16 April 2011

Saturday Stuff!

Happy Saturday loves! A little Kinder Art to make you smile as we jump into Spring!

Kiddos made Irises! 2 are in the ASU art show next week! 

Next up......

My camera strap. Ha where do I start...

First, excuse the crappy quality of the pictures (taken with cell phone and bad lighting)

So I ordered this Camera strap cover on MARCH 23rd. I didn't receive it till April 13th! The seller even lives in my state!!! on Etsy, there is a spot where you can check the status of your purchase, IE from PAID to SHIPPED. 2 weeks went by and I hadn't gotten a changed status from Paid. So, me worrying, I contacted the seller. She did reply, and say she had mailed it out. I thought oh, ok, then was thinking, well come home she didn't change the status to shipped right?

Another 4 days goes by. NOTHING. I contract the seller again, letting her know I had not received my item. She says, "Oh somehow it got mailed back to me."

Long story short, I left my first negative feedback on Etsy!!! :(
I love the camera strap yes, but my gut says this seller either didn't have the strap made in time, thus the 4 week waiting period, and or she totally lied about actually shipping it to me, I don't think she ever shipped it until in enquired about my item otherwise she would of changed my status the first time around to shipped!

Needless to say I was quite mad, and I even cut off her stupid name/logo on her design. Hey it's my purchase and I can do that now that it's my property!

I won't share publicly on here what shop it was, but I'd say ask me if you are thinking of ordering a camera strap before picking a seller! :)



  1. That's horrible! I mean with Ebay and Etsy there are obviously unspoken ethical rules and she clearly broke them!!! Always love seeing your kids art-what a fun job!

  2. I love the strap! sorry you had so much trouble "getting it". Enjoy!

  3. hahaha you are SO funny, cutting off her name/logo ha!!

  4. Booooo on all the trouble you had, but I do love that strap! At least you finally got it, I suppose. Glad you gave some negative feedback. I mean, save someone else from going through that too... or at least warn them. :)

    Loving the artwork!

  5. Love love love the strap! Please do let me know who the seller is! I want to order one! Have a fab weekend!

  6. This happened to me once on ebay with a book for school. I waited weeks after the semester, still no book. So i emailed the seller tons of times. No reply. I was ready to report her after I had ordered it from another seller when she emails me back telling me she was out of town! I mean come on! I was peeved and ended up with two books for the same class.

  7. I just ordered one from here, is it different? Looked like different types. http://www.etsy.com/transaction/47965758

  8. Ahhh the strap is gorgeous but I'm dying to hear when you got it from! LMK! I wonder if it's the same place I got mine; I had a great experience so if it's different I can give you the name so you have it for next time! :)

  9. i love the art! as usual.. :)

  10. I love the camera strap! But that stinks it was such a pain to deal with that seller!

  11. I love that strap. Black & white is so pretty together. I don't have a fancy camera, so I can't use 1. I've seen some cute giveaways for the straps. Cute artwork too.

  12. I would be a little bothered too .... At least the product is great'

  13. :( I know which blogger/etsy seller that one is, that's too bad you had a bad experience, did she have a shipping deadline? like on my etsy I state that all my items are shipped within 7-10 business days because I have to make them.

    Cute strap though!


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