31 January 2011

Nostalgic Book Reads of My Past

I couldn't help but smile when reading this quote. It made me think back to all the nights my mom or dad would read to me as a little girl, getting me excited about stories!

Did you ever have that one book where as soon as your parents finished reading it to you, you were like "Read it again Mommy!"

I'm sure I had one. I know I did. I just can't really recollect which book that it exactly was!

I do know I loved reading these a a small child

Then I got a little older and read these...

I had the majority of all the books in the series!
I loved this particular book in the Arthur series. Must have something to do with  Valentines Day!

Then I got a little older and started to read these..

As I was in middle school I really got into Christopher Pike and R.L Stine books. I remember feeling like I was reading a dirty magazine for how many of the books had quite the sexual content in them!

Of course it makes sense to me now that I think back as to why the TWILIGHT series is so huge. She basically took the monster idea and turned it into strictly the Vampires and wah la! A whole new gen of readers are hooked!

Then of course there were the "have to read" novels that Junior high/HIGH SCHOOL requires you to read. And I must say, I am SO glad they made us read these because they truly are some great books!

In JR. High I remember distinctly reading these

And these were HS reads...

I couldn't find the exact cover of this book I had to read. But I remember my English teacher making us watch this movie to compare and contrast how different the movie was from the actual book!

Tell me, What was that childhood read again book for you? Did you have a series you were hooked on?



  1. Oh my goodness...I was addicted to almost all those books. There was also a book series with Barbar the elephant and Madeline books. I loved those when I was a wee tot:) And as I got a little older, I loved the Ramona series!!

  2. LOVE THIS POST! I teach elementary school and I'm always reading children's books, especially the classics. I love talking my students about the books I read growing up too! To Kill a Mockingbird is also one of my favorite books! I actually blogged about it last week! Happy Monday!

  3. I heard they're coming out with a "Sweet Valley High" book about where they are today. That'd be interesting to see.

  4. These ALL bring back such vivid memories from school!
    Thanks for the blast from the past!

  5. Ha! These all brought back so many memories!!! I always watched Arthur! I was hooked on the Goosbumps series... in fact, I think my mom still has all those. And the babysitters club! Def enjoyed Farenheit 451 and To Kill a Mocking Bird....of course not having been required to read them, but it was after that I got an appreciation for them.


  6. OH you just took me thru memory lane. I LOVED the Bernstein Bears :)

  7. I had so many Bernstein Bear books! I love them! Of course the BS Club books and Sweet Valley High books were must reads too!

  8. OMG this brings back SO many books i loved... I read ALL the Fear Street series and actually got to meet Ann M. Martin at a special book signing--I was in babysitter's club heaven--haha!! Great post

  9. I'm walking down memory lane:)I read most of these books.I loved R.L.Stine books and The Babysitters Club.

  10. I have always, always been a reader. I was a Dr. Seuss, Babysitter's Club, Berenstain Bears, Sweet Valley Kids-University, R.L. Stine fanatic. I couldn't handle the Goosebumps SHOWS but the books were amazing. I also read The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids, too. I loved anything imaginative.

  11. i have my gma to thank for helping me become a huge reader! i read all the babysitters club books- even wanted to start my own! annnd i have ALL RL Stine books- still have them, I can't part with them- not like I will read them again but they were SO fun to buy and to read- LOVED THEM!

  12. I was a Bearstein Bears HOARDER. LOL I seriously had to have every book.... I miss them, dang it!

    PS Just added yours and Jess' button to my blog :)

  13. that quote and your book list made me smile! I loved story time. Bernstein bears, Arthur, Where the Wild things are...Babysitters club was my favorite in the pre-teen days. I MISS story time!

  14. I love reading and always have! My family and I were just talking about how to "make" you children become readers is by reading to them everyday.

    I have a lot of your same favorites- so totally true on RL Stine and Christopher Pike! LOL.

    I also LOVED Mrs Piggle Wiggle, If you give a Mouse a Cookie, and Old Yeller.

  15. I loved so many of these books! I totally forgot about A Wrinkle In Time. I might have to hunt down an old copy of that. Have a great Monday!

  16. Oh my gosh!! Hello trip down memory lane! I read so many of the same books! I always loved the Berenstain Bears and Clifford! Then, Sweet Valley was MY favorite ever! I seriously think I read ever single book. I read the Goosebump series a lot, too! It would let you pick endings and things. SO FUN!

  17. those books..LOOOVE! forgot about most of them! i loved the bernestein bears! and the goosebumps series...ramona series...babysitters club!

    thanks for sharing these amazing memories! I hope by the time we all have kids, we wont be reading them books on hannah montana and justin beiber. I hope these books stay around <3


  18. I especially loved the Amelia Bedelia series as a kid. Oh those oh so funny puns! I, too, read a lot of Christopher Pike books in middle school. I felt like I was getting away with something "bad" by all the sexual innuendo in them, even if I didn't quite understand what all was going on. I love posts about books from childhood. I could go on and on about all my favorites!

  19. LOVE THIS POST!!! Omg - so crazy to see all these books I use to be so in love with. I read almost all of them when I was little. The babysitters Club was one of my favs!!

    Miss you too hun! I've been so busy I haven't made very much time for blogging :( How are you doing!??

    P.S. I love your layout!

  20. We used to loooove The Berenstain Bears growing up - I seriously think we had every single book!

    Sweet Valley High and The Babysitters Club were also some of my favorites... I would read the Little Sister books, but Karen always kind of annoyed me.

    The Wayside School and The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids were fun too!

  21. I loved so many of these books too!

    I think I had about every Babysitters Club and Boxcar Children books!

  22. Oh wow, what a blast from the past! I loved this post! :)

    Yes, when I was a kid, I just loved The Berenstein Bears books. Had 'em all, I'm sure.

    I was obsessed with The Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High once I hit Junior High. Those were my faves :)

  23. I've read lots of these books!I was really into Sweet Valley High when I was younger! I also read lots of R.L. Stine books! To Kill A Mocking bird is an excellent book, it one of my faves!


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