18 January 2011

What All Men Wonder...What's really in the bag?

Well last week My bloggie gal pal Jess over at Polka Dots Pearls & Pink Oh My did a post on the contents of her purse.  I think I saw Pink Lou Lou do one too, and then today the ever so sweet Megan over at My 2 cents did a purse post so I thought okay my turn!

Notice how much I dig my purse that I make it look so stellar in this picture. Ha! NOT! 

So before I begin I should say I never used to be a purse collector. Kinda like how girls are obsessed with shoes. I'm not really either. To many feet problems and purses are just as expensive as shoes in my opinion.  I used to be a Dooney and Bourke Girl. I had 3 of those purses. ( back in 2004 to 2006) Either donated them or sold them via making a sign at my apartment complex a few years back. I bought one coach, which I still have, but it's currently on retirement on the shelf at the moment.

 Then I got really into Burberry. I LOOOOVE My burberry bag, but After 2 bags, surprise surprise I started to get burnt out on carrying them.
My Old Purse. I may switch back. Who knows.

 So this year, I took a step down and got a Banana Republic purse. (Funny how I think of this as a step down. This is not to knock any of you that love your Target or Kohls purse or whatever it is that you carry that didn't cost you over 200 like us foolish females that spend that much for a stupid bag)  First time ever buying one.  See picture at the very top. The Reason I was drawn to this purse is all the pockets for "stuff". It makes it a lot easier to go through security without having all your stuff shoved in little zipper pouches that conceal your items even more.

A glimpse inside!

That empty pocket next to my cell is where my camera goes..the crappy digital I have being a bia about lately.

Back pocket on the back of the purse. Tanning goggles. I know. Tisk Tisk.

Front pocket just a flap, no zipper. I stash my gum, and mostly Jo ann, Michaels receipts in here. 

Front side pocket. Hand lotion and foldable brush.

Other front pocket. School keys. 

All the stuff inside.

Phone. Wallet. little notebook to write things down in. Checks. I always carry dental floss. Nothing worse than having stuff in your teeth. Little Pill carrier for Tylenol ( i get headaches easy) My Real burberry sunglasses. I keep a separate key ring for those annoying little scanner card things that either save you money or claim to..ha. Most of mine are teacher ones, my gym one, and petco/petsmart. I have no idea why I have 5 lip things in my purse. 

The back pocket I always keep my GPS in there. People think I'm nuts for carrying it around, but  I say I'm the smart one! Anyone were to break in my car, they'd be disappointed!

I also always have a nail file around. Has to be in the case otherwise the white stuff gets all over the purse. Purse hook is also a must have!

My Keys I don't put in my purse. I hang them up on our hooks of keys the second i come home. The worst thing about being a girl and having a purse is having to dig for your dang keys.

Well that's my secret stash in my bag. What's in yours?



  1. I did this post a year ago and realized I had like 4 chapsticks and 6 lip glosses...I then cleaned out my purse!

  2. i too keep a separate key ring for those annoying little scanner card things!

  3. LOL - this is such a fun post! I'd be curious to see what your purse looks like in 5... 10 years. I bet the "goods" change dramatically as the years go on. 5 years back I probably had a flask in mine ;) I think I'm going to copy you and do this on my bloggy blog!

  4. Oh this is a fun way to get to know someone! I think your bag is really cute! I'm going to have to do one of these posts tonight! :)

    I think you're smart too for carrying your GPS with you, and not leaving it in your car! Good girl!

  5. I LOVE the burberry purse (AND the JCrew too!! esp in that black and ESP because it has all those little compartments and slots! THAT IS a girls dream in a purse!! I think you're smart for carrying around your GPS, I have had my car broken into (and had my purse in there ) I KNOW. Stupid. Loved this post!! It is like our daily lives into one tiny bag haha...and men carry NOTHING but a wallet in their back pockets....no way I could carry all I need in my butt pocket. But it kinda makes you want to just try it for a day.

  6. Cute bag! I don't think I'm brave enough to show the world what's in my purse. Let's just say it weights at least six pounds, and probably only about a pound of that is vital. Haha I let it get out of control!

  7. I'm the same way about my keys, in the winter, I keep them in my coat pocket.

    I also carry around my little tanning goggles. ;)

  8. i love these posts! whenever i buy a bag, i use it FOREVER and then once i switch out of it i never use it again. tsk tsk.

  9. i have about 6 lip thingys in my purse along with a nail file too. I'm going to do a post like this later!

  10. This was fun! I might do it tomorrow hehe

  11. i used to buy expensive, brand name only purses but now i'm all about target and kohls purses and i love them :)
    i really like your bag though!! love that it has all the pockets!! allows you to be so very organized!

  12. Keep carrying that GPS around. Mine was almost stolen out of my car!

  13. I have never been a brand name purse person, but my mom got me a D&B for Christmas, so that's what I'm rockin right now! I love that you always have floss because I do, too!!

  14. Oh, and I'm loving the new header! So cute!!

  15. I thought I was the only one with a purse hook! I'm way too paranoid about my purse to put it on the floor.. gross!


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