Then I saw your post. I'm glad I didn't listen to it. I agree with you 100% on everything you've touched base on here. Maybe I will look at the lyrics to see what exactly she's saying but as far as listening to it, I probably won't.

    I'm shocked that she is supposedly playing Mary Magdalene in this upcoming video.

    Thanks for posting this friend! xo

  10. I didn't know about her new song and let's just say that I WON'T be listening and she is officially on my off list. I also liked some of her previous songs but now she has just offended half the country and I hope she fades into the past. Horrible.

  11. I like GaGa and like you have some songs of hers on my ipod. There are so many other things to sing about why choose something that I going to upset a lot of people. She is already way over the top and gets the attention she wants so why even go there. Maybe she will have to learn the hard way that she is not invincible with some backlash.

  12. Thank you so much for posting this. I started listening to this earlier today and couldn't even get through the first verse. I'll admit I'm not a Gaga fan, but goodness this song is awful!

  13. Ahg on top of everything else her songs are repeats. Judas sounds just like her song Bad Romance.

  14. Did it occur to any of you that Judas is a name in our culture synonymous with traitor? She could just as easily be talking about a man who has betrayed her, using Judas as a popular metaphor for deceit.
    Also, if you had listened all the way through, you would hear "Jesus is my virtue, and Judas is the demon I cling to". As in she's struggling between good and evil, a dichotomy touched upon in her Born This Way video.

  15. I agree! How sad is it that you have to resort to dissing Jesus/"making religious statements" into your "art" to get attention and sell albums. Clearly, she has some issues but sadly, it's like the Charlie Sheen deal crazy and sinful behavior is worshipped in our society. People claim to hate it and think it's ridiculous but it's all we read about and watch on tv and listen to. But, in all honesty, we should feel sorry for her - as she clearly can't rely strictly on her musical talent alone. Bless her heart.

  16. I went to her concert recently and there was a Jesus statue with burning wings and a few other religious symbolism features...it wasn't something I enjoyed to watch! I feel like my morals were getting in the way of me having fun! But aside, it was a "good show."

  17. I have not yet heard this new gaga song that you are referring to, but I could not agree more with everything that you said in this post. She has really turned into a completely ridiculous artist such that I cannot even listen to her music because I hate everything that she has come to stand for. Just like you said, she is against the Church just for the hell of it, not because she is really standing up for everything that she believes in.

    Thanks for the warning, I don't plan on listening to her new song or even thinking about downloading/buying any songs!



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