31 October 2010

Happy Halloweenie!

No plans for Aspen pup or myself, we are being home bodies while Mister Wonderful is away for the next few days.

Aspen doesn't do full on costumes in eighty five degree heat it's still a bit hot for her with all her fur!! 

But we wanted to wish all you lovely bloggers a great Halloween!


29 October 2010

Christmas Wish List %

So what could be more fun on a Friday night while my Mister Wonderful is working his lovely night shift in the O.R. at the Hospital, than writing out my Christmas Wish List!?!

Could always use these for my baby Aspen!!! It's always a perfect gift when it benefits the pooch such as dog food, toys, grooming, dog treats etc etc.

This I could always use to by teacher ish clothes and my everyday apparel. Out of the most stores in a mall, Express is always my #1. 


The Tivoli Model 3
I blogged about this before when Mister Wonderful and I stayed at the W hotel in San Diego.  This is a more costly gift. around 200 bucks.


At the top of the wish list is......
Hasselbald Film camera Medium Format. 
These are SUPER expensive considering film cameras are pretty much obsolete! 

I'd love to get some pots and pans for Mister Wonderful so he can keep cooking us great meals!

 We are currently surviving off my 4 pots from COLLEGE. they are pretty nasty in my opinion...
Which brings me to a question....Teflon or non Teflon pans? I hear so many stories like Teflon causes cancer if scratched etc etc that kind of stuff

Maybe a Vinyl decal for my Macbook  

I'm sure this list will grow within the next month or so. Me personally, I like gift cards. I don't like having to return or regift things and that's exactly what I do half the time with my family. (My stepmom has it in her head that gift cards are so impersonal and she totally prohibits us from buying them for each other at X mas) I completely disagree. I hate having to pretend to be excited about gifts they bought us thinking we would like. A gift card would do just fine! That way I can get what I want! Not Rocket Science LOL

Of course I'd like your typical a new book to read, a pedicure, maybe gift cert to the movies...little stuff. 

Well what's on your wish list? 

Celly Stuff

I suppose if I had an I phone I would so totally want this cool cover on mine!

But sadly, they don't make it for Sprint's HTC EVO. Which I can proudly say, It has the best camera on a cell phone to date. Sorry I phone! my phone takes magnificent pics! :)

The other thing I saw someone post was about an I phone App called "monogram".
via The Preppy Pink Blondie's Blog :) 
And of course, just my luck, The Market on my Sprint cell doesn't have this either. Poo :(

Anyone with an I phone wanna make one for me and send it via text/email for me to upload?

Happy friday bloggers!


28 October 2010

_The Sound of Music _

So on my drive to work this morning, I hear on the radio that on the Oprah show, the ENTIRE cast from The Sound of Music was going to be on. I was like no way!!!! Then my next thought was-- wait, are they all still alive?

So I immediately called Mister Wonderful on my lunch and asked him to DVR it for me.

I raced home from teaching,  and got all comfy on the couch. I got goosebumps on my arms from watching it. I was touched. I couldn't get enough of them...studying the grown up children's faces. They all look so great even as adults!

Did you know........

* that Julie Andrews was only 28 when she filmed the movie? It was her second film, following her first movie, Mary Poppins.

*Apparently Liesl had just turned 21 and the older ones were quite the drinkers over there in Germany when they weren't working! She's 67 presently! Doesn't look it!

*Heather Menzies (Louisa) tried to shake her squeaky clean image and posed for Playboy, which she admits it never worked (posing never shook her good girl image)

Charmian Carr (“Liesl”),

Nicholas Hammond (“Friedrich”), 

 Menzies-Urich (“Louisa”), 

Duane Chase (“Kurt”),

 Angela Cartwright (“Brigitta”), 

Debbie Turner (“Marta”)

, and Kym Karath (“Gretl”). 

It was the first time in 45 years the Music cast has been together. 

Who was your favorite kid? I always loved Liesl and her crush on the telegram delivery boy

 and who didn't adore Gretl. She's currently 52!!!

I remember watching this movie over and over. The songs just touch my soul. 
 Could be that German runs thick through my blood to :) 

And for all you GLEEK freaks who like the show, I will admit, I do like the way Lea Michelle's voice sounds in the commerical. 


Calling All Shoppers

Well you know it's close to Thanksgiving when all you get in the mail is this....


Sadly no holiday shopping for me till I get my credit cards paid off! :( 
Why can't teachers get paid like anyone else in any other field? Why are we at the bottom of the pay barrel? BOOOOO


26 October 2010

My Detox %

Well I can officially tell you now that I have two colonics done! Warning, if you cannot handle reading about Poop, shit, feece, then don't read my entry on this!

I guess I should start and explain to you that I can go 4-5 days without having a bowel movement. I have been this way since High School.

I never knew this was 'bad' till a year ago at lunch, a co worker teacher at my school was saying how her mom rushed to the doctor because she had gone a little over 24 hrs without having a bowel movement and was freaking out. I outwardly said, it's bad not to have a bowel movement within 24-72 hours? Lisa looked at me dumbfounded and was like "Uh Yeah that means your colon isn't doing it's job as well as it should." So the school year ends, and in the mean time I tell Mister Wonderful whom I had just started dating at the time, about my "problem". Him being a nurse and all, suggested I take Colace. He says the hospital gives it to patients all the time to get them to have a bowel movement. So that worked for a few times. But then it was back to not going for a few days. UGH.

Fast forward about 6 months later.
(Present Day)

Mister Wonderful and I scheduled together to get a colonic aka a colon cleanse. Mister Wonderful got to go "first" since he has NO problem going #2 at least 2 times a day! He made it look like a breeze. I will do my best not to gross you out, but they stick a tube thing up your bum and let the cleanse begin! When he was done, he went on and on throughout the day about how great he felt.

Did you know that you can remove up to 15 pounds of sludge inside your colon? yeah 15 ibs!!!Craziness I know!

Then it was my turn. I wasn't shy. If I can drop my drawers at the Gyno's office, I should have no problem baring my bum to anyone right?

No, it didn't hurt to have anything put up the second hole. I think people freak about that kind of stuff. It's really not that bad!

My first cleanse on sat didn't go so well. I hadn't pooped in 2 days and was feeling really uncomfortable with gas from the water going up my colon. When I was done, the lady asked me all kinds of questions about what I eat, how often I go etc etc and she immediately recommended for me to go and buy this tea call SMOOTH MOVE. hahah. Well I can personally vouch for it, the tea works!!! I went not only last night, but 2 times today, had my cleanse at 4 and went some more right after that!

These are my new "herbs" that she wants me to take to help me "go". So here I am, beginning to feel like Mister Wonderful and all the stuff he puts in his body!

Here's a picture of his side of the kitchen cabinet, and mine. His is on the right, and mine is on the left.
My side

I had a wake up call with all of this folks. Remember Farrah Fawcett and how she died of Anal Cancer? It has everything to do with her COLON!!!!! Farrah was a die hard DIET soda drinker. This is a huge no no. HUGE. Since speaking with my colon doc lady, I can say I have personally vouched to give up soda FOREVER. No more.

Don't believe me? Read this. It will make you think twice the next time you ever order one to drink rather than a water or an Ice Tea.

I could go on and on about my "experience" but I know most bloggers don't like a lot of reading, so I'll just say that if you have any questions for me, feel free to ask!



For the Love of Poms!

My sorority sis posted this on my facebook wall and I just had to share with you all!

Now your pet can be shown as the design on your pumpkin this year!

I mean how cute is that? Too bad I haven't bought any pumpkins this year to carve...they rot SO fast in AZ because it's so warm here!

If you wanna see more pet options to carve click here.


25 October 2010

Music Monday

So it seems these songs are on REPEAT constantly the whole 27 min drive to work or any other time I am in the car! :)


Mike Posner
"baby please don't go"

"Only girl in the World"
(my current ringtone)

Natasha Bedingfield
"Strip me"

"Like a G6"

"raise your glass"

Anyone obsessing over these jams? :)


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