07 January 2011

2011 Art Update

Thank you to all you lovely bloggers who commented on my vent of a post yesterday. I did reactivate myself on FB after a few of you suggested I go back so I didn't look well like I was hiding from those commenters that stirred up some drama. ha. 

In true teacher form, I am proud to show off our latest art projects. Some were started right before X mas break and just not got completed. 

So for your viewing pleasure...

Hat! Check! mittens! Check! 

This lesson I have done previously with second graders, but I bumped it down to first. They did great! 

4th grade did Nutcracker dolls. I read the story to them. Usually I don't read to that high of kiddos but it was a great way to show them the pictures from the story.

This one is my fave...just like the story he looks just like the Uncle that give's Clara the doll.

My Example of myeself as a caroler

1st Grade Winter Faces (each class did complementary colors)

I'm back at it again. the famous Recycled bottle chandelier project.

5th Grade

this is the book I used to introduce Dale Chihuly to my students and his beautiful glass blown art.

One of my fifth graders said he looks like a pirate! hahah

The large snowmen were done by 3rd grade. Crayons. 

All complementary Colors!

Have a great weekend~



  1. So cute! I love their artwork!! What are the chandeliers? What do you do with them?

  2. The first little girl with her art work over her eyes is toooo cute!! I want to see the finished product with the chandeliers because it looks super cool!!

  3. I love the carolers..they are so cute! You have such creative ideas!

  4. You have the cutest ideas! I know the kids just love coming to art :)

  5. The caroler project is adorable!

  6. you've been awarded the
    check out my blog

    looovvee the artwork.

  7. Aw this is so sweet! It looks like you have the best job ever!!


  8. Oh the hat and mittens has inspired me! I hope to scale it down for my kindergarteners. I love these. I can break it into separate days and do it slowly and hopefully we will have quite a gallery art wall as fabulous as yours! Thank you so much for the inspiration!


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