24 January 2011

Blogger Etiquette

Oh boy. Another vent post!  Haven't had one since my Facebook post!

Some of you will not like this post. Some of you may not follow me anymore, some of you may comment, some won't comment, some will read it and say nothing, some will agree and some won't agree. The point is we are ALL entitled to our opinion, right? Right.

Not every post is going to be about fashion, stars, glitz and glam. Some of us do post about real life, questions, problems issues. Whatever they may be. I don't have my blog to post about superficial things 24/7 although I do post about those things (stars and movies and what not often because it is fun! )

As I wrote about on a previous post about Facebook, An opinion is an opinion. Not everyone is going to agree with you. That's life. Expect people to differ.

Recently I was following a blog, that I would comment on from time to time. I am no longer following this blog, nor is this blogger following me. We had some "words" so to speak. Sad for the blog world right? I think so. I tried to make it "right" but this blogger wasn't having it. Way to defensive. I am going to go with the fact that I am 5 years older than this blogger and our levels of maturity are just on different pages when it comes to verbal "internet" comments and not taking them so personal! JEEISH!

This fellow blogger we shall call her Miss "X" out of respect that I am not going to call names out or anything disrespectful to her. Miss X had recently posted about moving into a new home, with her man, and then experiencing a lot of living together issues and "not being happy" crying a lot type problems. That is all I can say without saying to much. About 20 of the commenters told her "this is normal" to have problems blah blah.... etc etc... I was the only one to comment on the "flip side" of it and say that I didn't agree. To be VERY HONEST I am THAT GIRL that doesn't sugar coat anything to anyone. This means when you don't write what people want to hear/read, they take offense to it. Dislike. You should always want to read what others have to say esp if they don't agree with you!!!!

In another post, Miss "X" posted about her thoughts on adopting a dog. Now mind you, being the BIG animal guru that I am, ( yes, I take great pride that i know a lot about animals. I used to show my dog growing up in dog shows THIS MAKES ME KNOWLEDGEABLE!!!! you have to know EVERYTHING about your breed!!!) anywho...
 I naturally asked/wrote/inquired on her wall (since this isn't FB and I couldn't just send her a mesg) if that was such a good idea since that maybe she was feeling like she needed to fill the void since her man moved out for the time being? People do this!!! I know They do. I see it hear it all the time. People buy things to fill the void. I wasn't saying she was doing that, just asking if that was what she really wanted...since we pet owners know owning dogs is VERY EXPENSIVE. Well some newbie blogger commented under my comment basically telling me to screw off on this girl's page! What the? Who does that? Seriously. Enter blogger etiquette. first Miss X--  Why would she let someone else write a nasty comment right back under mine on her wall? If my comment was all that bothersome or mean, why did she leave it up? hello you are the blog administrator this means you are the person in control of that almighty delete button! argh!

If you don't want people to comment or ask questions about your life and your posts and what not THEN DONT BLOG about it. Pretty simple right? ha. Not so much for others I suppose. Somehow Miss "X" wrote me a novel email basically thinking I was being negative towards her. Are you kidding? Wow because I didn't comment all happy go lucky comments like the rest of the world, and I brought up the "Other side" of the grass not being so green that makes me the bad girl? Nice.

This is the internet for you. Harsh mean words totally misconstrued.

Read for yourself. Now by me posting this picture some of you may feel I am airing way more dirty laundry than needed. Note. This is my page. These are my feelings. Now I am the one taking offense. So therefore, again, if you don't like it, don't comment, don't follow. I am just a girl trying to stand up for what is my stance on a few things she wrote about.  I know some of you that read what I post, did comment on her wall, so I do apologize if I got part of your comments on her wall in my post, and please for the sake of not naming names don't use the person's name if you do happen to comment on my post!

I check back after I have commented on a post, just to see if others wrote anything. Not to mention many people that comment you can't write back to bec of the no reply thing..(meaning they didn't ever list their email on their profile info) So this is how I know some girl told me to screw off on Miss "X" page. Ugh.... really.

But for me, it wasn't even a big deal till Miss "X" emailed me basically saying she didn't like hearing me say that "my relationship was perfect" blah blah..... Time out. Really? So what she is saying is she hates me because I don't have problems in my relationship. Wow. Nice. I may not be making 60,000 grand as clearly this youngin fresh out of school gal does, who has the doe to own her own home (kudos) I have never blogged about being poor or how little teachers make......but thats OKAY with me. I don't do what I do to be rich. Anyone who is a teacher knows we don't do it for the money. I may not be rich in the bank, but I AM rich in LOVE. And I take great pride in the fact that I can say that, and if others hate on me bec I have something they don't, the so be it. most everyone has  the $$$ and I don't and it doesn't bother me. You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit! words we teachers tell kids. :)

Thoughts? If any, leave some :)



  1. WoW! She totally took what you said and ran with it! I didn't think what you said was bitchy at all. It was you merely giving your opinion because like you said, we're all entitled to one, and because you do have a dog.. you understand the responsibility that come with one. How sad for her! Oh well! You have plenty of other followers! :)

  2. Oh my goodness. That's not cool. Why would someone do that? Totally agree with you.

  3. I actually read a blog the other day of someone putting down others who blog about "non important things" other than the fashion at the Golden Globes and the Bachelor...I didn't take too kindly to it because she even said she didn't know what she had in common with all of "us" (I am assuming who blogged about such) we are all different, we all like different things, and we all march to the beat of a different drum, that is thee beauty of Blogger. I hate it that sometimes we cannot be expressive to others without them taking it thee wrong way or out of context. I am sure you didn't mean anything bad about it because personally, I know you know what it feels like feeling like you were being attacked. You do not have a mean bone in you child.....I think it takes guts to post this though. I cannot see you meaning that in a negative context... and you still saved Daisy from having itchy skin. She told me to tell you - she thanks you. hahaha

  4. your blog is your sanctuary basically. You do what you please. People will support you, and some people wont. It's life. You are teacher and you know when to draw the line. You don't people like that in your life. Nobody does. And also people need to understand that if someone says one thing, it might not mean what you think it means. So the proper thing to do is go to that person and ask what they meant by what they said. Hello! she is not a 2 year old. That is all. ;)

  5. maybe my computer is fail, because i can't see anything! i see the outline of the comment box, but that's it. but i'm sorry you had to deal with such a negative experience in your life. you seem like you just wanted to give her some honest friendly advice, so that really sucks.

  6. I don't have anything to say regarding the misunderstanding with Miss X, but I do want to commend you on doing what you love to do -- teach -- and not caring about the amount of $$ you make. I find this a very rare trait in people, and when I see it (like I see it in you!), I find it admirable. So kudos to you and your happy life, because with your attitude I'm sure it's wonderful!

    Just as a disclaimer, I do not mean to say that people who do make a lot of money in their jobs aren't just as deserving of praise. I just think that it's great to find someone who loves what they do, regardless of how much money the make, whether it's $5 or $5 million.


  7. Wow! Cannot believe someone would write something like that. That's stupid! & I totally agree with JMB- we all blog about different things which makes blogging so much more fun! I don't see how what you said was so wrong. People are so touchy! lol

  8. I just started following your blog and happen to really enjoy reading your post. I think you make some great points. And I appreciate the honesty in your writing. I look at blogging as an open journal, and if a comment area is provided I think people have to expect that not everyone is going to agree or sugar coat things. That is the beauty of life, others opinions and/or thoughts many differ, but it often times helps us expand our own, open our minds and learn in the process. Have a great day!

  9. If someone were to put a nasty comment on my page I would probably question why they took time out of their day to send off negativity to a stranger. But you didn't do that. You simply played devils advocate with her. My best friend does it all the time, and although it drives me nuts, she has opened my eyes in so many situations and that is why she's my best friend. She's not only out for my best interest, but she's all about me seeing both sides. That's what you did. Her loss for sure!

    And in regards to your job -- I commend you for doing what you love and not doing it for the money. I love what I do, but at this point I'm onlydoing it for the money. Hopefully some of your attitude will rub off on me because as much as I know money isn't everything, I'm pretty obsessed with having more... ugh! :( So is life...

  10. I'm so sorry that you've had such a social media beating as of late! I truly appreciate a fellow female that isn't afraid to push the envelope and offer a differing opinion.

    I love reading your blog on a daily basis and appreciate that it's not always saccharine sweet fluff. It doesn't seem that the negative attention is getting to you, but I surely hope you keep on keeping on! You're fantastic!

  11. I really can't believe that she would let someone post something negative about another blogger. That is just rude and tacky! I think many people have insecurities about themselves and take it out on others, which seems to be the case in this situation.Don't let her bother you, I love your blog!! And I agree, you have plenty of followers and don't need her!

    Also, on the dog, I totally agree that they are TONS of work. I love my furbaby to death, but she is a lot to handle and is expensive! And if you aren't fully into taking care of them/ staying home it just isn't fair to the little pup!

  12. That's sad. All you can do is take the high road and continue being happy :)

  13. That is sooooo crazy!! I am like you, straight to the point, I will not sugar coat anything, and as much as my hubby thinks I lack a filter, I see it in the perspective of, why lie? I am not going out my way to be mean to people by being honest, but just simply giving them another point of few. Not to mention if they are bitching about something, then they either want attention or they actually want to fix the problem!

    I can't believe she left that nasty post up, bad enough for to have what she said, but to say your name as well, and then for the girl to email you. Since when did blogging become a comparison of lives? I think her morals are out of whack, but it also sounds like a lot more is too!

    Don't change yourself and don't feel bad about about it. Obviously some people grow up in a make-belief world and if she wants to pretend to be happy... so be it. You are happy and that is what matters! It sounds selfish, but maybe people can learn through your blog! At least it is real and honest! If people stop following your blog, then so be it, you obviously are not missing much!

    I understand if you take down this post, but just being real and to the point!

  14. Honestly, if I were in her position, and I got that comment from you, it would have hurt. I think that it would have hurt only because we don’t know each other In Real Life. It’s hard to read someone’s tone through text, email and sometimes even over the phone versus in person. Sometimes things can come across as bitchy instead of how you mean for them to and without you even realizing it. I’ve been told this several times about myself. Oops.

    On the other hand, she is the one that put it out there for the world to see. With that being said, she knows that there are some people that aren’t going to agree with her (if not, she’s in denial).

    I can totally see why you said what you did. I remember when my ex fianc√© (he was just a bf at the time) and I moved in, and It. Was. Hell. I think it’s normal to have to get used to each other, but not so much that she’s crying all the time and her dude has already moved out? Not a good sign. She seems like she has a lot going on and certainly doesn’t need to get a dog, because 100% of her focus will probably be on her dude, and not the dog.

    I have a disclaimer on my blog..that I post whatever the F I want to, to sum it up. Haha

    Umm okay thats all i have to say.. lol

  15. Honestly, i commend you for being honest and not always saying what people want to hear and being blunt and proving that grass isnt always greener on other side. It is often what we need to hear the most and I think its great that you dont sugarcoat anything. we all need someone like that in our life to stop and make us think before we go do something we may end up in a big ol' mess in the end. Keep on blogging girl! I love reading yours , your a terrific lady and have alot going for you! :)

    Have a terrific Tuesday!

  16. I probaby would have said the same thing if it were a blog I was following. I get kind of invested PLUS I don't think people should commit to anything so big unless they are ready. I ALWAYS play devil's advocate - whether or not I believe the other side of the coin. I think everyone should look at both sides of the situation and make a logical/rational decision based on ALL the facts - even the not so happy ones.
    I didn't see anything malicious in what you said to her and I would NEVER trash talk another commentor regardles if I agreed or not!
    PS: you must be famous -- only famous people have haters!! ;)

  17. I don't think what you said was bad at all. She totally ran with that one too but I thought the same thing when I saw both of those posts about the BF and then the dog.

    My boyfriend is out of town now so it's almost like I live by myself but having the dogs at home I have to go home every night and afternoon to tend to them it's ALOT of work. I don't think you meant any harm you really were just telling her the flip side of it.

    Anyhoo I love that your so honest on your blog I really do! :)

  18. People who let comments like that slide aren't worth following. Good for you for speaking your mind!

  19. You have every right to speak your mind. I read what you wrote and it didn't sound mean in ANY way to me! Everything that you said was true. I have two big dogs and THEY ARE A HANDFUL! It is basically like having kids! I'm sorry that this person and another took it rudely, but I think it was awesome of you to post your honest opinion in a polite way.

  20. I commend you for being honest. It is an admirable trait so few people possess.
    My thoughts are as follows: Each and every little thing you put on the web is up for scrutiny. If you don't like what someone says on your blog, you have to ask yourself if it is worth putting your feelings/problems out there in the first place. Personally, I prefer not to have "yes" people around me all the time. How else could I possibly grow and evolve if everyone around me is of the same mind?
    Bravo for sticking up for yourself!

  21. I didn't think what you wrote was mean at all. Sometimes you need the other side to really think things through. It's not like you were mean at all about it and it is better for the human and the dog for the owner to be ready to invest the time and money into the pet.

    I love how people get personal or just insulting because someone says something they don't agree with.

  22. Booo for us making piddly-squat, but YAY for us being able to own it, and love what we do for a living :D

  23. WOW...some people need to get a life. Life is not always daisies and sunshine. I love that you tell it like it is!!!

  24. Hmmm... well after recently experiencing a hater commenter on my blog, I totally understand the etiquette thing. Someone was pretty rude to me - for no reason - told me I should pretty much stop complaining because that's all I did lately - and it seriously offended me because 1. I hadn't been complaining, 2. I was in the ER, 3. They posted as anonymous so I didn't know who it was.

    HOWEVER, you weren't posting something mean out of spite or for no reason. You were answering her question about adopting a dog.

    Mrs. X sounds like she needed your advice but in the long run didn't really care to hear the truth!

  25. You have officially just became one of my favorite bloggers on this planet!! I wholeheartedly agree with you, this your blog, you show post/vent whatever you need...whether people agree with it.

    For said blog comment, the blogger needs to realize that everything isn't great all the time...we all go through hard times, it's just a fact of life. I don't know who this blogger is...but she had no need of lashing out at you. I personally thought your comment was made in good taste.

    You go!!

  26. I'm a new follower love your blog!

    My blogger "best" and I were just emailing about this. A lot of people blog about the good in their life and not the bad. I feel its because they may fear what people will comment. But I'd rather have someone tell me how it is in a comment. I dont think you were wrong in stating your option. Miss X took it to far by making the comment saying she didnt like that you wrote about being happy in your relationship, and letting people argue on her blog about your comment. Some people, ex: Miss X, like that drama attention and attention in general. You gave her that attention in a comment but it wasn't what she wanted to hear.

  27. I think you did absolutely nothing wrong. I would have done and probably said the same things! I absolutely adore you... why haven't I been following you?!?!


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