06 June 2017

All about eyes

So back in March, I took the "plunge" and got eyelash extensions. I really wanted to see what the hype was all about. I thought hey if I could cut down on eye make up every day for work, then it would be a win! 

Here's how they looked the day I got them for the first time

If you have never gotten them, here's what I will tell you. 

*Do your homework on where you go. Reputation is important as well as the person/salon that is going to be attaching all those lashes on your eyes for an hour and a half! 

*They won't be cheap. For real. I had to save my tutoring money (because as a teacher on a teacher's income I knew this wasn't a normal expense I could just shell out to try, I'd have to save for it)


They are nice to have, in general people will tell you that you look "more awake" and ready for the day! 

Did cut down on eye make up--no Mascara for 2 months was a nice thing! 

Time consuming. You have to get an appointment to get a "fill" about every 3 weeks. If you go to someone really reputable, it will be hard to get in! 

Expensive! Even getting fills are pricy. 

The part that no one tells you.....

When you STOP getting the extensions, you will literally have no lashes left. I was NOT expecting that. If I am being completely honest, I am not sure I'd ever get the extensions again because of all my length in my regular lashes I lost. 

I started to wear just Ardelle falsies till they (my regular lashes) grow back and I think that applying falsies and taking them off are much more easy on the wallet and easier on your eyes that extensions! Plus, if you are anything like me, I don't think doing anything for a super long time esp to your eyes can't be good for you. With falsies you can remove them a few hours later and be back to your normal self! 

So now that I'm back to my normal now stub eyelashes, I decided to try a new primer and mascara to see how much length I could get on these puppies! 

For the last 2 years I had or have been using the Urban Decay primer and switching between the Roller Lash by Benefit and Grandiose by Lancome'. Both great mascaras for the most part. 
Thanks to a friend @ashbashlove she recommended IT! cosmetics new mascara called Superhero. I tried it out today, and LOVED it! I tried it with the Dior primer this time, rather than my urban decay eyelash primer. The only negative thing I have heard about it, is that is can smudge easy since it's not waterproof. I have heard from a lot of beauty gurus to layer this mascara--meaning apply this one first then take a waterproof mascara and gently go top of it to help with not getting any transfer! 

I haven't tried that yet, but will have to see should it become a problem! 

What are you ride or die mascaras/primers? 

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