15 October 2010


Ever watch the show Hoarders on A & E ?

 It's so captivating the way I feel after watching it. A few weeks ago there was one episode where I actually cried. I felt so bad for the cats in the episode.

Hoarders featuring Vula Moody of Kokomo, IN
It was a riveting episode, with birth (or rather, six newborn kittens), death (thirteen cat corpses discovered in the hoard), and the depths of denial and dispair… The closest Vula comes to acknowledging her problem is the horrible understatement: “All right David, I’m a lousy housekeeper.”

Seeing the cat corpses is what did me in. I cried. How could this woman be in denial about having dead cats!?

How do people live like this? 

Any sane, normal person watching this has to think what I think. How do they not see that this is a problem? if you don't let people in your house, that should be a warning bell going off in your head that something is amiss!

I am constantly going through my "stuff". From food that sits unopened, unused, to clothes I haven't worn in months. I tell my self every time, if this were a life and death situation, would I be okay not to have it anymore? and if the answer is yes, I pitch it. Period. Pack rat. Clutter Bugs. Call it what you will. I think everyone to SOME extent hoards things.

 I have become so aware of my belongings and how much stuff I accumulate because I have had to move every year, for the last 3 years. Moving sucks. You see how much SHIT you own, and what you don't use that just needs to be donated or let go of. It's hard to be a grown up, but man pitch the crap and move on!

I've been taught Cleanliness is like Godliness. It's the same reason I make my bed everyday. You never know who is going to stop by at any time. And I am SO not that girl that likes to apologize for messes if someone stops by unexpectedly. NOTE. IF YOU keep it cleaned up ALL THE TIME, the first time, then you wouldn't be in situations like this, no?



  1. i am the EXACT same way... i despise clutter and clean out my house/closet at least 3 to 4 times a year to take things to Goodwill..cannot stand to have stuff I simply dont need!

  2. I'm not the best housekeeper but there is no way I could live like that. I joke that I have OCD sometimes, for instance, one side of the sink has to always be empty. But those poor cats, they didn't deserve that. :(

    That show makes me so sad especially when there are animals involved.

  3. I am an anti-hoarder as well.

    i clean out everything all the time.

    clutter really irritates me.

  4. I've seen that show too and it just amazes me that people can leave like that! I hate even just a little bit of clutter!

  5. Oh my goodness, I saw that episode. Those POOR cats, it absolutely broke my heart. Surely they were rehomed!

    Every time I see this show, it makes me want to go through and clean my place!

  6. ahhhh that is so scary. i really don't get how these people don't know they have a problem. but i guess it's a mental thing.


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