09 April 2011

A lil Saturday Art :)

3rd Grade made the 3-D Masks. They loved this lesson. Lots of creativity went into it! My personal fave.. the Cruella Deville inspired mask!

2nd grade are currently having to create a "still life" as part of their end of their year district mandated art assessment. Luckily, they are enjoying the use of chalk, and learning a little bit about Vincent VanGogh's love of Sunflowers too! :)

It's raining here in AZ today, cold and crummy out which is the first in a long time, but even with cold weather, viewing these warm my heart! :) Happy Saturday loves!



  1. What beautiful art from the little kiddos! My sat morning is spent with coffee in hand blogging and a book NEXT to me as I try to get to reading after stopping by a few of my fav blogs!!

  2. My fav is the red face with the green pigtails! looks like something I would've made :)


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