31 January 2011

Nostalgic Book Reads of My Past

I couldn't help but smile when reading this quote. It made me think back to all the nights my mom or dad would read to me as a little girl, getting me excited about stories!

Did you ever have that one book where as soon as your parents finished reading it to you, you were like "Read it again Mommy!"

I'm sure I had one. I know I did. I just can't really recollect which book that it exactly was!

I do know I loved reading these a a small child

Then I got a little older and read these...

I had the majority of all the books in the series!
I loved this particular book in the Arthur series. Must have something to do with  Valentines Day!

Then I got a little older and started to read these..

As I was in middle school I really got into Christopher Pike and R.L Stine books. I remember feeling like I was reading a dirty magazine for how many of the books had quite the sexual content in them!

Of course it makes sense to me now that I think back as to why the TWILIGHT series is so huge. She basically took the monster idea and turned it into strictly the Vampires and wah la! A whole new gen of readers are hooked!

Then of course there were the "have to read" novels that Junior high/HIGH SCHOOL requires you to read. And I must say, I am SO glad they made us read these because they truly are some great books!

In JR. High I remember distinctly reading these

And these were HS reads...

I couldn't find the exact cover of this book I had to read. But I remember my English teacher making us watch this movie to compare and contrast how different the movie was from the actual book!

Tell me, What was that childhood read again book for you? Did you have a series you were hooked on?


30 January 2011

First it was Myspace. Then FB. Now it's the Twitter

I added another form of technology to my resume. ha.

Everyone remember AIM? I do. HS. Right into college. It was all about the Screen Name and what fun cute away messages a person would put up.

Then it was bye bye instant messenger. Hello Myspace. Myspace entered around the same time as Facebook.(for me this was right as I graduated college in 2004)  And for some weird reason, Facebook took off and Myspace fell far behind. I personally liked myspace better (music players on your page, cute backgrounds etc etc)

Now Facebook is fazing out...and it's all about the Twitter. Which totally makes me feel like I am right back in HS with AIM. To be really honest, I am not quite sure how it's "different" or better than AIM? Or Facebook status'. I'm learning it slowly! Any tips? I have noticed that twitter seems to move a lot more fast paced than any of the current technology out there. In my profession, it isn't exactly professional to "tweet" all day long while educating the youth of America so that part is frustrating for me to keep up with the constant tweeting. Maybe I'm way off.


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29 January 2011

Hair gone wrong!!

AH!!!!! Has anyone else seen the new hairdo Ashlee Simpson Wentz is sporting? EWWW What in blazes is she thinking?!

it's Too blonde, to short and aged her big time. Also, check out that wrist tattoo..

My personal opinion her rocker hubby is making her look similar to him! YUCK!

Previous looks With Ashlee's Hair.
Personally I liked her blonde best, of course she freaked and had to do something drastic because she felt she was always in her sisters shadow.. LAME!

From blonde to way to dark. Yuck. Looks like a wig.

Not my fave but I do think this is WAY better than the yucky blonde pixie hair cut she is now sporting! 

To this.....::::Sigh:::... really ash. Someone should fire your stylist. Bad taste in hair cuts big time.


28 January 2011

Much love for Marisa!

Marisa Miller covers the February 2011 issue of Shape. She looks great on the cover, even though it kind of looks like she’s squatting to go poop (that’ll ruin those nice shoes). And from the waist down to her ankles, she only appears to have one leg (but don’t worry, she has two feet). It’s an oddity she’s not wearing a swimsuit for a magazine that’s had every celebrity under the sun wear a two-piece. We learn lots of things about Miller. Like, she’s way pretty and thin. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model reveals that she was made fun of for her butt… that butt… in school. Nicknamed ‘bubble butt’, ‘We refused to do squats at volleyball practice because we didn’t want [our butts] to get bigger.’ She continues, in the interview accompanying her eighth Shape cover, ‘[Now] I love my butt and want to make sure it stays where it is.’ She adds, ‘I was just talking to that same friend and we were laughing because now all we want to do is lots of squats to keep our rear ends curvy and feeling strong.’ The 32-year-old, who married music producer Griffin Guess in 2006, also boxes for 90 minutes, up to four times a week, to make you feel worse about yourself. ‘I’m one of those people who likes to sweat,’ she says. ‘I’ve tried Pilates and yoga, but they’re a little too meditative for me. I need to really go for it, and do it hard. I go to a down-and-dirty boxing gym. I don’t want to worry about how I look, or whether I’m wearing the perfect outfit. It’s about focusing for an hour and a half.’

This paragraph is reblogged from here

Yesterday I got a text from my lovely gal Jess over at Polka Dots Pink Pearls Oh My! She said, my fave #1 girl was on the cover of Shape and she sent me a pic to see.

Most bloggers know Pink Lou Lou's go to girl girl crush is the fab Carrie Underwood. Mine is Def The Marisa Miller. ( which I think I have snuck in a time or two on here) Oh my gawd--Seriously I DIE! She's my fave. Of course it doesn't help that after watching her in the video I feel extremely guilty about my body after seeing hers! ha!

Anyhow, That's my exciting post for friday. Have a great weekend all!


27 January 2011

Calling All Teachers!

Ahem!!! All fellow blogger teachers! here's your linkup chance! over @ SnyderStories You can share on Teacher Talk Thursday. The topic for the day? Organization.

Sadly I teach art, and well my art room is usually chaotic! Not like crazy messy, but I def don't freak if my floor has paint on it and papers scatter around. :)

I don't have any pictures to share really of my room, but I thought I would help Abby out and spread the word of this link up!


Inspiration from Jan Brett

First, I must give credit and say this isn't my lesson. The other art teacher I work with at the first school I teach at in the AM taught this. I haven't liked much she has taught all year. Probably a mean thing to say but she's an older gal, and well I'm fresh outta school (6 years since college to be exact ha!)

Anyway, I walked in yesterday and saw these and was in AWE! They turned out so good~~ The Stockings were done by 3rd Graders, and the Hats by 4th or 5th not sure. The whole inspiration behind this was not only winter, but the awesome author Jan Brett. A must have in most art classrooms!

This is a great lesson on LINE DESIGN AND TEXTURE. I am really excited to try this out next year. My kids will have a shit fit if I were to lay this on them right now. I already got a complaint yesterday that they asked me why we were still making Christmas projects (we're not but anything snowman ish or winter animals for some reason to them is Christmas??) I don't get it but oh well.

Anyway, the last picture is the Teacher's Example.

Here's a few Joan Miro' Fantasy Creatures my Second graders created recently. Surrealism is a wee bit hard to have them remember, so the easiest way to have them relate I told them to think about crazy dream like creatures and use those as their inspiration. This is what I got:

This week is flying by! Have a good one bloggers! :)


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